Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"I'll Share My Wife with you..."

19 December, Wednesday - My First Offer to B. My wife and I were talking this afternoon when her phone rang. It was B on the line. I was seated right next to her. "Yes, I have my black dress and red lipstick ready...Let me ask my husband, he's right here next to me". I already knew what she was referring to as I whispered to her "Tell him I'll share you with him", but she missed it and gave him a more innocent affirmative answer. They were talking about going to an event I mentioned in a recent post. As my wife was finishing her conversation with him, I reached out for the phone - "My husband wants to talk to you". I got on the line and said to B, "I'll share my wife with you, you just have to return her to me in good condition and have her home by 4am". He laughed, somewhat nervously and said a few joking words to me. I'm sure he wasn't exactly sure what to make of everything...I'm sure he wasn't expecting me to be sitting right next to my wife as he told her to get out her little black dress and red lipstick, nor expecting me to get on the phone and offer my wife to him, even as light-heartedly as I did.
I asked my wife shortly afterwards how she felt about our little three-way exchange. She replied that she was apprehensive of what I might say to him - that I might go too far. "Did I?" I asked. "A little" was her reply. I thought back to what I had thought about saying to him at that moment but didn't - 'Did you want me to send her to you without bra and panties under that little black dress?'

We"ll see how B responds.

We also talked about a few other things. Like another ground rule (or maybe a guideline at this point). We discussed how it would be best for now, that her lovers be married versus single men, the thought being that it is important for everyone involved to have something 'at stake', for everyone to be on the same footing with respect to having the same level of discretion and having something to lose. I have concerns about this - this is delicate territory we're entering into, with numerous perils and potential threats to our marriage and relationship. I want to make sure that her lovers have something on the table as well. We want to avoid anyone who would be indiscreet - anyone who'd 'talk' or share details of the relationship with others. We also want someone who already has 'a life', someone whose sole interest would be my wife - we don't want someone to become a 'pest' or 'puppy dog' - that wouldn't work.

She expressed moral concerns about sleeping with other men - married men, but feels alright with it knowing that I approve and support her being sexual outside of our marriage.

She still has concerns that B and G are not interested in her and do not or would not have an interest in fucking her. I continue to assure her that they do, based on my observations of how they interact with her and how they flirt with each other. She has reasonable concerns about being rejected by them sexually should she really be as bold as I suggest to her - unfounded, in my opinion, but reasonable concerns. No one likes to be rejected. Again, I assured her that she just needs to step a little further out of her comfort zone with regards to flirting and putting herself out there with B and G and they can be hers...or she theirs.

My wife brought up a third man, also a friend of ours, whom she said she would be interested in and finds attractive. He is also a 'B', so we'll need to call him 'B2'. We've know B2 for a few years now, but she has gotten to know him better only in the last half year or so. She feels that he is attracted to her and they get along well. She says she has flirted with him a little and would not mind being sexual with him.

She is proud to tell me that she is flirting more than ever before, which I agree with and am also proud of.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Lunch......Date?

17 December, Monday - Lunch with B. My wife was supposed to attend a meeting today along with B, one of her potential lovers. It was scheduled for 1pm. I would still be sleeping due to my work schedule. When I awoke at about 230pm , my wife was home. I asked her how her meeting had gone. She told me it had been canceled. She didn't immediately volunteer it, but told me she and B had gone to lunch instead. "B asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him" she said. She had my interest. I asked her how it went and what happened. It seemed innocent enough from what she told me.

She mentioned that he talked about his wife and how, according to my wife, their relationship did not seem like it was going too well and that he was possibly close to throwing in the towel. She told me that she mentioned to him something about me that, to me, while not outright derogatory, was non-flattering. I expressed my displeasure to her about this. As I expressed in a previous post, one of our concerns about her having lovers was the development of emotional attachments with them, leading to all kinds of potential problems. One of the ground rules we agreed to about her having lovers, was that she would not discuss our problems or other relationship issues we have with her lovers, since doing so creates special bonds that can undermine our relationship. As I said, what she shared with him wasn't really disparaging, but it wasn't something I cared to have her talking about. My wife seemed to understand what I was saying.

I asked my wife how she felt about being out alone with him. "Nervous" she said. "It seemed weird to be alone with him without my husband being there". "Were you excited by it?" I asked. She admitted that she did feel excited as well. She mentioned being concerned about how she looked [for him, presumably] and of course was concerned about having food in her teeth!

In conversation, she had mentioned to B that I was supportive of her going out with her friends and that I encouraged her to do so. I asked her if she took advantage of that line of conversation to let him know about me approving of her.... 'being out with other men' or something along those lines. She hadn't and mentioned the quick pace of the conversation as being part of the reason. I reminded her about being forward and taking advantage of opportunities to flirt boldly. As I've mentioned, I think the only thing standing between her and realizing either B or G as lovers, is their sense of decency and respect for the fact that we are married as well as friends and their lack of knowledge that I know and approve.

I probed, but he hadn't made any overt attempts at seducing, flirting or offering any 'opportunities' to my wife. I believe he is simply being cautious and moving slowly with my wife, gaging her responsiveness to him. He did offer to take our daughter with him to a local college sporting event with he and his daughter. He mentioned that he had one more adult ticket for the event to which my wife mentioned she could probably be available. We'll see if anything comes out of that.

I suggested to my wife that when she talks to him again, she should tell him 'I liked being out alone with you' and '...I'd like to do it again sometime with you'. She felt that it would be too bold for her to say to him. She suggested 'My husband wants to know where you're going to take me next time' I didn't really like it at the time, but now hours later, as I write this, it sounds OK to me.

I am contemplating giving B a call to see if I can stop by to talk to him briefly...and being fairly direct with him about my wife and him being together. The right time would be now, immediately after he's 'taken her out' to lunch. How and what things would be said would be very important. I have to think further about this.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Inch by Inch continued...

3 December, Sunday. Followup & Clarification. Yesterday, Saturday, we ended up seeing G at an event that both my wife and I were working. I saw him talking briefly to my wife at the door then I talked with him for quite a while before he left. Later, at home, my joked that she was upset that he had left without even saying goodbye to her. I asked if they had talked about her phone call to him Friday, since they really never did connect on it. She had asked him if it was him inviting her out. "I wish I had" was his reply to her. I mentioned to her that it looked like he had been losing weight; she had noticed it as well and told me that he had told her how good she looked, too.

No further conversation about it until I was at work and received a text message from my wife at about 5am. The texting started out unrelated, but wound up on the subject of lovers, G, and sex:

Me (12/2 4:22): I want to be with u, inside u again soon...i enjoyed fucking u last nite...very proud of u flirting with G yesterday. u r such a sexy woman.
Her (12/2 4:24): Thanks I get nervous
Me (12/2 4:24): I know u do...that is why I am so proud of u...overcoming your fears & inhibitions they way u did.
Me (12/2 4:27): I find it so sexy when u overcome ur fears like that...i love seeing ur confidence grow, and love seeing u be more of a risk taker.
Her (12/2 4:27): He didnt seem angry that i called but he seems like a tornado - fast
Me (12/2 4:28): How did YOU feel about everything that u did and everything that was said?
Me (12/2 4:29): Of course he wasn't are a sexy woman...and u were flirting and being forward with him.
Her (12/2 4:29): Nervous, unsure
Me (12/2 4:30): He just isn't sure yet what to do, because he & I are friends and we r all married.
Me (12/2 4:31): He's just not sure if it is innocent flirting or firting with 'real' intentions to follow thru
Her (12/2 4:31): I like flirting w people he is just quicker than me.
Me (12/2 4:32): That's why I encourage u to step out a little further than you normally feel comfortable with by saying those things I suggest to u.
Her (12/2 4:33): Seems too weird
Me (12/2 4:34): Once u make it known to him that I know and that u are really sexually attracted to him, he will feel more comfortable and then u'll very soon be able to feel his cock inside ur pussy.
Me (12/2 4:34): He just needs to know that I know, I approve and that I share you.
Her (12/2 4:35): I really would prefer u say inside u.
Me (12/2 4:36): u r almost there sweetheart...u r one or two very suggestive remarks away from having urself lover
Her (12/2 4:36): 'Will' share me
Me (12/2 4:36): Ok honey....i know u want him inside u...i know u want to feel him cumming inside u
Her (12/2 4:37): But will no longer see him
Me (12/2 4:37): R u touching urself right now?
Me (12/2 4:38): that is why it is important for u to make the most of everytime u see him
Her (12/2 4:38): No, not touching myself
Her (12/2 4:39): I am trying
Me (12/2 4:39): I'm gonna try to get together more with him and work on sharing u with him
Me (12/2 4:40): I know u r....i love seeing u do very proud of sexy
Her (12/2 4:41): Pls dont say anything more than it's ok with u
Me (12/2 4:41): All that's missing for me is that I really enjoy hearing about your feelings, fears, your perspective about your 'hotwife journey'...that's why I want u to journalize with/for me...
Her (12/2 4:43): I dont like to write
Me (12/2 4:43): I was blogging about it tonight...would love for it to be both of us, sharing both sides of the experience
Me (12/2 4:43): Is there something u are afraid I will say to him?
Me (12/2 4:46): I want u to just freeform write about all ur feelings about all this. It feels ur poetry. It let's me see/feel another side of u
Her (12/2 4:47): I dont want it to be something between u if i am having lover. i dont want u to set up
Me (12/2 4:47): I am not sure I understand what that means.
Me (12/2 4:48): Don't understand the 1st part of sentence
Me (12/2 4:49): And we've talked about me setting u up with lovers...'arranging' for u , so i'm a little confused.
Her (12/2 4:50): I would feel passed around. One time thing different than maybe a longer term affair
Me (12/2 4:52): about ur writing: I feel very close to u when u r vulnerable with me in this manner...sharing ur intimate thoughts.
Her (12/2 4:53): I know
Me (12/2 4:54): I understand, arranging/setting up is ok for one time lovers, but for long term lover and friend u prefer it not slutty or cheap
Her (12/2 4:55): You got it
Me (12/2 4:56): Sometimes I look at that notebook u started writing in the last time I asked u to write - the one u have in ur nitestand, to see if u have written anything new in it
Me (12/2 4:58): I know. I probably want the same thing - I want a special, very close, very intimate friendship with G or B with u being the center...being shared. A very special friendship.
Her (12/2 5:00): Yes, they might say 'I want to take her out, r u guys busy?'
Me (12/2 5:00): I think u started writing one paragraph, or just a couple sentences.
Her (12/2 5:01): O
Me (12/2 5:02): Hmmmm...i like the thought of that. Letting u go out with a my permission for u to be with him
Me (12/2 5:03): Or us going out together, the three of us with the knowledge or expectation that u would be leaving or going home with him and not me.
Her (12/2 5:03): I just mean that it's open I'm shared
Me (12/2 5:04): Like me handing u off to ur lover for a nite of sexual pleasure.
Me (12/2 5:06): Or ocassionally making it a threesome...making u the center of attention...DP ing u...filling u up in all three holes. Like u said, just an open relationship including another man.
Me (12/2 5:07): I like that kind of intimacy.
Her (12/2 5:08): Yes, unsure bout 3some thing with those guys
Me (12/2 5:08): Why r u unsure about that?
Me (12/2 5:10): I love talking with u like this....intimate, personal, sexual, vulnerable.
Her (12/2 5:11): Kinda like the idea that they have their time with me u have ur time
Her (12/2 5:13): We all know what is happening
Me (12/2 5:13): I understand. u will feel more uninhibited if u r alone with them...more relaxed, more able to let urself go if I am not there watching...i just get so turned on to the thought of (even secretly) seeing u completely unleashed and enoying urself with another man. U r so sexy when u let urself go in bed
Me (12/2 5:14): I understand that perspective too...threesomes would not have to be all the time...but I would enjoy it ocassionally.
Her (12/2 5:15): O i dont feel that way
Me (12/2 5:15): U don't feel what way?
Me (12/2 5:15): R u saying u would/could feel uninhibited with me there?
Her (12/2 5:16): Sexy if someone were watching
Me (12/2 5:17): so then why do you prefer me not there? Is it that u think THEY will not like it?
Me (12/2 5:18): Having 'someone' watching? Or ME watching?
Her (12/2 5:18): I think inhibited
Her (12/2 5:19): I don't think those guys will like it
Me (12/2 5:19): U think THEY will be uninhibited or YOU will be?
Me (12/2 5:19): OK, but u like it?
Me (12/2 5:21): So u'd prefer to be watched with someone who is not ur regular lover then?
Her (12/2 5:21): I will feel inhibited with u watching
Me (12/2 5:22): that's what I was saying, then u said 'o I don't feel like that' and said someone watching is sexy'...not clear to me.
Her (12/2 5:22): I dont want to b watched, but yes that would b the case
Me (12/2 5:24): So u don't want to be watched but u think being watched is sexy anyway?
Her (12/2 5:24): I said someone watching sexy? Typo sorry.
Me (12/2 5:24): Or u just don't want to be watched with G or B, but are ok with it if it is another man?
Me (12/2 5:25): Yes, u did.
Me (12/2 5:25): U know I've always wanted to watch u being fucked.
Her (12/2 5:26): I think yes probably exciting but not me
Me (12/2 5:27): I like the thought of u being MORE uninhibited while alone with a lover...that is why I like the thought of 'catching' u in the act of fucking when u didn't know I was watching....'secretly' watching u really getting off on another man's cock.
Her (12/2 5:28): I know what u want. i do not want to be watched with G or B
Me (12/2 5:29): that is why I get so turned on whenever I think of u fucking F...'cheating' on me and being uninhibited when I wasn't around.
Me (12/2 5:32): I also would like for u & me to be watched while we fuck...especially by another woman...maybe a conservative friend of yours who ends up masturbating while watching us.....maybe she catches us fucking and secretly stays and watches
Her(12/2 5:33): No friends
Me (12/2 5:35): OK. I'll let u sleep. would like to talk more like on this....would really enjoy ur writings as well...i want to include as part of our blog...makes it feel intimate with both of us writing...both sides in the blog....but mostly I just love ur intimate sharing of thoughts with me.
Her (12/2 5:36): Nite
Me (12/2 5:36): I love u baby...u r incredibly sexy and u turn me on...night.
Me (12/2 5:37): See u in 2 hrs
Her (12/2 5:37): Probably b awake
Me (12/2 5:38): Try to sleep....or masturbate urself to sleep....u have my 'permission' to cum
Her (12/2 5:39): Thank u, maybe
Me (12/2 5:40): Wish I was there to take care of u
Her (12/2 5:40): Yes
Me (12/2 5:41): Is there anytime today that we'll be alone to fuck?
Me (12/2 5:41): I want u badly right now
Her (12/2 5:42): Dont think so, sorry

I got home about two hours later, everyone was still asleep. I undressed and crawled into bed next to my wife. She spread her legs for me as I reached down to her pussy. It was so slippery and wet inside. I asked her if she had masturbated after we had finished texting a few hours earlier. She admitted that she had. She had cum and her pussy was still very well lubricated. I asked her what she was thinking about while she played with herself. "I thought about G, about being with him. I thought about him kissing me". I continued talking to her as we fucked, describing how he was going to fuck her. "I want him to want me." she told me. We talked about what he had said to her about her looking good and looking like she had lost weight. I told her what I thought she should have said to him like "I like that you noticed me", "I was hoping that you would notice" or "I enjoy looking good for you, G". Again, she told me that she had thought about replying to him like that, but unfortunately not until afterwards. I whispered to her that she was going to be able to tell her friends that she had a lover. I told her I wanted her to tell her friend B all about it, telling her how he fucks her, and that she lets him cum inside her. "You can text her" I said - 'I was just fucked by my lover. He just left. He just filled my pussy with his cum' My wife seemed to enjoy the thought of telling her friend B that her lover just left her with a pussy full of cum. She fucked back and moaned as I whispered to her all the things she would be able to tell B about her lover.

She was soaking wet, and my cock felt so good sliding in and out of her. Just as I started cumming we were interrupted by one of the kids at the door. I was past the point of no return and shot my heavy load of cum all over her pussy and thighs as I pulled out to straighten up. She had not cum, so when we resumed, I had her play with her clit as I filled her pussy with my fingers. Our wetness was everywhere, her juices mixed with my cum running down her thighs and lips. I easily slipped four fingers into her pussy as she rubbed her clit roughly. I spread her ass with my free hand and took one of my cum covered fingers and slid it into her ass. She spread her legs further, working against my fingers until she came with a shudder.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Inch by Inch...

30 November, Friday - Making progress...Inch by Inch. I received a text message from my wife early this morning - "What is G's telephone number?" I didn't know the reason she was asking for it, but I sent her his telephone number. We were going to spend the day together and I figured she would eventually tell me why she wanted it.

A couple of hours later as we were driving in the car she said, "I got a text message today that said 'P*****'s 4pm' and that's it". P*****'s is a bar and grill in town. I asked her who it was that had sent the text. "I don't know" she said, "It just displayed a phone number, not a name. I think it was S, but maybe it was G and I wanted to call him and ask him if he sent it. I was going to ask him if he was trying to get me to meet him alone". S is a girlfriend of hers and she did not have either S's or G's number stored in her phone. I asked her if she had called G to ask him if he had. "No, not yet" and mentioned something about being a little reluctant to, or nervous about following through on it. I didn't reply immediately, but thought about the possibilities and felt happy that she had come up with this on her own, without any prompting and was telling me about her thoughts and her plan. I think we both knew that the text message probably was not from G, but I I reached over, held her hand and told her how much I liked that she wanted to flirt with and tease G in this way - that it turned me on to know she was thinking of ways to seduce him.

A few hours later as we were inside Peet's having coffee, I told her to call G and ask him what she had originally intended to ask him. I suggested to her a few things to say to him - the usual ideas along the lines of '...were you trying to get me alone without my husband?' and ' husband knows about all the men I spend time alone with'. She got a little nervous about it as she took out her phone and told me she felt pressure from me about it. She was also worried that maybe G's wife would somehow end up hearing her message to him. I reassured her that I didn't think this would be the case and told her to go outside, away from me to make the call. When she walked back in, she told me she had gotten his voicemail but had left the message for him.

G ended up calling her back a little while later, unfortunately however, she missed his call and he did not leave a message for her.

I feel this was a pretty big step for her, to follow through on her thought to flirt with G in this fairly forward way. I've encouraged her often to do so and feel proud of her.

My wife had gone out with some girlfriends for the night, so I hadn't seen her since mid afternoon shortly after she had called G. We both awoke very early the next morning, my wife's pussy very wet and my cock very hard. She started playing with my cock, stroking and fondling me as I started working my fingers into her smooth pussy. She had just gotten her pussy waxed the day before, Thursday, and it felt so good under my hand. I love it when her pussy is freshly waxed like this. As I slid my cock into her, I asked her if G ever called her back again. She told me he hadn't and was afraid she had made him mad or otherwise offended him. I reassured her that he wasn't, but that he was just being conservative and cautious, unsure if the signals she was sending him were simply innocent teasing and flirting or a genuine invitation or come-on and because everyone involved is married. I reminded my wife that this was the reason she had to be more bold in what she said to him, to let him know in more direct terms that she was physically attracted to him, interested in becoming sexual with him, and that I knew of and approved of her fucking him. I told her that once he was assured that her husband, his friend approved, he would jump at the opportunity to sleep with her.

We continued to fuck as I described, as I have many times, what she needed to do to seduce him, how G was going to fuck her, and how life would be with her having G as her lover. I came deep inside her shortly after she had cum from rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

A nice bit of progress for her!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Musings - A Smorgasbord of Thoughts

18 November, Sunday - Checking In. I haven't posted in a while. There hasn't been too much going on...sexually speaking. My wife was sick for a couple of weeks.

We went out Friday night to the City for dinner then stopped off for a quick nitecap at a local restaurant on our way home.

We laid in bed talking after we got home. My wife had gone out to dinner with her girlfriend earlier in the week. We hadn't really talked about it all week. 'D' is a good friend, who I've mentioned in this blog before. I asked my wife if she has shared anything sexual with any of her friends lately. I've always encouraged her to share her/our sex life with her close girlfriends and she has a couple of girlfriends who know quite a bit of our sex/fantasy life. She said she had talked to D over dinner, again, about her taking a lover and about me wanting to share her with others. D gave my wife some advice, encouragement and caveats. D has had lovers within her marriage, with her husband's knowledge and approval. My wife said she told D about B & G, our two male friends whom she is sexually attracted to and is interested in taking as lovers. She told D that she likes the idea of having a lover(s), but did not want me to be there watching her making love to them. I asked her if it was because she wanted to be able to be uninhibited, to be able to completely relax and 'cut loose' with him. She was a little uncertain, but said she thought so.

For me, there are a number of dynamics and nuances involved in all of this - 1) I am dominant and my wife is submissive to me. I enjoy taking control in bed, having my way with her, being a little rough and having her obedience in bed. She has expressed to me that she does NOT want to be submissive to others, but prefers that I be in control of them as well as her. (I suspect, however, that she would be at least somewhat submissive to B or G as lovers, because it is her nature); 2) I want to make her a "shared wife", which I define as a [submissive] wife who is given, loaned or shared sexually with others at her husband's discretion, direction or suggestion. this would include me selecting her sexy clothing for nights out together, her dancing with other men, her flirting with other men and women, showing her off, allowing her to be touched by others, and ultimately to be fucked by others, all in my presence; 3) I want my wife to be a "hotwife" - defined as a woman who fucks other men, within her marriage, with her husband's knowledge (and in my case, approval). I enjoy having a sexy wife, who turns heads, is flirtatious, and who other men and women find sexually desireable. Unlike many men with a hotwife, though, I am not into being emasculated by her, her lovers, or by her sexual relationships. I do not want to be humiliated, submissive or in anyway ridiculed. I once read somewhere, the term 'dominant cuckold' - maybe this is an appropriate term for me. I want a 'hotwife', but one who is submissive to me; 4) I'd like her to have a lover - someone she would be able to see on a regular basis.

This last item is probably the one that I have the most difficulty putting my finger on as far as defining my feelings and thoughts. It seems to be an amalgamation of the first three items. I have always wanted us to include others in our bed ever since we started dating. I have always loved the thought of watching her being fucked by other men (and women). We have talked of it endlessly over the past 22 years, and we have both enjoyed it as a fantasy, but it is only within the last year of so that we have been talking seriously about following through and taking action. Last winter, my wife and I both shared about our infidelities during our marriage - I told her about the various women I had slept with and she revealed to me an ongoing affair she had with a co-worker years back and an ex-boyfriend she had fooled around with one night while getting together with some old friends. I knew both of these guys, casually. Her affair had gone on for about six months, during which time she fucked her lover both at his house and in our our bed. I was both hurt and turned on by what she had told me. At my request she told me the details - how it started, when they would fuck (while I was at work), how he liked to fuck her, how often they would fuck, what he liked to do to her, etc...He would fuck her bareback - without a condom.

As I said, it is difficult for me to explain to anyone who hasn't been in a similar position, the different and sometimes conflicting emotions of hurt and betrayal versus the feelings of arousal and excitement at the thought of her cheating with another man. I think the arousal stems from my opinion that it seemed so out of character for her to have fucked another man in our bed while I was not seemed so naughty and taboo for her to do.

So, anyway, I'm not sure where those last three paragraphs got us, or what exactly they explained, but I am turned on by the thought of having a 'cheating wife' who fucks other men while I am away from home or who goes out to fuck other men while I am at home. Obviously, it wouldn't be 'cheating' in the truest sense of the word, since I would have full knowledge of her activities - I think it is best categorized as her being a HOTWIFE.

D told my wife that in order for her to seduce B or G or other any other men she'd like to sleep with, she would have to say while flirting something to the effect of: "my husband knows I...", "my husband approves of me...", or "my husband is OK with me..." This is the same thing I have been telling her to do for a long time now while flirting. Maybe now that both D and I have told her, she'll actually try it. D's husband had also told D that she needed to be the one pursuing the men she was interested in sexually, that she needed to let them know that she was receptive although she is a married woman. I have been telling my wife this as well - to let potential partners know that she is open to their advances and to also let them know that she has her husband's permission to play outside of her marriage.

I believe my wife also mentioned that D was also looking for a new lover, since her husband had a real dislike of her most recent lover.

We spoke a bit about my wife's friend, B, also, and I asked whether or not she thought B would play on the side or take a lover(s). She wasn't entirely sure, but thought it possible that she would. I told my wife to keep sharing about her own hotwife journey, telling her details of her affair(s) (once they start). According to my wife, B has been interested in hearing about her (our) experiences since my wife has shared with her about our plans, but that they just haven't spent much time together to talk. I told my wife that I thought it'd be hot if she and B seeked out lovers together. I find B attractive, sexy and would enjoy having her join my wife and me, sexually, either in threesomes, or just her with my wife, although I'm not even sure if B is bi or not. I'd even enjoy phone sex-play or online erotic play with her. I like having good friends that we can be sexually intimate with, not necessarily physically, although that would be ideal - flirting with each other, and sharing thoughts, fantasies, desires, etc... It takes a special set of friends, extraordinary chemistry, and relaxed personalities. It can be lots of fun with the right couples or individuals. (I wonder if B's husband is sexually attracted to my wife?) I recall my wife mentioning that she thought B was open-minded about sex with others, but most likely had concerns about being married.

We spoke a little about a few "ground rules" for my wife having a lover. One was not talking to her lovers about any problems within our marriage or using him as an emotional sounding board or support - how BIG problems can arise as a result, how unhealthy emotional connections can develop from her being intimate in this way with her lover. We also agreed that I had to agree upon any choice of lovers that she had made - we BOTH needed to be OK with the person. She had talked to D about this too and said that in D's case, it was very clear that her lovers were just her sexual partners and that her husband was her true and ultimate partner whom she loved and came home to.

We ended up fucking a short while later at about 2am, with her climbing on top of me. I'm much more verbal than she is in bed, so it is always a turn-on to hear her talking dirty, telling me to spread her ass and put my fingers inside her as she bounced up and down on my cock. She told me how she liked thinking of me inside her ass. At about 5am, we both awoke. This time, I used the small remote controlled vibrator on her pussy. We woke once again at 9am - my cock was as hard as a rock. I immediately climbed on top of my wife and slid right into her pussy, which was still very wet from our earlier fuckings. A very hard and deep fucking ensued. We rested a while then started watching some XXX movies on the laptop as we continued to lay in bed. I had chosen a number of black-on-white interracial movies, a genre that I really get off on (more so than she does). One day I want to see her being fucked by a very well hung black man. (She slept with a black friend of hers just as we were beginning to date many years ago, but hasn't been with another since). A Yahoo IM popped onto the screen as we were watching the movie. It was a woman I had played with online saying 'Hello'. She's submissive and bi and I've asked her to join my wife and I, since my wife and I have talked about finding another woman to 'service' her as I direct the action. I played a Rocco video on and my wife ended up cumming hard while watching girl-on-girl pussy eating.

It had been a pretty good 24 hours with us having fucked 4 times during that time! It's nice to have the time alone, with the kids! We weren't done though...

We went out Saturday night for drinks and dinner with D and her husband in the City. Got home Saturday night too tired for anything, but woke up Sunday in a randy mood. I got out one of our dildos, a very thick one and proceeded to stuff her pussy full of it, working it in and out of her. We talked about how much she loves being stuffed and stretched and about how much I love seeing her in this condition. I love seeing her lips clinging to whatever it is inside her, lover to see her pussy muscles stretched tightly.

I pushed the dildo in deeply, then mounted her and told her I was going to slide my cock into her pussy alongside the dildo. Her eyes opened wide as she felt m pressing forward against her already stretched pussy muscles. "Ohhhhhhhh!" she said as I slid fully into her wet pussy. It felt so tight, so snug as I fucked her - almost as tight as when I am inside her ass. I told her how one day she was going to feel two real cocks inside her pussy. I told her she'd be lying on her back on top of B with his cock inside her pussy; I'd then climb on top of her, mount her, sliding my cock in right next to his. She was turned on. While I fucked her, she said "Did I tell you what G said to me on Halloween?" She hadn't. "He asked what I was going to be for Halloween, a hot mama?" I don't recal how she told me she replied to him, but like most of us who think of our best comebacks AFTER the fact, she told me what she came up with (and wished she had said to him: "Not tonight, but I will be tomorrow. Are you busy tomorrow?"

Hearing her say those words turned me on as I continued sliding in and out of her slippery pussy. She was a little disappointed that hadn't thought of it in the moment and actually said it to G, but still I was impressed that she would come up with that type of reply even if it was never spoken. She has come a long way, making an effort, taking small, slightly unsteady steps in her flirting with B & G, but trying nonetheless. She has come to enjoy dressing sexily, not just for me, but also for the pleasure of others and for her own self-confidence and satisfaction. She has come to enjoy being looked at, looked over, checked out, and complimented about how good or sexy she looks. She enjoys exposing some skin, exposing some cleavage, and her sexy legs.

She isn't totally confident in herself regarding flaunting her sexuality and flirting but I can see it growing - her comfort level and enjoyment of the attention from men and women alike is apparent. She tells me whenever she receives a compliment about her body, or how sexy she looks. The fact that she is very open to taking a lover and talks openly without being dismissive, speaks a lot to how far she has come. I'm confident that she will be with another man in the not too distant future. i think she has warmed up nicely to the idea of making a regular lover out of a friend or acquaintance.

I asked her which she liked best: to be fucked, to be eaten, or to be played with. She replied that she does enjoy having her pussy eaten, but likes best being played with, having her pussy used - slapped, spanked, dildos and vibrators used filling her pussy and ass. She likes it when I do whatever I want with her, using her sexually as I see fit. This is her submissive side.

I asked whether she enjoyed vibrators or dildos better. "Dildos. Sometimes vibrators make my clit numb"

We talked about phone sex. I want her/us to talk with someone on the phone while I play with or fuck her. I suggested her girlfriend B. I told her one day I would start playing with her while she was on the line with B, and for her to start telling B what I was doing to her, how I'd just put my hand down her pants, or how I was touching her. She replied that I have an active imagination!

My wife said "I want to be sexy". She wants low cut tops. She wants to show her breasts more. She says she wants to look 'inviting'. She wants and likes to be looked at and looked over. I asked if anyone has been looking her over lately. She said she thought G had been a few days ago. I asked her if she did anything about it. "I hugged him for a long time." I told her next time she gives him an extended hug to tell him how good it feels and how much she likes it. I instructed her to do it in my presence and within earshot, so that G knows that I know and hear it too.

I told my wife the next time she goes grocery shopping , to buy another large cucumber. Something just as thick as the shampoo bottle, but tapered, so it will be able to slide inside her. She said she had seen the shampoo bottle in my nightstand and knew exactly what I was going to do with it. We talked about her getting a tattoo near her pussy with my name or initial - 'M's' it would say. I said the next time we back up to the City, I wanted to take her back to a couple of the leather stores. She still needs a collar, ankle cuffs, and hardware for me to make a spreader bar for her. I want her positioned like that, ass up high in the air, wrists and ankles cuffed and clipped to the spreader. I said I'd leave her like that on the bed while I left the house, ass up and secured to the spreader waiting for my return. Maybe I'd leave her tied spread eagle face down by herself with a vibrator in the vicinity of her pussy. If she wanted to pleasure herself, she'd have to twist, wiggle and squirm to make her pussy contact the vibrator, all without the use of her hands. She told me she wanted me to buy a four-poster bed, so I could tie her spread eagle to it, then use her however I wanted to.

I continued to fuck her as we talked, sliding my cock in and out next to the fat dildo.

I told her I wanted her to be fucked bareback by her lovers, for them to be able to cum inside her pussy. She like this too - the thought of another man besides her husband cumming inside her. It's naughty. Neither of us likes condoms and I don't wear them since I am vasectomy safe. We'd only allow B or G (closer 'known' friends who became her regular lovers) to bareback her. Anyone else would be required to wear a condom.

She said to me, "I wish you would just arrange for me to fuck G." I replied "You want me to just send him home to you, don't you? To deliver you to him?" "Yesssss." she said.

I told her I'd put her back on the pill when she took either B or G (or both) as regular lovers, so they'd be able to finish inside her whenever they fucked. My wife just tensed and started cumming when I said this. She looks so sexy when she cums...eyes glazed, full of lust.

Friday, October 12, 2007

"It isn't as friendly"

12 October, Friday. Anal at Last. An interesting week this week. Wednesday: Mid morning, started watching some videos on the laptop as we fooled around. She told me she wanted to watch a domination movie so I found one that had a female dominating another female. I had already gotten out the leather paddle/slapper, a small flogger and a small whip-like stick with small rubber tassles on the end. She had been on her back, spread as I played with her pussy. I had started using the slapper on her pussy, alternating between spanking her pussy and sliding the leather slapper over her swollen clit and pussy lips. She gasped with each smack against her pussy. This wasn't unusual, she has enjoyed having her pussy spanked since I began doing it a year or so ago. I was a little surprised, though, at how much she was enjoying feeling the slapper being dragged over her clit. She seem to really like it, gasping and panting as I slid the cool, smooth leather over her pussy lips and clit. Leather seems to turn her on. (I noticed this for the first time last August on trip to Las Vegas, where I took her to a couple of leather stores. Immediately after leaving with our wrist cuffs and the slapper, we pulled into the parking lot of the Hard Rock Cafe. I started playing with her pussy in the car, she was very wet. I spread her legs, had her remove her thong and fingered her forcefully, creating a slapping sound as my palm slapped up against her pussy. We were no more than 50 ft from the entrance of the building, and people were continuously walking out of the restaurant to the casino, and to and from their cars all around us. We were in the front seat and clearly visible. My wife was nervous about being caught, but I think this added to her excitement that night. I reached behind me into the back seat, reached into the bag of our new purchases and pulled out the new slapper. I told her to spread herself further apart and proceeded to use the slapper against her soaked pussy. I remember her gasps each time the slapper landed on her pussy - very erotic for me. She kept looking out the windows for anyone who may have been heading in our direction, but her hips and pussy betrayed her. She was squirming in the front seat, spreading her legs for me as I fingered her roughly and spanked her pussy. I knew she had become aroused by being inside the leather store, and feeling the firm leather against her pussy lips.)

I told her to turn over onto her stomach and present her ass to me. I used the small flogger on her ass, the slapper on her inner thighs and ass and the tassled whip on her clit and asshole as she watched the movie. She was turned on and looked extremely hot, ass high in the air, thighs spread to give me access to her pussy. Her moans were turning me on and I was rock hard as I played with her soaked pussy.

I began fucking her from behind, ass up as I spread her with my hands. She was fucking back and our bodies made slapping sounds as we fucked. Soon, I felt the beginnings of an orgasm and started pulling out of her in an attempt to hold off. My first spurt hit her pussy lips just as I cleared her pussy. I caught the rest of my load on my fingers and scooped up the cum that had begun flowing down my cock. The last of my cum pulsed out of my cock onto my fingers. Still very aroused, I rubbed my large load all over her asshole and her pussy making her all the more slippery. I slid first one, then two cum covered fingers deep into her ass. My fingers slid easily into her asshole. She loved it. I took other fingers and stuffed them into her pussy while continuing to finger and stretch her ass. The scene was just too much for me. I don't think that my cock ever really went soft after cumming. It hadn't been one of those full blown orgasms, but it did feel good and I did shoot a full load, which was now smeared in and outside her asshole and dripping from her cunt lips. I continued to work my fingers deeper into her ass as I simultaneously finger fucked her pussy. She was fucking back against my hand, moaning. The sight was too much...I straddled her ass, gave her asshole one final reaming and stretching, then took my still rock hard cock, placed it at her now loosened opening and pressed forward. It slid in easily, lubricated with my cum.

It felt so good inside her ass! It was tight - a different tightness than being inside her pussy. She just moaned as I started to slowly fuck her ass for the first time - not just getting the head of my cock in, but actually sliding my entire cock into her ass. (We had tried many times in the past 20 years, with no success - always too painful for her - probably from too much psychological apprehension on her part, to much eagerness and too little patience on my part, too little lubrication and a lack of any anal training to stretch her asshole working up to it) She told me to go slowly, which I first. I grunted to her to play with her pussy. She quickly reached her hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit. It was an intense time - my grunting, her panting, my cock in her ass, her finger working her clit. I was not going to be able to hold out long...I began to fuck her ass harder and faster, trying to work my cock as deeply as I could into her hole. I started cumming loudly, with her right behind me with her orgasm. I emptied a second load deep into her ass. It was certainly a sexual milestone for us

I asked her how it was for her. Unlike in the past, she did not cry out in pain, she gave me no indication that it hurt, and she seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did. She did say, though, that she missed having something inside her pussy.

Today, Friday, two days later we found ourselves in bed playing. She was face down as I played with her pussy. I got up to get the shorter thick dildo, the black anal dildo, and a tube of KY. I told her how I was going to stuff and stretch her pussy with it. She likes this dildo, it is very thick and maybe 7"-8" long. I told her to get her ass up in the air as I lubed the fat dildo. I slowly worked it into her cunt as she moaned and squirmed against it. She loves being filled with it. I fucked her with it as I teased her clit, forcing it deeper until the end was flush with her opening. I told her to take over and fuck herself with it as I lubed up the slimmer black anal dildo. I pressed it against her sphincter as she continued working the fatter dildo in and out of her pussy. She let out a low moan as her asshole finally gave way, allowing the dildo to slide into her. She was enjoying this, having both her holes filled - I fucked her ass and her pussy, sometimes letting her take over with the fat one. I whispered to her how this was just more anal training for her. Finally, when I felt her asshole was stretched enough, I pulled it out and lubed up my hard cock, straddled her and sunk it deep inside. She went nuts, fucking herself with the dildo as I fucked down into her tight ass. I love it when she is panting, gasping, moaning - in the moment - ragged breathing. I get so turned on to see her so turned on. Her orgasm was very intense. She had gotten what she wanted - to have her pussy stuffed while being fucked in the ass.

I asked her later how she had liked being fucked in the ass. She very candidly and probably accurately replied that she had liked it, but that "It isn't as friendly". I'd probably have to agree that it feels much more animalistic to me, much more "raw"...but I really enjoy that type of [rougher] sex anyway.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

"I wore it for him"

05 October, Friday. Smelling Nice. As I was fucking my wife last night, I got a strong whiff of her perfume from her neck. While she will regularly wear perfume, most often it is when we are going out together, or when she has someplace in particular or special to go herself, like out with girlfriends. We hadn't been out nor had she gone out with girlfriends that night. It was a little unusual. I told her she smelled nice and provocatively asked her who she had worn the perfume for. She did not answer. I ask her again, then asked "Did you wear it for G?" She answered "Yes". I had suspected as much, which is why I had asked her. I immediately got more turned on when she answered affirmatively. She was not just telling me what I wanted to hear - she really had worn the perfume for him. She told me that she knew she was going to see him while picking up one of our children and had wanted to smell nice for him. The fucking I was giving her got hotter and more lusty as we talked and fantasized more about her and G.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"I want to know if he thinks I am sexy"

19 August, Sunday. Slim Pickins'. Our sex life has been pretty slim these days. She hasn’t been in much of a mood for sex this past month. I’ve been the initiator, as usual, but lately, I haven’t been able to keep her pussy wet. Normally, she warms up after I play with or eat her pussy and will get into the mood. Not this past month though. Concerned. Frustrated. Unsure of what is causing this change in her.

Early AM. Started playing with her pussy. Same results. She started playing with her pussy to try to get her juices flowing. I asked her what was bothering her that she hasn’t been in the mood. She told me she had a lot going on without elaborating – I left it at that for now. I will have to follow up to find out what that means.

I asked her what she was thinking about as she rubbed her clit. She said she was thinking about whether B finds her attractive and sexy. I said “You really want to know if he does, don’t you?” She said “Yes, I do” as she continued her rubbing her pussy. I assured her again that he does, that I was sure that he would jump at an opportunity to fuck her. I told her that is why he continues to make subtle flirtatious remarks to her, like the reply he made to her about taking her out sometime when ‘your husband is out of town’. I think he is being flirtatious without crossing the line – probing flirtations – to see how my wife responds. He’s just being conservative, considering he’s married, and that I, the husband, am around. He has just not been made aware of the fact that my wife finds him sexually attractive and that she would take him as a lover, nor does he know that I am aware of her desire for him, that I make sure that she shares with me each of their flirtatious conversations and encounters, and that I want her to be with him sexually – to be shared with him.

I’ve always encouraged her to return his flirtations, to push it up a notch with him, to flirt back to see where it will lead. I recounted to her an opportunity she had with him a couple of days back: At an event, we all happened to be sitting in grandstands or bleachers. He left his spot and when he returned, he took up a spot on the bench above and behind my wife. I told her that that she should have leaned back into him, resting her back between his spread legs, her head against his lap or crotch. She told me that she did so ‘a little’ and that she liked it. I encouraged her to be bold and she said she is trying and that she is taking small steps. To be sure, discretion is important, as we are all within a small circle of people involved in community activities.

I told her that she needed to communicate to him that I know of her desires, (his desires), and that I support and encourage her to pursue him. I gave her specific suggestions on how to let him know when the opportunity presented itself: “My husband likes it when I dress sexy for him and other men”; “My husband knows I am attracted to you”; “My husband enjoys watching me flirt with other men”; “I don’t keep ANYTHING from my husband”;"My husband always makes the arrangements"; "I don't play unless my husband is present". These aren’t opening lines, of course, but if she picks and seizes opportune times to interject these ‘comebacks’, I know it won’t be long before she’s feeling his cock slide into her pussy. I mentioned to my wife that I was going to work from my end on letting him know about her desires for him and about my being not just OK with, but encouraging her to ‘cheat’ with him.

Her pussy was wet now. I entered her as we continued to talk about B. I described to her in detail what I wanted to see her do with him. How I wanted to see her sucking his hard cock, how I wanted to see her on top riding his hard cock ‘cowgirl’, kissing him, having him empty his cum into her pussy, etc… She gets very aroused by this. So do I.

I told her how turned on I get by the thought of her “cheating” with another man. I clarified that it turned me on that she was married, fucking a lover, and had a husband who knew and approved. (Isn’t that the classic definition of a HOTWIFE?) She just hissed back “Yes!” – she loved the idea of this kind of “cheating” – of her giving her married pussy to another man with her husband knowing all about it. She said she liked the thought of having two men in this way. She told me that she enjoyed having B behind her on the bleachers and me right in front of her. That it felt good as a woman to have two men in this way. A feeling of security I suppose. Or maybe it just felt naughty to think of her being ‘had’ by two men (and subtly displaying it in public in this manner)

I told her how hot I got visualizing her bringing B home with her, walking up the stairs with him, knowing that she was going to spread her legs for him and let him take her…whenever he wanted. My mind shot back to her real lover from her real affair years ago, of her fucking him secretly in our own bed, letting him cum inside her pussy. I didn’t mention it today, but I still think often of her indiscretion and how much it turns me on that she really did cheat on me, arranging secret rendezvous with him at our home while I was at work.

"I want to call you on the telephone and tell you that I'm on my way to see B" She wanted to be able to tell me that he had called her to come over so they could fuck. I love hearing from her how she envisions her naughtiness, her hotwifing, our sex lives. Her orgasm soon followed. I love my wife and am proud of her steps forward.

She came back home a few hours later. We were alone and soon undressed and in bed again. I got out the very large black plug and worked it into her pussy. I tried sliding my cock in next to it, but it was just too tight a fit. She said she felt really stretched. I licked and sucked her clit as I worked the plug in and out of her pussy, working the ‘edge’ – working the thickest part of the plug, keeping it inserted just so it would stretch her cunt the most. She said she felt so full and so stretched. I told her that is how I wanted her pussy – stretched. I told her I was preparing her to take B inside her, or a thick black cock. I enjoy seeing the tight seal her pussy makes when stuffed with something that thick – ‘airtight’. I finally removed the dildo, slid my cock into her stretched hole and started fucking her. She bit her lower lip as she looked me in the eyes. "I love it when you bite your lip like that", I told her - "like a naughty little wife". Her body tensed as she started cumming.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thoughts of fucking a friend

11 July, Tuesday. Wanting to fuck a friend. It’d been a long time since we were alone without kids. We went out for a pitcher of margaritas at a local Mexican restaurant last night. Coming home to an empty house, my sexy wife stripped naked and lay face down on the bed, a little tipsy and apparently a little horny too. I undressed, joined her on the bed and proceeded to play with her pussy.

My wife had looked good tonight. Sexy. I told her how much I loved having a sexy wife, especially knowing that other men want and lust after her, but knowing that ultimately she belonged to me. She told me how she likes being and looking sexy for me…and for others. She said she, too, likes knowing that other men find her attractive and sexy, but that she is mine. She’s changed a lot in the past 8 months. She’s been much more attentive about how she looks, what she wears, how she puts on her makeup, etc… She’s been looking sexier and receives comments and attention about how good she looks, not just from me, but from other men and women as well.

As I played with her, I told her how much I liked knowing that she was mine… mine to give away as I saw fit…to loan her out to whomever I desired. I whispered to her that I wanted her to take a lover. She asked me “Is there someone you want me to fuck or be my lover?” I immediately mentioned the name – G . “Ohhhhhhhhh!” she moaned. "I like that. I think he has nice eyes. Do you think he thinks I'm sexy?" G is someone my wife had mentioned before when I asked her whom she found sexually attractive within our circle of friends and acquaintances. He’s a larger, football player sized guy, dark skinned, over 6’ and 260lbs.

It was the first time either of us had mentioned G while playing, since she first told me months ago that she found him sexually attractive. I assured her that I felt he did find her sexy and proceeded to describe to her all the things I wanted to see him do to her and her to do to him in bed. She was extremely aroused and soaked as I told her how he’d give her a good hard fucking as she held tightly onto his large athletic body, his dark skin contrasting against her light skin. His large frame would cover her as he rode my wife’s married pussy.

We talked explicitly about her taking a lover or lovers as I fucked her slowly and deeply. I told her that I wanted a ‘cheating wife’. I mentioned that I had been thinking of her ‘real’ cheating, her affair years ago – of her fucking her lover on our bed while I was at work. I am still aroused by the visuals of that affair as well as by the fact that she actually had been a ‘cheating wife’. I wanted to know that she was with another man, either in our bed, in a hotel room, or in her lover’s bed, getting fucked by him, while I was away from home at work. She told me maybe this fall [she’d take a lover]. I was so turned on hearing her say that and fucked her harder and deeper as we continued talking. The thought of her at home alone during the day, opening the front door to admit her lover, leading him into the bedroom and onto the bed that I vacated just hours before to be fucked and used by him…while the kids are at school and I am at work turns me on.

“Maybe on a cruise…with M” she said from underneath me. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant when I first heard what she said. She was referring to the possibility of finding someone to fuck her while on a cruise with her sexy friend M. There was a secondary meaning to the cruise reference – I recall my wife telling me about M’s infidelities during her marriage – one of the men M had fucked was during a cruise she took with just her girlfriends. I liked her idea. She said she trusted M. I think for her (and for me as well), the appeal is: a) being on vacation away from responsibilities (kids), b) being with just her girlfriend (pure girl time), c) being able to fuck someone away from our local area (safe), d) being in an exotic location far from home (able to cut loose, relax and be/act sexy/sexually). I know that I ALWAYS feel hornier than ever when traveling or when staying in a hotel room in another city. I encouraged her to plan a cruise or vacation with M.

We talked about how she and M could dress sexily, wear their bikinis, flirt and find attractive men to fuck them. She liked the idea of returning to the cabin with M and fucking in the same bed as M, each of them filled with their own man. I told her she could call me during her cruise/vacation… “Call me when you get into his room to tell me you’re about to be fucked”, Call me afterwards to tell me how good you were fucked”, “Leave the phone off the hook as you’re being fucked, so I can listen to you”

I asked her if she wanted M to find her a lover. She said “Yes…I trust her”. I told her how sexy I thought M is and how much I want to fuck her. She agreed on her sexiness. I suggested that she find a man at the [fitness] club we belong to when she goes for classes with M. I told my wife that I believe M is fucking other men right now, getting what she isn’t getting from her husband. She’s done it before, doesn’t seem to be rushing to get out of her marriage, which has issues, she’s very sexy, and appears to me to be the type of woman that goes out and gets what she wants and can be sensible about it. I told my wife I wanted her to go out with M to find lovers and to bring them back to M’s house to fuck – two married women fucking other men while their husbands are away.

My wife really liked the idea of M finding her a lover for her to fuck or going out with M to find men to fuck together. She trusts M's judgement. I told her she was to tell M: 'My husband wants me to have a lover'

“I want M to wax me again” she said. M had lent us her waxing kit after showing us how to do it, so I would be able to wax my wife from then on. However, it’s been very difficult for us to find the time alone for me to wax her. I enjoyed being present the first time M waxed her pussy. It was hot seeing M’s hands all over my wife’s pussy, even though it wasn’t explicitly sexual. I liked seeing her pulling and tugging, moving her clit ring. I liked M asking me how I wanted it – I opted for a small strip left above her clit. I told my wife I’d ask M if she would do it again. I want to be present watching again.

“I want G to know that my pussy is pierced…I want G to know that I just have a little ‘landing strip’ and that my pussy is waxed smooth…I want G to see pictures of me” she said sexily. I told her I would make sure that he knew and that I’d find a way to show him her x-rated pictures.

Our conversation bounced around a bit as we fucked…the hot talk moving back and forth between talk of G, to her girlfriend M, to having lovers in general. I suggested that she bring her other married friend B with her on her cruise/vacation – that she convince B to take a lover as well. I love the thought of these married women, my wife included, all moms, being naughty, cheating, doing something ‘taboo’ – fucking outside of their marriage. I love the idea of your everyday-woman-next-door or housewife-type giving in to her sexual temptations and cravings. A repeat theme for me in all this, one that arouses me, is the idea that I am introducing this idea of ‘cheating’, of taking lovers, to these other women. I enjoy the idea of control over other women, if not directly, then through my wife – by way of suggestion via my wife; by way of their conspiracy with my wife (sounds more dark and sinister than I really mean it to be – perhaps ‘collaboration’ or ‘joint-venture’ with my wife are better words); by way of seduction or temptation (again this sounds more dark & evil than I mean it to be – I mean both of these last two methods to be completely ‘friendly’; and lastly, by way of example by my wife (ie. through her sharing with her friends of [sexual] activities she has participated in like: being shared with other men by me, having a regular lover, threesomes-orgies-gangbangs, being DP’d, being bi with another woman, fucking black cock, and other hotwife-type activities) That through my wife’s actions they would see that it is ‘OK’ and would be more willing to ‘give in to the dark side’ and join her [and I] in various sexual pursuits. My wife says that she doesn’t think M would allow or could be controlled by me, although, she didn’t mention anything about her girlfriend B. I know that my wife shares a few of our intimate sexual details with B. I often wonder whether B ends up sharing this information with her husband. So far, I haven’t been able to detect any kind of ‘awareness’ on his part. My wife has told B that I find her sexually attractive in the past. I told her last night that I want her to tell B again that I want to fuck her, that I want her.

I asked my wife if she preferred finding lovers on her own or having them sent to her. She indicated that she’d rather have me find, setup and send her men to fuck. We talked about her going out on ‘datenights’ or girls nights out with friends to find men to fuck. How she’d dress up sexy, flirting, dancing, seducing and being seduced by other men while I was at home awaiting her return. I want her to fuck bareback. I told her that when she came home I would check her pussy to see whether it was full of cum or not. I’d reach my hand up her skirt or down into her pants and into her thong, insert my fingers into her pussy to check for that just-fucked, freshly filled slipperiness. She liked the thought of coming home full of cum and having me finding out by inspecting her with my fingers. I told her I’d put her on the Pill so she could fuck bareback, letting her lovers spray the insides of her pussy with their cum. I love the image of her returning home in the wee hours of the morning, clothes wrinkled, hair mussed, makeup and lipstick smeared, carrying her heels, pussy full of cum, her pussy swollen, raw and stretched from being fucked all night, ready to come to bed and tell me the details of her fucking.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck G. I asked her if she would suck G’s cock. She said she did. I made her tell me herself, out loud:

“I want to suck G’s cock”. “I want G to fuck me” I continued to fuck my wife and after a while she whispered to me “I’d let HIM cum inside my pussy” This excited us both and we started fucking harder. I told her how I’d like to see and feel her pussy full of G’s cum. How I’d slide my hard cock into her cum filled pussy. She asked me if I’d like that. I did. She just moaned her approval. She said “I want to have both your cums inside my pussy at the same time!” as she came.

It was one of the best fucks we've had in a long time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Pussy Pump

Tuesday, May 1st - Bought a New Pussy Pump Today. We went into the City today and bought a pussy pump. She's been enthralled by the thought of having her pussy pumped ever since she saw some videos of some women having their pussies swelled and engorged by a vacuum pump. A couple of weeks ago we were watching some more German videos of pussy pumping. She got very, very wet. She said she wanted her pussy pumped and thought it would be hot to have me pump her pussy and then go out with her pussy engorged and in a highly swollen condition. We didn't get a chance to try it out tonight. She seems to like the more nasty and unusual things - like the pump, like being fucked by unusual household objects - I like that she wants to be nasty like this. I want an otherwise normal, yet sexy wife who loves getting nasty for/with me.

She didn't want the nipple cylinders attachments for the pump, but we'll see. I think the nipple cylinders can also be used on her clit.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Is this what you wanted to do to me?"

Sunday, April 15th - More Anal Training. We were in bed playing. I had got out two of our newer toys from the nightstand to continue with her anal training. One was a slim, narrow, blue anal plug. The other was a translucent silicon dildo, approximately the thickness of my cock. She was very wet, as I had been playing with and licking her, and I had intended to get the two toys wet by sliding them into her pussy before sliding them into her ass. I slid the blue plug in first, eliciting a sexy moan from her as I slowly fucked her with it. Next, I slid in the clear dildo into her pussy, without first removing the blue plug. She now had her pussy stuffed with both toys. She loved it! It was extremely hot seeing her pussy filled this way, with her legs spread wide, her ass squirming on the bed, listening to her panting and gasping as I fucked her with both toys simultaneously.

She loves having her pussy stretched and I suddenly got the urge to to also stick my cock into her pussy while she had both toys in her as well. It took a little work to slide it into her pussy, stretching it, and getting my cock to settle in snugly against both the dildo and the plug. Once I was able to work my entire cock inside her pussy, I started to fuck her. Her reaction and the feeling against my cock made me wild with lust - she was loving how filled she was and I was loving the look of pleasure on her face. She fucked me back hard as I pumped my cock into her toy filled pussy until I finally emptied my load of cum into her pussy just after she had started to cum.

We were laying on the bed afterwards for sometime, when she asked me if I was thinking about something in particular that I can't remember now. I responded that what I was thinking about was what I wanted to do to her. Soon after that, I somewhat forcefully spread her legs and worked first one finger then two into her juice covered ass. Her sphincter was very relaxed this morning and easily accepted both fingers deep into her ass. She drew her breath in as I stretched her and asked "Is this what you wanted to do to me??" I told her how loose she felt and how I thought she was almost ready to take my cock into her ass. I was going to practice fucking her ass with the clear dildo first. Her ass took it in relatively easy and I soon had just the very end of it sticking out of her ass. She moaned how good it felt. I had the sudden urge to fuck her and climbed onto her, sliding my rock hard cock into her pussy. We both came unglued - I could feel the hard dildo against my cock through the thin wall between her pussy and her ass - she was loving the feeling of having both holes filled. It wasn't long before we both came again, with me filling her pussy with more cum and her bucking hard against me. Accepting my cock into her ass is next.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Her First Brazilian

Friday, April 13th - The Brazilian. The waxing lesson happened today. An interesting experience overall. The pain involved kinda put the cloud over it being a real sexual situation, however, it was nice seeing our friend M with her hands all over my wife's pussy. I had emailed M about our conversation from a couple days ago, about how we'd both enjoy having her watch my wife as she gets shared and about M being the one to share my wife with one of her friends. I had told M how my wife had cum hard to the thought of being shared by M and I while M watched.

Waxing was more difficult than I expected. I did a small area, but it was mostly done by M. As I said, it was nice watching M's hands and fingers pulling, pushing, tugging on my wife's pussy, moving it as she needed to to wax it. I had M leave just a small patch of hair above her pussy - otherwise she was completely bared. I emailed a thank you note to M later that day. She replied back: "I bet you were going crazy watching my fingers touch her pretty pussy" Unfortunately, she also said she had no past friends or lovers that she could share my wife with.

I think that the first waxing is most difficult. The subsequent 'maintenance' waxings should be much easier and I should be able to handle since there'll be much less hair. I'm letting my hair grow and will have my wife give a try at waxing my cock and balls, which will save me alot of time shaving them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"I want her to watch me..."

11 April, Tuesday - More Thoughts of M. I was playing with her pussy as we lay in bed. In three days she was going to get her pussy waxed for the first time. Our friend M had offered to show us, together, how to wax her pussy ourselves. M had told us that her husband waxes her pussy. We finally got together on a date for her to show me how to wax my wife. I'm presuming this will be a real-time lesson, with my wife spreading herself in front of M & me, with M showing me exactly how to do it, by example. I have no real idea what happens during a waxing, but his should mean that M will be touching my wife's pussy, manipulating her lips, folds, clit, etc... as she shows me what to do. Since M offered to show us a few months back, I've often mentioned to my wife how hot it is going to be to see M touching her pussy. She has countered that it should be a non-sexual event and that she does not want me alienating or offending M by turning it into something sexual.

I know, though, that my wife gets very turned on whenever I bring up M as we're playing or fucking - tonight was no exception. I shared with her some of the intimate experiences that M had shared with me last week about her having been with others in threesomes - MMF, FFM. Our conversation progressed as I told her how hot it was going to be to see her naked and spread in front of M. I mentioned how I thought that M would be turned on by the experience as well. My wife is not so sure about that. I think, however, that M has more than a just a casual interest in our sex life and my wife's hotwife journey. I think that it does arouse her more than just a little - she talks with both my wife and me about our sex life whenever we see her and she recently gave us a newspaper with an ad in it from a couple looking for another couple. I had shared with M last week how my wife had envisioned being shared - shared with friends or coworkers of mine, how I would send them one at a time up to the bedroom to fuck her, or send someone to visit my wife alone at home to fuck her while I was away at work. How my wife wanted me to share her intimate photos with friends.

As I rubbed my wife's clit, I described how I'd play with her pussy as M watched us. How she'd reach between her legs and start rubbing her clit as she watched me sucking my wife's newly waxed pussy. My wife was aroused by the thought. She asked if I really thought M would enjoy watching us. I teased her some and told her that M has nice small hands - hands that would fit nicely inside my wife's pussy, fisting her. I said that I thought M would enjoy watching my wife being shared with another woman or man. My wife liked this idea and replied that maybe M could be there to support her as she was being shared for the first time - holding her hand. I described how my wife would lay back into both M & my laps with her legs spread wide being licked and sucked by a pretty woman. I described how M would watch as she was mounted by a hung lover, how she'd finger her pussy while watching my wife getting deeply fucked and filled. My wife said I could ask M if she would be interested in being there with her. I will ask M.

My wife was getting very wet imagining M watching her being fucked and sucked. I wondered aloud about whether M had any attractive women friends who liked to suck pussy - or whether she had any well-hung male friends that she could call to fuck my wife. She said she wanted M to watch as she got pleasured. She got the most aroused when I asked her if she'd enjoy being shared not by me, but by her girlfriend - being loaned out to , being given to a big-cocked friend of Ms as M watched. As I described her being shared by M, she suddenly moaned "I'm cummmming!" We fucked again later that night.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

87 Days

15 February, Thursday - A Silent Drive into Work. It appears to have taken only 87 days for things to revert back to how they were with my wife and I. It was November 18 last year when we sat down and had our conversation about our marriage and more specifically about our sex life. It was that day that we came to agreement, specifically about including others in our bed. The sex we had together for the next 60 days was good - in fact, it was incredible. I watched my wife turn into an unbelievably sexy and lusty woman, we were having sex a couple times a day, oftentimes with her cumming more than once (unusual for her). She would IM me sexy messages, telling me how horny she was, often masturbating for me as she texted me. She would explore explicit websites alone or with me or look at erotic photos or videos we have on the computer. Our conversations would be sexual - she would talk with me about her being shared, she would ask me how I wanted her to be used and given to others. She would make a daily effort to dress sexily and feminine - she looked hot each day.

The only thing that seems to have survived is how she dresses. She still makes an effort to wear sexy clothes and look good, although not as much or as often. We've stalled out.

Our next datenight is two Saturday's from now. I gave her the responsibility to go online and purchase the tickets to a Pleasurezone party. We'll see how that goes.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Pink Balls

21 January, Sunday - The Pink Balls. Gave my wife some two-fingered anal training this morning. She asked me to pick something out for her to wear inside her pussy today during an outdoor function we would be attending. She said she was going to tell her friend M that she went out with her pussy filled. She was going to tell M how she liked that I would know her pussy was filled as she spoke to and flirted with other men. I told her that the next time she and M went out, for my wife to tell M that she was going to wear a dildo inside her and to invite M to do the same. I want my wife to tell M that it was me who suggested they both go out with their pussies filled. I like the idea of M taking some sexual direction from me, alongside my wife.

My wife wanted to know who I wanted her to talk or flirt with today while she was filled. I gave her the names of a few men who I felt were attracted to her. I chose a pair of small pink rubber weighted balls which she inserted into her pussy and wore all day.

In the end, though, she said they really didn't do anything for her - that she really couldn't feel them or the weights rolling around inside the balls. They went into the garbage.

She did tell me today that she wanted me to find a couple to give her a sensual four-handed massage.

Friday, January 19, 2007


19 January, Friday - A Crack In the Ice. We had a discussion, a tiff over her defiant attitude today and her ignoring me on a sexual matter. We talked about the need for her sexual obedience, her giving up control and trusting me - about her submission. We disagreed about whether or not she was following my instructions - she feels that she has been doing so, while I don't.

We talked about taking the next real steps towards her TRULY becoming a shared wife, towards being owned, completely submitting herself to me with regards to who, when and where she fucks - about her being loaned and shared with other men, women or couples as I desire. I've assured her that I am not attempting to turn her into a whore, but this IS about her becoming a HOTWIFE. She is not ready for this...YET....despite her agreeing to submit to being owned by me at the end of December. It is a very big step, for sure, but she will need to trust in me and know that I will take care of her. It is important for us to be taking consistent, progressive steps towards her submission and being shared.

Erotic massage by a woman or couple seems to be the easiest and most comfortable first step. She enjoyed the massage I gave her on her last birthday - the pretty, petite woman gave her almost two hours of massage before bringing her to orgasm. She likes the idea of a four-handed massage given by an attractive couple; of having her body worked over by two sets of hands.