Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day After Christmas - A Very Hot Chat

26 December, Tuesday 3:00pm. While I was out doing some after Christmas shopping , my wife started the following IM chat with me. It was so HOT receiving her text messages as I walked through the stores. She had just come back from working out and was going to go out with her friend B later in the evening:

Wife (12/26 15:08): Some pix on computer interesting
Me (12/26 15:08): Which ones
Wife (12/26 15:09): Double fisting & in ass
Wife (12/26 15:10): Nipple pumps??
Me (12/26 15:11): Mmmm....nice...are these pics we already have on computer?....touching urself?
Wife (12/26 15:12): Yes not touching yet
Me (12/26 15:12): Yes like pussy pump...swells the nipples same way as pussy
Me (12/26 15:13): I am envisioning u sitting completely naked at the computer spread....playing....get undressed for me
Wife(12/26 15:14): Pulled pants off now what?
Me (12/26 15:16): I want u completely bare...naked with legs spread...like the idea of someone walking in on u catching u being naughty
Wife (12/26 15:17): Panties off
Me (12/26 15:17): catching u because u left the door unlocked...Touch your clit...start tapping it
Me (12/26 15:18): Scoot up to edge of chair so ur pussy is right at the edge as u touch it
Me (12/26 15:18): Take ur top off & tell me when ur naked
Wife (12/26 15:19): Naked
Me (12/26 15:19): tell me what photos u are looking at as u touch ur hardening clit
Wife (12/26 15:21): Watching gang bang
Me (12/26 15:23): Sounds so hot...on computer or on disk? How many guys how many girls? Remember the hot poolside anal gangbang we watched in bed?
Me (12/26 15:24): ur pussy getting wet? Go get one of the large dildos
Me (12/26 15:25): When I get home I want us to reply to some of the IMs and we can look at emails
Wife (12/26 15:31): when u get home will go out calling B now
Me (12/26 15:32): ok...u still at computer playing? U cum?
Wife (12/26 15:33): Yes @ comp no cum yet looking for video
Me (12/26 15:34): What one are u looking for? On cd? Did u go get fat dildo yet? I told u to go get it.
Wife (12/26 15:35): Going now
Wife (12/26 15:38): Watching rocco orgy now dildo in front of me on desk
Me (12/26 15:39): Yes... which one do u have? I want u to put it on the chair, straddle it, then slowly sink down onto it, impaling ur cunt on it
Wife (12/26 15:40): Have thick one ..
Wife (12/26 15:40): lowering myself now
Me (12/26 15:40): U like how nasty that rocco orgy was didn't u? U wish it was u being gang ass fucked don't u? U want to be ass fucked like that don't u?
Wife (12/26 15:41): watching vacuum
Me (12/26 15:41): the really thick long one or the short flesh thick one?
Wife (12/26 15:41): Steel dildo
Me (12/26 15:41): We will look for pump this week for your HOT cunt
Wife (12/26 15:42): short thick
Wife (12/26 15:42): I like that steel dildo too
Me (12/26 15:43): Are u riding the dildo now?? I want u to lift up and lower urself..like u r riding it
Wife (12/26 15:44): yes
Me (12/26 15:44): Feel nasty? Naughty?
Wife (12/26 15:45): Girl getting sucked & fucked
Me (12/26 15:45): I want to make u cum before u go out with B...or send u to her w/ a pussy full of cum
Me (12/26 15:45): Did u talk w/her while u were naked and watching videos?
Wife (12/26 15:46): Ur not here. yes talked to her naked
Me (12/26 15:46): ...then have u tell her when u see her how I fucked u and filled u and how u were masturbating just before seeing her
Wife (12/26 15:48): Don't b silly
Wife (12/26 15:49): Using arms on chair to lift me up down
Me (12/26 15:49): If the opportunity presents itself I want u to tell her...many ways for that opportunity to present itself
Me (12/26 15:50): Mmmm....ride that fat dildo ...drop down on it hard forcing it deep into ur cunt
Me (12/26 15:51): Clit play too. What r u watching now?
Wife (12/26 15:51): Sitting back fingering clit
Wife (12/26 15:52): Rocco
Me (12/26 15:52): I want to catch u doing all this...next time I will set up video cam , pointed at desk, so I can see later what u did
Wife (12/26 15:52): Standing moving dildo in out while fingering
Me (12/26 15:52): Cunt still full of dildo?...
Wife(12/26 15:53): Yes
Me (12/26 15:53): Ooohhh myyyy...that sounds so hot visualizing u standing and shoving it inside...so hot for u
Wife(12/26 15:54): Came

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