Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reviewing Movies

4 December, Thursday - A Nice Wake Up. I was awoken this morning by my wife when she crawled back into bed next to me and immediately began fondling and stroking my cock. She snuggled up to me as she did, grinding her pussy against my leg.

She was still aroused from watching videos the other day alone, then again with me when I got home. "I want you to use the pump on me again." She was talking about our vacuum pump for her pussy. I blogged about it back when we bought it over a year ago. For the uninitiated, it's a clear, contoured, cup-like piece that fits over a woman's pussy, to which suction is applied, removing all the air and thus causing engorgement of, and extreme swelling of her pussy. (see photo) I guess you could somewhat compare the result with what happens when a woman uses a breast pump - same concept. There are electric pumps which suck the air out quicker and more efficiently, but we bought the hand pump which was substantially less expensive.

"There was a video of a woman getting her clit pumped, too," she said as I started to play with her pussy, "it's a little cup that fits over her clit. He was using a dildo inside her as he pumped her clit." I was familiar with the video, since I was the one who downloaded it a couple years ago.

"Do you want me to get one of those for your clit?", I asked her.

"Yes", came her reply. I think I may have bought one when we first bought the pump. "Some of the pictures looked a little extreme, like maybe it hurt." I don't think it does, but if so, I'd think it would be a pleasure/pain-thing, much like clips, clamps or clothes-pins are. She's never complained about the pump hurting in the past, although the photos can make it appear that way.

Our hands were busy - my fingers buried inside her pussy and her hand wrapped around and agressively stroking my cock. She proceeded to tell me more of what she wanted from what she watched a day ago..

"I liked the fisting movies too."

"I know. You've wanted to be fisted for a long time now.", I have tried many times with her, but unfortunately, no matter how patient I am and how much lube I use, my hands are just too large to fit fully inside her. "I need to get you a woman with hands small enough to fit inside your pussy, to stretch you."

"Yes! Maybe she will get me ready so you can fist me after. After she stretches me for you."
she said.

"I liked the video with the girls using the dildo on each other." This is the one she told me was HOT - two gorgeous girls using a double-headed dildo on another sexy blonde. I told her I needed to find someone to play with and use her pussy like that.

"Yes, but I want her to know she is there to play with me, to do things to me and know that I won't be playing with her." My wife is passive bi at this point, but I think she can be turned. I like to think that once she gets into it and gets more exposure with women that this could change and that she'd be willing to reciprocate or play a little with her too. So far, it's just been one woman who has played with her. The ideal situation would be either a bi submissive, service-oriented woman to serve both of us and who enjoys being dominated OR an experienced, teacher-type, perhaps on the more dominant side herself to guide my wife sexually alongside me. Both types would work.

"You like girl-girl play don't you?", I asked her.

"I just think it's nasty....Yes."

We talked about gangbangs, too. How she liked watching those videos and how she'd like being surrounded by 3-4 men, the center of attention, as they used her, played with her and fucked her.