Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Pink Balls

21 January, Sunday - The Pink Balls. Gave my wife some two-fingered anal training this morning. She asked me to pick something out for her to wear inside her pussy today during an outdoor function we would be attending. She said she was going to tell her friend M that she went out with her pussy filled. She was going to tell M how she liked that I would know her pussy was filled as she spoke to and flirted with other men. I told her that the next time she and M went out, for my wife to tell M that she was going to wear a dildo inside her and to invite M to do the same. I want my wife to tell M that it was me who suggested they both go out with their pussies filled. I like the idea of M taking some sexual direction from me, alongside my wife.

My wife wanted to know who I wanted her to talk or flirt with today while she was filled. I gave her the names of a few men who I felt were attracted to her. I chose a pair of small pink rubber weighted balls which she inserted into her pussy and wore all day.

In the end, though, she said they really didn't do anything for her - that she really couldn't feel them or the weights rolling around inside the balls. They went into the garbage.

She did tell me today that she wanted me to find a couple to give her a sensual four-handed massage.

Friday, January 19, 2007


19 January, Friday - A Crack In the Ice. We had a discussion, a tiff over her defiant attitude today and her ignoring me on a sexual matter. We talked about the need for her sexual obedience, her giving up control and trusting me - about her submission. We disagreed about whether or not she was following my instructions - she feels that she has been doing so, while I don't.

We talked about taking the next real steps towards her TRULY becoming a shared wife, towards being owned, completely submitting herself to me with regards to who, when and where she fucks - about her being loaned and shared with other men, women or couples as I desire. I've assured her that I am not attempting to turn her into a whore, but this IS about her becoming a HOTWIFE. She is not ready for this...YET....despite her agreeing to submit to being owned by me at the end of December. It is a very big step, for sure, but she will need to trust in me and know that I will take care of her. It is important for us to be taking consistent, progressive steps towards her submission and being shared.

Erotic massage by a woman or couple seems to be the easiest and most comfortable first step. She enjoyed the massage I gave her on her last birthday - the pretty, petite woman gave her almost two hours of massage before bringing her to orgasm. She likes the idea of a four-handed massage given by an attractive couple; of having her body worked over by two sets of hands.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Lunchtime Speedfuck

18 January, Thursday. Speedfuck - I love it when my wife pulls the area above her pussy up tight for me when I'm licking her pussy, exposing and stretching her clit and swollen lips. It makes it look so inviting.

My wife came home today at lunchtime for a 'speedfuck'. As I fucked her, I mentioned that an email that came in from one of the male board members, one that she has told me she finds sexually attractive. She had asked him about whether he'd be interested in pairing with her on a project. He had replied affirmatively. She appeared very excited when I told her this, especially when I asked her if she wanted him, 'B', to fuck her. She moaned a "Yes" and started to fuck back enthusiastically. I wanted her to flirt with him, wanted her to seduce him and to allow herself to be seduced by him, to show herself off to him. She was to let him know, subtly or not so subtly that she was a shared wife - that her husband controlled who she fucked and when. I described how it would be when she finally pulled down his shorts for the first time exposing his thickening cock. "Fuck me!" she said as she looked me in the eyes...she came less than a minute later.

I wanted her to go back to work and whisper into a coworkers ear how she had just been fucked by her husband, how she had just had her pussy filled with cum, and how she had just had her pussy licked and sucked. I think she liked this naughty thought, but unfortunately there's no one at work she can do this with...yet.

Monday, January 15, 2007

"Looking at eggplants. Any thoughts?"

15 January, Monday. 1st day off her period - She was pulling, stretching, squeezing, and handling my balls, since I'd told her how much I enjoyed it. As she held my balls, she said she wanted me to think of all the other objects that she could put inside her pussy. We had been talking about vegetables - cucumbers, eggplants and other cock shaped edibles that she could stuff into her pussy. Yesterday, she had IM'd me from the grocery store "Looking at eggplants. Any thoughts?"

I mentioned a shampoo bottle I had seen in the shower. It was thick and tall. I asked her what objects she had thought of. "The large black flashlight" she replied. I'd keep my eyes open for objects for her to stuff inside her pussy. She had seen a video of a woman fucking herself with a banana and suggested that. A small baseball bat. Corn. A bottle. She wanted to have a night where she would put all these objects into her pussy. I'd take photos of her filled pussy.

I wanted her to reenact the day after Christmas, when she was home alone watching videos and fucking herself with a dildo. I wanted to see her impale herself on it as it sat on the chair, her lifting herself up and down onto it. I wanted to see her fucking herself with it as she stood, masturbating her clit with her other hand, just as she had described to me via IM that day.

I instructed her to make sure she does her kegel excercises. I told her that I wanted to know whenever she thought of other objects that she wanted inside her pussy. Continuing on, from now on she was to tell me or IM me (if we were apart) whenever: she was feeling horny/sexual, she touched herself (I actually want her to ask permission to touch her pussy), someone flirted with her, she flirted with someone, someone told her how good or sexy she looked, she found someone sexually attractive, she looked at sexy videos or pictures on the computer, and whenever she had a sexual thought period.

She immediately volunteered that she had looked at videos and pictures last night while I was at work. She had watched one of a girl stuffing herself with various objects in front of a large group of mostly men (perhaps this is where she got the idea for our topic of conversation). She liked watching the women on the videos imagining that it could be her doing those things. I told her that she'd soon be doing all those things, that she was on her way, being transformed into a sexy hotwife. She had watched all the fisting videos - her favorites.

My wife asked me to pick out something for her to fill her pussy with - she'd keep it inside her today while we were out. A hot thought. I love the thought of introducing her to someone, or her just standing next to someone talking to him/her knowing her pussy is filled. She delivered the killer blow when she said "Maybe at the next board meeting [she'd attend with her pussy filled]" I could only moan deeply. She is easily the most attractive woman on the board and I love the idea of the men on the the board lusting after my wife. She got so turned on as I described to her how I wanted to share her with all the men on the board - in a gangbang. She said "I wish they all wanted me" I assured her that they did. I'd send her to stand in the center of the room as they walked up to her and undressed her, feeling her up the entire time. They would lay my wife on the table having their way with her as I watched approvingly. She came, eyes closed, thinking of being wanted in this way by them. I'll start thinking of what she'll put into her pussy for the next meeting.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Rough Night

7 January, Sunday 0530am - A rough night for me. As I told my wife a week ago on datenight, I often think about her unfaithfulness, about her having been with other men sexually since we've been together. Although two of them were when we were just dating, I still think of them as well. I suppose what (still) hurts me most is the accompanying emotional connection that she had with them (at least the 2 that she was with while we were married), the fact that she sought emotional as well as sexual solace/connection with them. I had been thinking about it all night long at work.

I don't purposely attempt to dwell on it, but from time to time the thoughts creep in and are difficult to shake. Past images of my wife - her soon-to-be lover leaning forward to kiss her at the bar, the beginning of her affair; of her making plans with her lover for him to come home with her or for her to go to his house to fuck after work; my wife climbing into the back seat of the car with her ex-boyfriend and crawling on top of him as she grinds her pussy against his leg.

It's the premeditation, the sneaking, the planning of her trysts, the deception - looking me in the eye as if nothing was wrong, the possibility of me having talked to her on the phone just as she was leaving work to get fucked and her knowing this the entire time as she spoke to me, or being greeted by her as I came home from work as if nothing were amiss despite her lover having cum inside or on her pussy not much more than an hour earlier.

The other two men happened when we were just dating, but we were dating. One was someone who was in a karate class she was taking at the time. She didn't know him that well, by her own admission, but the image of her following him into his house knowing she was going to be fucked still bothers me. I actually remember the time around when this happened - we were dating and I guess things were not going well with us, because we made a specific date to go out to dinner to talk about things. After we ordered, she proceeded to tell me that she was falling in love with this 'karate guy'. I will never forget the feeling I felt when I heard those words. I was devastated.
She told me it was because he paid attention to her. I was obviously upset and wanted to leave immediately. Our food arrived and I paid the bill, we got up and walked out leaving the food untouched. I don't remember exactly what happened afterwards, but obviously we worked things out. It is only now, many years later, that I realize that she had most likely already fucked him by the time of that conversation. Ow. She told me that it was only once, but it still hurts.

The same goes for her only black lover, whom she also slept with as we were dating. A friend of hers from high school , I can visualize her showing up at his house with the expectation and knowledge that he would soon be mounting her and shoving his black cock inside her pussy. She says she went over to fuck him a 'few times'. I don't know what a 'few times' means really.

She and I have talked about this a few times since she disclosed all this to me in November. Each time she has told me they were all a long time ago and that I should forget about them - but I can't - for me these indiscretions are only little over a month old and still very fresh in my mind. She reassures me that she chose me in the end (and presumably I should be happy), but I sometimes still hurt from what she's done. Hurt AND oddly aroused by it - imagining her being fucked and pleasured by another man while we were together and without my knowledge - taboo and out of character for her (or so I thought). I am most turned on by this thought: that something I had considered to be so 'unlike her' - cheating on her husband - she has me. Three of these men were on 'my watch' - not a happy thought.

This is the same thing that fascinates me about people in general - their outward persona and appearance versus their hidden personality, their sexual dark side. It seems that we never really know people, not even our spouses...not really.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

"Do you want me to have a lover?"

6th January, Saturday - "It feels like so long since you've played with my pussy". 9:00am I hadn't had her since late Thursday night. Not that long really, but with all the fucking and playing we've been doing lately, it did seem like the distant past to me as well.

She did something different to my cock this morning as we played with each other under the sheets. It felt so good, but I didn't know exactly what she was doing to me. She had never done this before. I imagined that she had learned some new technique from a lover of hers. That it was some trick he had taught my wife that she had brought home to our bed. Of course, she did not have a lover in reality, but asked "Do you want me to have a lover?". We had talked and fantasied a number of times before. I did want it. The thought of her bringing another man into our bed while I was away turns me on immensely. She'd done it before - when she had her affair - her coworker/lover fucking her in our bed while I was working late.

She wanted to have a lover that I sent to her. A lover that I had arranged to fuck and use my wife. He would be known to both of us and I would control both her and her lover. I would just tell her to expect someone and she would be home waiting in anticipation for the doorbell to ring. She wanted to be naked when she answered the door for her lover. I wanted her in heels only. I described another scenario wherein I would leave the front door unlocked and her in bed. I would telephone a lover, tell him I wanted my wife fucked, give him our address and tell him the front door would be unlocked. I would then call my wife and inform her of my arrangement - she would wait in bed, ready to fuck and suck when he arrived. He would enter our home to find my wife naked, wet and spread for him in our bed. She could telephone me as she was with her lover, describing how he was using her, what he was doing to her pussy real time or she could describe how she was fucked after I arrived home.

I wanted her naked in heels and on her knees sucking her lovers cock.soon after he walked in. I visualized his overflowing load of cum dribbling from my wife's mouth. I wanted her lover to fill her pussy with his cum as well. "My lover will cum two times in me then?" she asked rhetorically. "Do you want me to leave his cum in my pussy until you get home?" , "Do you want to fuck my pussy with his cum inside me?" Very hot thoughts both of them. I do like the idea of her leaving her lover's cum inside her and her showing me how much he filled her with. Very naughty. I love the image of my wife being fucked bareback and letting another man cum deep inside her ripe, unprotected pussy.

She wanted to know how many lovers I wanted her to have. I told her I wanted many for her - I wanted her to have a variety of lovers. A stable of hung studs that I could send home to fuck her whenever I wanted to.

As much as her allowing my wife to take a lover(s) without my knowledge or consent turns me on - very naughty and taboo, like her affair was - I am not sure how or if I could deal with it, since in my mind having a lover or an affair, implies a relationship of some sort, likely emotional, over an extended period of time on an ongoing basis. Of course, that is what give it the edginess, the out- of-control excitement - that familiarity with another man, the risk of a relationship developing, the sneaking around, the wife-as-cheater aspect all add to the taboo-ness of it. Arranging lovers for her, controlling the encounters, and dictating the terms is best for us now.

Later this year she'll stop working and starts staying at home during the day, maybe then I'll allow her and arrange for a lover to keep her pussy busy while I am gone.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lycanthropy, Lunchtime & Lockup

3rd January, Wednesday - A very odd feeling. 9pm. Sitting with her, lightly playing with her, but she clearly not in the mood. I started feeling very oddly sexual. Difficult to describe what I was feeling, but I was feeling overly dominant, wanting to get extremely nasty. I felt an urgent need to use my wife as a fuck toy, as my personal slut - not lovingly, but roughly and dominantly. I desired her complete submissiveness. I looked her intensely in the eye and told her I wanted to see her fucked and used good by another man. I couldn't explain to her why I was suddenly feeling this way and I think she became alarmed or at least concerned. I didn't get rough with her, but kissed her aggressively. She masturbated me as I straddled her and she even offered herself to me to fuck. I declined, not wanting to say or do something too rough, dominating or humiliating to her, despite my intense desire to USE her tonight. I left to go to work instead. It'd be safer and wiser. I felt like an animal. Like I was in a sexual frenzy. It felt as if I was turning into a werewolf and my desire to leave the house before something bad happened was like the werewolf characters we've seen in movies, who warned friends to lock them in a cage or basement, chain him up or just leave so he would not hurt them when he turned into a werewolf. Weird I know. Can't explain it. Have never felt this way to this degree. I did go workout a few hours earlier - too much testosterone maybe?

4th January, Thursday
- A Quickie. She came home for lunch. I had just awoken when she arrived. She knelt next to the bed, threw back the covers and proceeded to take my hardening cock into her mouth. My wife looked very sexy on her knees, still dressed, bent at the waist, ass stuck out, lips stretched over and servicing my cock. I wanted to suck her pussy. She removed her pants an straddled my face. I reached up and spread her ass cheeks as she pushed her pussy onto my tongue. I could feel her mouth bobbing up and down the full length of my cock. - it felt so good. It was lunchtime though, and she only had 30 minutes to play. She flipped around and straddled my cock. She was wearing a low cut black sweater and she reached in with 1 hand to arrange her breasts to display more cleavage, which she knows I love seeing. She looked incredibly hot , riding me with her breasts so exposed. I told her how I was going to send her back to work with a pussy full of cum; how her coworkers would have no idea that just minutes earlier she was filled with cock and now she was working side by side with them, her pussy dripping cum. She was highly aroused by this thought and fucked me harder as I told how naughty it felt to know SHE was home sucking cock & being fucked while her coworkers (all women) were sitting innocently in the lunchroom unaware of her activities.

I could not hold out long. Seeing the lusty look on her face and hearing her moan as I held and spread her ass cheeks, sent me over the edge. She hadn't cum and as she climbed off me, she looked down at my still semi erect cock flopped on my stomach completely covered with her juices and my fresh cum. She just let out a loud moan "Ohhhhhhhhh" as she stared at my cum covered cock. She threw herself onto her back next to me, spread herself, while her hand immediately went to work on her cum filled pussy. She came less than one minute later and bolted out the front door soon thereafter.

9:00pm - I'd been playing with her pussy as we talked about me putting her into a chastity belt. She had pulled her pussy taut, forcing her clit into the open. I rubbed it lightly. "Why do you want me to wear a chastity belt?" She had expressed how she liked the idea of wearing one just a few days earlier, so I wasn't sure why she was asking. Was she wanting me to truly detail the reasons pragmatically, or did she just want me to express it to her as a dom to a submissive, exerting my control over her as I did. I wanted her locked up to keep her from pleasuring herself with my permission as well as to keep anyone from fucking her or playing with her pussy. As I slid my cock into her pussy, I told her how I was going to lock her up before I'd leave for work. "Are you going to lock up my pussy everyday before you go to work?" she asked. I wanted her pussy locked up at work I wanted her pussy locked up when she went out with her girlfriends. I would openly display or carry the key and whenever asked what it unlocked, would tell them the key was for my wife's locked up pussy - for her chastity belt.

Suddenly, she said "Would you want me to wear it to a board meeting?" I could only moan deeply. This was the ultimate turn on for me and she knew she had hit the hot button with me. My cock hardened. Just a day ago we fucked passionately as I told her how several male board members had been looking her over and oogling her during a board meeting. Now she was suggesting her pussy be locked up as we attended a board meeting. I'd set the key to her belt on the table in front of us with only she and I knowing what it would unlock. I began cumming when she asked me if I wanted her to show the men her chastity belt, her locked up pussy. She came shortly thereafter, once again at her own hand.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hair, Nails & Board Members

2 January, Tuesday - Hair & Nail Day. 0800am Played this morning with her ass, not inside but all around the crinkled ridges of her asshole and that area between her pussy and her asshole. I was fingering her at the same time. She had a hair appointment with her girlfriend M today. I instructed her to a) share 1 intimate thing with her; b) use one of the phrases "My husband likes me to______", or "My husband makes me_________" with M today; c) dress sexily; d) go work out; e) write a journal entry. I denied her orgasm. She kept desperately placing my hand on her pussy and forcing it down and moving it onto her clit. I had worked her up and she wanted her finish. I stopped and started repeatedly, she was on her back, moving her spread legs up and down as if she were riding a bronc and spurring its shoulders. When I continued to deny her my hand, she attempted to adjust the sheet so it would touch and rub against her clit, as she had done a few days earlier. She'd be allowed to cum after she completed her instructions for the day.

I got a text message as I was waiting my turn to get my haircut with M. My wife had spoken to M earlier about having her pussy area waxed. I had told my wife that I could do it for her and since M's husband does it for her, M said she would show us how to do it properly. Her message said for me to work out a date & time for her to show us. I talked to M, who asked if we wanted to go to her place or ours, but apparently there needs to be 10 days worth of growth to do it right and she shaved 4 days ago, so we're a week out. This sounds very erotic, my wife spread wide for me and her sexy friend who's never seen her pussy and me working between her thighs as M gives instructions. Erotic, I guess, until I have to rip. The 1st time would be the worst as far as pain went. M suggested that it be tried on me so I would empathize. I told her that I had nothing to wax, that my pubic area is shaved. I liked telling this to her. While talking about pain, I told M that my wife was pierced. She seemed a little surprised that my conservative wife would have done it, but also seemed to think it was cool.

My wife had also messaged me that they had talked about vibrators, porn, and Good Vibrations store. M mentioned this to me also, mentioning that she & my wife were talking about going to vibrator stores or porn palaces and how my wife was embarrassed about going into them. M said she was the touchy-feely kind of shopper when it came to vibrators and needed to handle them etc...It certainly sounded like she was volunteering to go with my wife to a store when she suggested that she might like going with another woman. Apparently, they had been talking about looking for or wearing a remote control vibrator. I told her that we had one, but she wanted one that was truly remote - wireless. M told me how nice it would be wearing & using one at work. I was just about to tell M about how my wife had a small dildo stuffed inside her pussy the last time they were out together having dinner & drinks, when the subject abruptly changed. My wife would tell me later tonight that she had wanted to tell her the same thing, but the subject changed on her too. She said I could be the one to tell her. M mentioned she & her husband had had a good sex night last night and that they had gone to rent a porn movie that ended up terrible. I told her we had some that she was welcome to borrow anytime. I think my wife offered to burn some XXX movies from the computer for her as well. I was erotic to have M sharing something intimate with us/me - nice to have it go both ways.

After returning from a board meeting for a non-profit that we are board members for, we started playing again and talking about the days events. I mentioned to her how men on the board were looking her up and down as she got up and walked to the door at one point in the evening. She denied it saying she didn't see anyone looking at her. She denies this every time I tell her this, but she isn't the one looking for other's reactions to her - I am. I get off on knowing that other men, women or couples are oogling my wife, lusting after her, or mentally undressing her. I also mentioned to her how I had enjoyed the intimate sharing with M and hearing about her movie/fuck night. I told her I wanted her to share how much her pussy has been played with lately and about the day that I played with her for hours and hours without letting her cum - the day she agreed to be owned and submissive. I asked her which of her girlfriends she thought would enjoy or be turned on most knowing that she was owned - M or B - and she told me B. Then she mentioned that B had called today wanting to know how our datenight in SF went last Thursday. B wanted to go out again with my wife which is OK with me. My wife confirmed that M did want to go out with her to look at vibrators, perhaps the wireless remote wearable type, maybe on their next girls night out. She said she preferred Good Vibrations to any porn store.

She woke me at 0600am the 3rd when she rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs, face down, ass up - her 'come-play-with-me' position. I licked her and fucked her from behind. I then got out the KY and told her I wanted to get more fingers into her pussy. I eventually worked my thumb into her ass as I slid 3 fingers in & out of her pussy. It was another 'anal training' day and I now worked a finger and thumb into her ass. She asked me if I had been awake, because I was so ready when she went face down. I told her that I had, that I kept waking up because I had been thinking of all the board members in the room last night who were oogling her body as she walked. I also told her how the men sitting outside the Starbucks stopped and turned to watch her as she crossed the street as I waited for her on the other side, earlier during the day. I enjoy watching her from a distance, watching her sexy walk, watching others reactions to her sexy body, and watching her sexy eyes and smile light up as she talks to people. She loves knowing and hearing from me that other men lust after her body. She moaned as I told her what I had witnessed. I told her the board member seated next to me, a man whom she finds attractive, was taking in her uncovered legs, ankles, heels. She had been wearing 3/4 length blue jeans, with very attractive heels, her anklets hung sexily on her tanned and well turned ankle as she sat with her legs crossed. I told her of another member sitting across from us whom I caught admiring her exposed legs. She said she also caught him staring at her. I fucked her ass with my thumb and forefinger as I rubbed her clit with my other hand underneath her. She humped back, moving her ass up and down forcing my fingers in and out.

The conversation again drifted to her girlfriends. I told her how much I enjoyed that our friend M talked so intimately to both of us. It feels like a sexy intimate triangle to me. As close, perhaps, to actually being physically intimate with her girlfriend as I'll get. She asked me if I thought M enjoyed the intimate sharing as well or if I thought it turned her on to hear about us. I think she does like knowing us in this way. I could feel her sphincter relaxing. Her asshole was an open hole now with two fingers inside it, it wasn't just clinging tightly to my fingers as usual. We were making progress.

I told her that I thought B would be turned on if she told he she was being anally trained. She thought I said M and thought M was more dominant. M probably does have more sexual experience than B. My wife said she could see M being the one wearing the strap on and B being the one being fucked by her. I agreed. It would be hot to watch M fucking B strapped as I filled my wife's ass on the same bed. We both moaned at that visual. She said M would want the type of dildo/strapon that would insert into her pussy simultaneously, doubleheaded so she would get fucked herself as she was fucking B. I asked if M had one of those type dildos. They had only talked about vibrators, not dildos...YET, my wife said.

With a little more KY, I inserted a 3rd finger into her ass. Unprecedented. She'd never had 3 fingers stretching her ass. I don't even think she'd ever had 2 inside her ass until her anal training just two days ago. She groaned and said "You've had your fingers in my ass for four straight days now". She was up to 3 fingers. She would take my cock soon.

She wanted fingers in her pussy as well. I obliged her - 3 in her ass, 2 in her pussy and the heel of my palm pressed against her clit. I whispered "If only they (the board members who'd been looking her over last night) could see you now, face down with fingers filling your ass and pussy". The bucking and humping started. "If only they knew how nasty my sexy wife was being just hours after they had seen her" I whispered their names as I told her how they would watch my naked wife's anal training. She came hard as I dug my fingers deep into both her holes.

Dec 30th through New Years - Recap

December 30, Saturday - 03:30am "I have to tell you something" - She said to me as we were playing. "B told me again what nice legs I have" (B had told her this on an earlier occasion which surprised my wife then as well). "She also told me I had nice breasts, perfect size" She had gone out with B on Tuesday and we had talked that same night. She had not mentioned this to me. She had also told B that I found her really attractive, that I thought she was HOT, as my wife put it. I had told my wife a week ago that I wanted her to tell B that I thought she was sexually attractive - that I wanted her to know how I felt about her. She did well. I don't know why she waited to tell me though. She told me what B had said as I had my thumb inside her pussy and a finger stuffed inside her ass, working both in and out. We continued talking about her sexy friend. She had recommended to B to toss all her frumpy clothes and start wearing clothes that accentuate her body and specifically her breasts. My wife had gotten these two ideas from a book I had given her a couple of months ago called......................I had given it to her so she could effect some of the suggestions in the book to enhance and bring out her sexuality/sensuality. I told her to give B the book to read in order for her to start feeling sexy again. I told my wife to help B, to follow up with her. I also told my wife that the next time B complimented her breasts, legs or any other part of her body, for my wife to respond positively in a way that draws out more from B, to get her to elaborate or share more intimately with my wife. I will instruct my wife to tell B that I have talked with her about fucking her.

December 31, Sunday
- New Years Eve Morning 03:30am. She had not been allowed to cum all day long on Saturday and she awoke when I arrived. She immediately spread her legs for me as I got into bed. I told her how pleased I was with her first Hotwife Journey entry as I touched her pussy. I had read it while at work more than once, getting aroused each time. She was so hot and desperate to cum that when I mounted her, she fucked me back crazed with lust. I'd not seen her so desperately wanting to fuck. She fucked back wildly, thrusting up against my cock, grinding against me, spreading her thighs and ass cheeks with both hands, pulling them back and allowing me to go DEEP into her soaked pussy. Ragged breathing, gasping, and hoarse panting came from her open mouth with every deep thrust. Coupled with the sounds of slapping flesh, her cries drove me to fuck her as hard and as deep as I could.

As we fucked, we talked about her girlfriend B. I wanted my wife to shepherd her sexually. I wanted her to go out with B, but for my wife to call her ahead of time to tell B that she planned on dressing sexily, and for her to tell B to do the same - revealing blouse, no bra, short skirt, etc... I wanted both sexy women to be out flaunting themselves in public. I wanted them to both flirt, to strut confidently into a bar together in their revealing clothing and heels, turning heads as the did. Since I started talking with my wife intimately about B, I have found myself wanting to influence her girlfriends sensuality as I do with my wife. The idea of exerting even a small amount of control or domination over B was arousing to me. The fact that it would be done by proxy, through my sexy wife, made the idea all the more exciting. I wanted my wife to help her with her wardrobe, shop with B, helping her find sexy new clothes to wear. I told my wife to tell B that 'I' wanted to see her wearing particular types or styles of clothes - low cut blouses or short skirts or for her to go braless. I wanted B to want to dress for ME, someone other than her husband, because she wanted to please me, and to submit to my desires regarding her clothing selections. My sexy wife would facilitate, telling her "My husband wants to see you wearing (or not wearing any) ________" or "My husband thinks you'd look good in ________" My wife expressed a fear of losing B as a friend. I told her to continue to sexually share herself/us with B and to slowly make the suggestive remarks to her and communicate my desires regarding her apparel options known to her - slowly.

I also told my wife I was going to share her with attractive men when I went out for drinks at bars and struck up conversations with them. I'd steer the conversation towards her, then as the conversation got more intimate, I'd mention that I had photographs of her if he wanted to view them. After sharing her, I'd give him my wife's email address so he could tell her all about how she was shared by her husband and so he would email her and tell her what he thought of her photos and body.

We awoke a few hours later to play again. After working her up, I started playing with her ass, informing her that I would be starting her on 'anal training'. I slid a finger up her ass as I explained that on a regular basis her ass was going to be used, worked, filled, and played with to prepare her to be able to handle my cock in her ass. She would be instructed on how to relax her extremely strong sphincter muscle to accommodate my finger(s), plugs, dildos and then ultimately my hard cock. She moaned at the idea of being anally trained. She was so worked up. I told her " You're allowed to play with yourself for 15 seconds" She immediately brought her hand to her pussy and rubbed it roughly moaning as she did. In 15 seconds I would deny her the pleasure of her own fingers. She came 9 seconds later.

January 1, Monday
- New Years Morning 03:30am. "I couldn't find a large cucumber tonight". I had instructed her a few weeks ago to find a very thick cucumber that I would use on her pussy. She had been shopping earlier in the evening for a small New Years gathering we were having. I started to touch her pussy. "It's amazing. I can't believe how much my pussy has been used lately". It was true, her pussy had never been fucked, licked, slapped, sucked, spanked as much as it had in the last month and certainly never as much as in the last 2 weeks.

We fucked and sucked and she was allowed to play with her clit. She masturbated urgently and vigorously, almost abusing her clit. She seemed to be in a hurry to cum, perhaps afraid that I would tell her to stop before she could cum. We continued to suck & fuck and she brought herself off with fingers from both my hands inside her pussy.