Thursday, February 15, 2007

87 Days

15 February, Thursday - A Silent Drive into Work. It appears to have taken only 87 days for things to revert back to how they were with my wife and I. It was November 18 last year when we sat down and had our conversation about our marriage and more specifically about our sex life. It was that day that we came to agreement, specifically about including others in our bed. The sex we had together for the next 60 days was good - in fact, it was incredible. I watched my wife turn into an unbelievably sexy and lusty woman, we were having sex a couple times a day, oftentimes with her cumming more than once (unusual for her). She would IM me sexy messages, telling me how horny she was, often masturbating for me as she texted me. She would explore explicit websites alone or with me or look at erotic photos or videos we have on the computer. Our conversations would be sexual - she would talk with me about her being shared, she would ask me how I wanted her to be used and given to others. She would make a daily effort to dress sexily and feminine - she looked hot each day.

The only thing that seems to have survived is how she dresses. She still makes an effort to wear sexy clothes and look good, although not as much or as often. We've stalled out.

Our next datenight is two Saturday's from now. I gave her the responsibility to go online and purchase the tickets to a Pleasurezone party. We'll see how that goes.