Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Pink Balls

21 January, Sunday - The Pink Balls. Gave my wife some two-fingered anal training this morning. She asked me to pick something out for her to wear inside her pussy today during an outdoor function we would be attending. She said she was going to tell her friend M that she went out with her pussy filled. She was going to tell M how she liked that I would know her pussy was filled as she spoke to and flirted with other men. I told her that the next time she and M went out, for my wife to tell M that she was going to wear a dildo inside her and to invite M to do the same. I want my wife to tell M that it was me who suggested they both go out with their pussies filled. I like the idea of M taking some sexual direction from me, alongside my wife.

My wife wanted to know who I wanted her to talk or flirt with today while she was filled. I gave her the names of a few men who I felt were attracted to her. I chose a pair of small pink rubber weighted balls which she inserted into her pussy and wore all day.

In the end, though, she said they really didn't do anything for her - that she really couldn't feel them or the weights rolling around inside the balls. They went into the garbage.

She did tell me today that she wanted me to find a couple to give her a sensual four-handed massage.

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