Monday, January 15, 2007

"Looking at eggplants. Any thoughts?"

15 January, Monday. 1st day off her period - She was pulling, stretching, squeezing, and handling my balls, since I'd told her how much I enjoyed it. As she held my balls, she said she wanted me to think of all the other objects that she could put inside her pussy. We had been talking about vegetables - cucumbers, eggplants and other cock shaped edibles that she could stuff into her pussy. Yesterday, she had IM'd me from the grocery store "Looking at eggplants. Any thoughts?"

I mentioned a shampoo bottle I had seen in the shower. It was thick and tall. I asked her what objects she had thought of. "The large black flashlight" she replied. I'd keep my eyes open for objects for her to stuff inside her pussy. She had seen a video of a woman fucking herself with a banana and suggested that. A small baseball bat. Corn. A bottle. She wanted to have a night where she would put all these objects into her pussy. I'd take photos of her filled pussy.

I wanted her to reenact the day after Christmas, when she was home alone watching videos and fucking herself with a dildo. I wanted to see her impale herself on it as it sat on the chair, her lifting herself up and down onto it. I wanted to see her fucking herself with it as she stood, masturbating her clit with her other hand, just as she had described to me via IM that day.

I instructed her to make sure she does her kegel excercises. I told her that I wanted to know whenever she thought of other objects that she wanted inside her pussy. Continuing on, from now on she was to tell me or IM me (if we were apart) whenever: she was feeling horny/sexual, she touched herself (I actually want her to ask permission to touch her pussy), someone flirted with her, she flirted with someone, someone told her how good or sexy she looked, she found someone sexually attractive, she looked at sexy videos or pictures on the computer, and whenever she had a sexual thought period.

She immediately volunteered that she had looked at videos and pictures last night while I was at work. She had watched one of a girl stuffing herself with various objects in front of a large group of mostly men (perhaps this is where she got the idea for our topic of conversation). She liked watching the women on the videos imagining that it could be her doing those things. I told her that she'd soon be doing all those things, that she was on her way, being transformed into a sexy hotwife. She had watched all the fisting videos - her favorites.

My wife asked me to pick out something for her to fill her pussy with - she'd keep it inside her today while we were out. A hot thought. I love the thought of introducing her to someone, or her just standing next to someone talking to him/her knowing her pussy is filled. She delivered the killer blow when she said "Maybe at the next board meeting [she'd attend with her pussy filled]" I could only moan deeply. She is easily the most attractive woman on the board and I love the idea of the men on the the board lusting after my wife. She got so turned on as I described to her how I wanted to share her with all the men on the board - in a gangbang. She said "I wish they all wanted me" I assured her that they did. I'd send her to stand in the center of the room as they walked up to her and undressed her, feeling her up the entire time. They would lay my wife on the table having their way with her as I watched approvingly. She came, eyes closed, thinking of being wanted in this way by them. I'll start thinking of what she'll put into her pussy for the next meeting.

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