Monday, March 24, 2008

The Month (or so) in Review...

It's been a while since my last post...I've been somewhat busy, haven't had much time to blog, but I do keep notes, mental & otherwise, on the goings on. Time to just catch up with a little recap of things. Nothing too notable to report.

22 March, Saturday.
Some Time Alone - We had gone out to dinner last night since we didn't have the kids. Had good sex when we got home, with my wife cumming while riding my cock as I described how G was going to use her pussy and body. In the afternoon, we started watching an x-rated movie. My wife had removed her pants and was spread for me on the couch as we watched. It was a D&S movie. I pulled out the paddle, clips, crop, and several dildos. I pulled and tugged on her clit ring. "I like it when you pull on my clit like that" she whispered to me. I started spanking her pussy and clit using the paddle as well as the crop which she loves. Her pussy quickly got very wet.

She told me Monday she has a waxing appointment. I reminded her about showing up with the balls inside her pussy. I met with a some resistance. Also, reminded her about encouraging the woman to touch or play with her pussy by spreading wider, grinding her ass/hips, or letting out a little moan when she touches and manipulates her pussy. "Yes" she said.

We were watching a hot girl-girl scene of a submissive brunette enthusiastically eating out another dark haired dominant - she was using her entire mouth and lips to eat the pussy in front of her, much like one would eat a soft, juicy, over ripened piece of fruit. "You're going to have your pussy eaten just like that." I told my wife as I mauled her pussy. "You're finding someone for me, right?" I told her I wanted it to be another married wife just like her, a hotwife, a soccer-mom....someone who would come over regularly to suck and play with her while the kids were in school and the husbands were at work...someone to fill her pussy with dildos and plugs.

I put clips on my wifes pussy lips and then pulled her clit ring to extend her clit before putting the last clip directly on her clit. She held my arm tightly as I then manipulated the clips, pulling and stretching her lips and playing with her distended clit. She was enjoying being used this way and had that glazed-over look of lust in her eyes. She would look down at her pussy just to see her clipped clit and her clipped nipples and then look directly into my eyes - her eyes full of desire - her gaze was a look that asked 'What will you be doing to me next?' She was in this 'zone' that she gets in when she is extremely aroused. She loves it when I dominate her and use her body, her pussy, ass, and breasts in any way I desire. The look on her face and in her eyes is unmistakable. The longer I extend the manipulations, the more 'out-of-body' she gets and the harder she cums.

I continued to play with and use her - spanking her breasts and pussy, slapping her clit, pulling and manipulating her lips, fingering and kissing her until suddenly she started cumming. It was sooner than I wanted her to, but she bucked and convulsed as her eyes half closed. Her pussy contracted and throbbed under my hand as she came.

21 March, Friday. "Who have you been thinking about having as a lover?" I asked. "G and B2"
She hadn't mentioned B2 in sometime. She had felt they connected last summer and thought there was an attraction on his part towards her as well. "I saw him today a few days ago. I emailed him, too" As she rode me cowgirl, she said " I think G still wants me, he just hasn't tried anything with me."

17 March, Monday.
I was telling her how sexy she's been looking as the weather has been warming up outside, dressing in tight fitting tops and showing more skin. She has felt more sexy, especially since she has been exercising and dropping one or two sizes. "I can't wait until summer...after I am done with being [in a high visibility position within the community]...then I can show off more" She told me how she likes it when men (and women) undress her with their eyes.

14 March, Friday.
As we fucked and as I was telling her how ready her pussy was for a thick cock to stretch and split her..."Have you found someone for me?" I told her I had been checking the swinglifestyle website where we are members.

12 March, Wednesday.
G called her today. My wife had called him yesterday to talk about something. They chatted a little then G mentioned to my wife that they still haven't gotten together for 'coffee or whatever' yet. It was an early day at school for the kids she told him, otherwise she would have time to get together with him. I was home asleep at the time he called. I'd later remind her that she needed to tell him that Mondays and Tuesdays were her 'home alone' days, the days when I would be at work during the daytime and she would be available to play. He asked where I was and she told him I was asleep in the next room - he couldn't have gotten off the phone fast enough - he quickly told her he had to go. She told him it was OK, that she could leave to meet him or walk into another room or outside the house to continue to talk with him, but I think he didn't want to be on the phone with her while I was around.

I've told her many times that she needs to tell him (and any other men), that her husband knows about and approves of her extramarital activities, yet she hasn't found the courage or determination to tell G about me. I am sure it would move the process of her being with G along much quicker. I've contemplated just asking him if he's free during the week, I know he's got a flexible schedule that has him around during the daytime. I need to figure out a reasonably smooth segue in the conversation to bring up him joining us for a threesome.

05 March, Wednesday.
Great Head - G called my wife today as we were in the car. She told me afterwards that he still says 'little things' that make her think he's still interested in her. (She feels that because he hasn't made any affirmative moves since they had their 'near-hookup' on 1/29, that he is no longer interested in her - I, however, believe it's for a combination of other reasons - general cautiousness on his part, life in general (busy-ness), and the fact that my wife has not been more forward in telling him what she wants.) I assured her once again that he would be glad to take her to bed.

As is usually the case right before her period, today my wife seemed randy as she invited me to bed a couple hours later this afternoon. As I laid back on the bed, she crawled up naked next to me and started sucking my nipples, which I enjoy. She worked her way down my body slowly, kissing and sucking. When she reached my groin, she teased me even more, playing everywhere but on my thickening cock. She sucked and licked my balls, asking me if I liked it as she did. She took her time today, enjoying herself, enjoying pleasuring me. When she finally took hold of my cock, she worked it like I can't remember when - she took my cock in her hands much like a harmonica or a cob of corn and proceeded to nibble, bite and suck on my shaft causing me to moan in the process. She then gave me the best head in a long time as she sucked my cock into her mouth, gripping my shaft tightly and twisting her fist as she stroked me. She sucked harder than she normally does, creating a delicious suction.

I reached down to her pussy as she continued to pleasure me with her mouth. It was freshly waxed yesterday and felt smooth to the touch. I started fingering her and soon she got that lusty look on her face, spread her legs further apart, and told me how good it felt. I told her how much better it'd feel if it were G behind her playing with her pussy. "Yes" she replied. "Call him ...and invite him over right now" I told her. "Tell him you want him to join us" She was reluctant, mentioning that she was starting her period. "Then you can let him cum in your pussy. You can show him your waxed pussy, feel him slide his fingers inside you instead. You can be sucking your husband's cock as your lover plays inside your pussy."

She was hot now and climbed on top of me, impaled herself on my cock and ground and rode me. I grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading her as we fucked. "You still want G, don't you?" "Yes" she said. "You 'd like to feel his hands spreading your ass, wouldn't you? I know you like bigger men; wouldn't it feel good to have G draped over your back covering you with his large frame?" Again "Yes" "He can slide his cock into your pussy right next to mine."

I continued to encourage her to call G and invite him over. He was home, we had passed by his house on the way to our house just minutes before. The best I could get from her was "I'll tell him I was thinking of him [as I fucked my husband]" I encouraged her, "Tell him how you want to have two men at the same time." We continued fucking, until she tensed and started cumming. I followed immediately after, just from watching her facial expression as she came

03 March, Monday. Waxing Day. I love the feel of my wife's pussy after a fresh waxing. I asked her if she liked having the woman's hands all over her pussy. She said "I liked it when she touched my clit ring." Wow. I asked if she had played with it or pulled and tugged on it as my wife enjoys. "She asked me if she could touch it and I said it was OK." I suggested to my wife that the next time she spread wider for her, or let out a little moan when she touches her pussy or clit ring. I told my wife to tell her to just pull and tug on it at her next waxing in three weeks - to tell her that it's OK if she plays with it. My wife had told her that "my husband likes playing with it."

The waxing lady seems somewhat interested in my wife's piercing as she has asked and talked about it a few times now. My wife says she may want to get one also. She told the waxer that she likes being pierced...and waxed. She like that it's a 'secret'...that it makes her feel naughty. I encouraged her to let the waxing lady play with her pussy whenever she went for a waxing. I told my wife to wear 'the balls' inside her pussy to her next appointment.

I asked my wife if she was also waxed. She was. I suggested to my wife to ask to see her pussy next time. She was a little hesitant. I suggested the context of wanting to see what kind of design she had and how she kept any remaining pussy hair trimmed or styled.

I played with her breasts as I fucked her, squeezing and playing with her stiff nipples. "They're going to be pierced soon, too" she said about her hard nipples. "Something else to make you naughty?....another 'secret' to have?" "Yes....I'm cumming!"

01 March, Saturday. A Night Out. We had a night out attending a fundraising event. After the event my wife wanted to go out with some of the women for a nightcap at a local bar. I told her to go ahead as I was tired. I enjoy seeing her go out with her friends, without me, having a good time. She drove with her friend B. We talked some when she got home. She told me how she felt and looked sexy tonight. I asked her if anyone had noticed her tonight. She told me that one of the men at the bar (who also happened to have been at the prior event) asked her if she could show up at an event he was hosting and 'just sit there and look pretty' for his guests. He told her she could wear a push-up bra. My wife liked the attention. She said she found R attractive (a second man who was also at the event) I told her that she should start dressing sexy for him every week, showing herself off to him (since she will be seeing him weekly for the next few months). I asked if she had been making eye contact with him and did she think he was attracted to her. She thought he was checking her out and mentioned how he leaned in close to her when speaking to her.

I told her how I liked it when she goes out with her girlfriends (& flirts with other men). She said she likes that I let her go out or be independent from me while we're out together in a social setting, but felt guilty about leaving me. I told her that I just want her to check in with me from time to time, but that I enjoy just watching her interact with others...keeping an eye on her from a distance. She's such a 'people person', very outgoing and draws others to her.

29 February, Friday. A Quick Call - G called today. I heard my wife saying "Why didn't you come up to the cabin last week?" She later told me that he said "Too much temptation up there." She had replied "Too bad, I was all alone all day on one of the days." Somehow the line got disconnected in the middle of their conversation, but she texted him a message: "I like being thought of as a temptation."

21 February, Thursday. Away on Vacation. We woke in the middle of the night, both feeling frisky. Something about being away in a strange bed that turns me on - I get extremely horny when staying in hotels or other foreign beds. I was alternating between fucking and eating her, finally cumming inside her. She hadn't cum and I went down on her again, using both hands on her ass while pushing both my thumbs into her pussy. She pushed hard against my hands and came hard.

We woke the the next morning to find her pussy still slippery and soaked from my licking and my cum. I told her how much I had enjoyed sucking her pussy as I began fucking her again. It had been a very passionate session with her squirming all over the bed and pressing into my mouth and hands. She told me how nice it had been. I enjoyed going down on her again after I had cum in her pussy. I told her how I was going to have Mary (a woman we have been in contact with about servicing us) clean her out like that after I came inside her pussy, just like I had done a few hours earlier. My wife really liked this and started to really grind her pussy and ass beneath me. I told her how I was going to force Mary's mouth onto my wife's pussy and make her suck my cum out as she licked and cleaned I'd grab her by the hair and push her face into my wife's cum-filled pussy, forcing her to eat her. Suddenly, my wife cried out "I'm cumming, baby!" and convulsed. I continued to fuck her until I emptied another load into her.

15 February, Friday. 'The Rules' - She was in bed reading a book she had recently bought called The Rules. I've heard of it before - a book about the rules for a woman looking to land herself a man - to find someone to marry. I had been with her when she bought the book but wasn't really paying attention to the title. I asked her, "Who did you get that for? Me? or for lovers?" "Lovers" she replied. "To help you find a lover?" Again, "Yes". "I like that - it turns me on" I replied. "I know it does"

Later we were talking about our upcoming trip to the cabin. "Invite him up to the cabin with us" I told my wife. We were talking about G, having him come up for a few days with his daughter for some skiing. We both felt it would be a good location to have them 'consumate' their relationship. (I ended up calling him on the 17th and left a message inviting him to stay with us - I ended the message, "I know my wife wants to have you up there")

13 February, Wednesday G called today. We had been fucking and she didn't answer her phone. I had been reading a book on infidelity and marriage and struck up a conversation as we lay in bed. She told me that she found it strange that I want her to tell her potential lovers that I know of and approve of her activities. I replied that if it was just her and a one night stand or single hook up, that it wouldn't really make too much difference to me, although it'd turn me on knowing that she told them about being married and cheating. However, with friends or acquaintances it would be awkward for/to me if they were fucking my wife and did NOT know that I was aware of and approved. It'd be too weird for both her lovers as well as for me hanging or being around each other if they believed I was in the dark about it - it'd make my relationship with them awkward or sneaky. That is why for her to start fucking G, I think it's best to start off by inviting him for a threesome with us - the dynamic would be different, he'd probably feel more at ease with me knowing and involved - then if everything went well, she could continue to fuck him on the side when I am not home.