Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"I'll Share My Wife with you..."

19 December, Wednesday - My First Offer to B. My wife and I were talking this afternoon when her phone rang. It was B on the line. I was seated right next to her. "Yes, I have my black dress and red lipstick ready...Let me ask my husband, he's right here next to me". I already knew what she was referring to as I whispered to her "Tell him I'll share you with him", but she missed it and gave him a more innocent affirmative answer. They were talking about going to an event I mentioned in a recent post. As my wife was finishing her conversation with him, I reached out for the phone - "My husband wants to talk to you". I got on the line and said to B, "I'll share my wife with you, you just have to return her to me in good condition and have her home by 4am". He laughed, somewhat nervously and said a few joking words to me. I'm sure he wasn't exactly sure what to make of everything...I'm sure he wasn't expecting me to be sitting right next to my wife as he told her to get out her little black dress and red lipstick, nor expecting me to get on the phone and offer my wife to him, even as light-heartedly as I did.
I asked my wife shortly afterwards how she felt about our little three-way exchange. She replied that she was apprehensive of what I might say to him - that I might go too far. "Did I?" I asked. "A little" was her reply. I thought back to what I had thought about saying to him at that moment but didn't - 'Did you want me to send her to you without bra and panties under that little black dress?'

We"ll see how B responds.

We also talked about a few other things. Like another ground rule (or maybe a guideline at this point). We discussed how it would be best for now, that her lovers be married versus single men, the thought being that it is important for everyone involved to have something 'at stake', for everyone to be on the same footing with respect to having the same level of discretion and having something to lose. I have concerns about this - this is delicate territory we're entering into, with numerous perils and potential threats to our marriage and relationship. I want to make sure that her lovers have something on the table as well. We want to avoid anyone who would be indiscreet - anyone who'd 'talk' or share details of the relationship with others. We also want someone who already has 'a life', someone whose sole interest would be my wife - we don't want someone to become a 'pest' or 'puppy dog' - that wouldn't work.

She expressed moral concerns about sleeping with other men - married men, but feels alright with it knowing that I approve and support her being sexual outside of our marriage.

She still has concerns that B and G are not interested in her and do not or would not have an interest in fucking her. I continue to assure her that they do, based on my observations of how they interact with her and how they flirt with each other. She has reasonable concerns about being rejected by them sexually should she really be as bold as I suggest to her - unfounded, in my opinion, but reasonable concerns. No one likes to be rejected. Again, I assured her that she just needs to step a little further out of her comfort zone with regards to flirting and putting herself out there with B and G and they can be hers...or she theirs.

My wife brought up a third man, also a friend of ours, whom she said she would be interested in and finds attractive. He is also a 'B', so we'll need to call him 'B2'. We've know B2 for a few years now, but she has gotten to know him better only in the last half year or so. She feels that he is attracted to her and they get along well. She says she has flirted with him a little and would not mind being sexual with him.

She is proud to tell me that she is flirting more than ever before, which I agree with and am also proud of.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Lunch......Date?

17 December, Monday - Lunch with B. My wife was supposed to attend a meeting today along with B, one of her potential lovers. It was scheduled for 1pm. I would still be sleeping due to my work schedule. When I awoke at about 230pm , my wife was home. I asked her how her meeting had gone. She told me it had been canceled. She didn't immediately volunteer it, but told me she and B had gone to lunch instead. "B asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him" she said. She had my interest. I asked her how it went and what happened. It seemed innocent enough from what she told me.

She mentioned that he talked about his wife and how, according to my wife, their relationship did not seem like it was going too well and that he was possibly close to throwing in the towel. She told me that she mentioned to him something about me that, to me, while not outright derogatory, was non-flattering. I expressed my displeasure to her about this. As I expressed in a previous post, one of our concerns about her having lovers was the development of emotional attachments with them, leading to all kinds of potential problems. One of the ground rules we agreed to about her having lovers, was that she would not discuss our problems or other relationship issues we have with her lovers, since doing so creates special bonds that can undermine our relationship. As I said, what she shared with him wasn't really disparaging, but it wasn't something I cared to have her talking about. My wife seemed to understand what I was saying.

I asked my wife how she felt about being out alone with him. "Nervous" she said. "It seemed weird to be alone with him without my husband being there". "Were you excited by it?" I asked. She admitted that she did feel excited as well. She mentioned being concerned about how she looked [for him, presumably] and of course was concerned about having food in her teeth!

In conversation, she had mentioned to B that I was supportive of her going out with her friends and that I encouraged her to do so. I asked her if she took advantage of that line of conversation to let him know about me approving of her.... 'being out with other men' or something along those lines. She hadn't and mentioned the quick pace of the conversation as being part of the reason. I reminded her about being forward and taking advantage of opportunities to flirt boldly. As I've mentioned, I think the only thing standing between her and realizing either B or G as lovers, is their sense of decency and respect for the fact that we are married as well as friends and their lack of knowledge that I know and approve.

I probed, but he hadn't made any overt attempts at seducing, flirting or offering any 'opportunities' to my wife. I believe he is simply being cautious and moving slowly with my wife, gaging her responsiveness to him. He did offer to take our daughter with him to a local college sporting event with he and his daughter. He mentioned that he had one more adult ticket for the event to which my wife mentioned she could probably be available. We'll see if anything comes out of that.

I suggested to my wife that when she talks to him again, she should tell him 'I liked being out alone with you' and '...I'd like to do it again sometime with you'. She felt that it would be too bold for her to say to him. She suggested 'My husband wants to know where you're going to take me next time' I didn't really like it at the time, but now hours later, as I write this, it sounds OK to me.

I am contemplating giving B a call to see if I can stop by to talk to him briefly...and being fairly direct with him about my wife and him being together. The right time would be now, immediately after he's 'taken her out' to lunch. How and what things would be said would be very important. I have to think further about this.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Inch by Inch continued...

3 December, Sunday. Followup & Clarification. Yesterday, Saturday, we ended up seeing G at an event that both my wife and I were working. I saw him talking briefly to my wife at the door then I talked with him for quite a while before he left. Later, at home, my joked that she was upset that he had left without even saying goodbye to her. I asked if they had talked about her phone call to him Friday, since they really never did connect on it. She had asked him if it was him inviting her out. "I wish I had" was his reply to her. I mentioned to her that it looked like he had been losing weight; she had noticed it as well and told me that he had told her how good she looked, too.

No further conversation about it until I was at work and received a text message from my wife at about 5am. The texting started out unrelated, but wound up on the subject of lovers, G, and sex:

Me (12/2 4:22): I want to be with u, inside u again soon...i enjoyed fucking u last nite...very proud of u flirting with G yesterday. u r such a sexy woman.
Her (12/2 4:24): Thanks I get nervous
Me (12/2 4:24): I know u do...that is why I am so proud of u...overcoming your fears & inhibitions they way u did.
Me (12/2 4:27): I find it so sexy when u overcome ur fears like that...i love seeing ur confidence grow, and love seeing u be more of a risk taker.
Her (12/2 4:27): He didnt seem angry that i called but he seems like a tornado - fast
Me (12/2 4:28): How did YOU feel about everything that u did and everything that was said?
Me (12/2 4:29): Of course he wasn't are a sexy woman...and u were flirting and being forward with him.
Her (12/2 4:29): Nervous, unsure
Me (12/2 4:30): He just isn't sure yet what to do, because he & I are friends and we r all married.
Me (12/2 4:31): He's just not sure if it is innocent flirting or firting with 'real' intentions to follow thru
Her (12/2 4:31): I like flirting w people he is just quicker than me.
Me (12/2 4:32): That's why I encourage u to step out a little further than you normally feel comfortable with by saying those things I suggest to u.
Her (12/2 4:33): Seems too weird
Me (12/2 4:34): Once u make it known to him that I know and that u are really sexually attracted to him, he will feel more comfortable and then u'll very soon be able to feel his cock inside ur pussy.
Me (12/2 4:34): He just needs to know that I know, I approve and that I share you.
Her (12/2 4:35): I really would prefer u say inside u.
Me (12/2 4:36): u r almost there sweetheart...u r one or two very suggestive remarks away from having urself lover
Her (12/2 4:36): 'Will' share me
Me (12/2 4:36): Ok honey....i know u want him inside u...i know u want to feel him cumming inside u
Her (12/2 4:37): But will no longer see him
Me (12/2 4:37): R u touching urself right now?
Me (12/2 4:38): that is why it is important for u to make the most of everytime u see him
Her (12/2 4:38): No, not touching myself
Her (12/2 4:39): I am trying
Me (12/2 4:39): I'm gonna try to get together more with him and work on sharing u with him
Me (12/2 4:40): I know u r....i love seeing u do very proud of sexy
Her (12/2 4:41): Pls dont say anything more than it's ok with u
Me (12/2 4:41): All that's missing for me is that I really enjoy hearing about your feelings, fears, your perspective about your 'hotwife journey'...that's why I want u to journalize with/for me...
Her (12/2 4:43): I dont like to write
Me (12/2 4:43): I was blogging about it tonight...would love for it to be both of us, sharing both sides of the experience
Me (12/2 4:43): Is there something u are afraid I will say to him?
Me (12/2 4:46): I want u to just freeform write about all ur feelings about all this. It feels ur poetry. It let's me see/feel another side of u
Her (12/2 4:47): I dont want it to be something between u if i am having lover. i dont want u to set up
Me (12/2 4:47): I am not sure I understand what that means.
Me (12/2 4:48): Don't understand the 1st part of sentence
Me (12/2 4:49): And we've talked about me setting u up with lovers...'arranging' for u , so i'm a little confused.
Her (12/2 4:50): I would feel passed around. One time thing different than maybe a longer term affair
Me (12/2 4:52): about ur writing: I feel very close to u when u r vulnerable with me in this manner...sharing ur intimate thoughts.
Her (12/2 4:53): I know
Me (12/2 4:54): I understand, arranging/setting up is ok for one time lovers, but for long term lover and friend u prefer it not slutty or cheap
Her (12/2 4:55): You got it
Me (12/2 4:56): Sometimes I look at that notebook u started writing in the last time I asked u to write - the one u have in ur nitestand, to see if u have written anything new in it
Me (12/2 4:58): I know. I probably want the same thing - I want a special, very close, very intimate friendship with G or B with u being the center...being shared. A very special friendship.
Her (12/2 5:00): Yes, they might say 'I want to take her out, r u guys busy?'
Me (12/2 5:00): I think u started writing one paragraph, or just a couple sentences.
Her (12/2 5:01): O
Me (12/2 5:02): Hmmmm...i like the thought of that. Letting u go out with a my permission for u to be with him
Me (12/2 5:03): Or us going out together, the three of us with the knowledge or expectation that u would be leaving or going home with him and not me.
Her (12/2 5:03): I just mean that it's open I'm shared
Me (12/2 5:04): Like me handing u off to ur lover for a nite of sexual pleasure.
Me (12/2 5:06): Or ocassionally making it a threesome...making u the center of attention...DP ing u...filling u up in all three holes. Like u said, just an open relationship including another man.
Me (12/2 5:07): I like that kind of intimacy.
Her (12/2 5:08): Yes, unsure bout 3some thing with those guys
Me (12/2 5:08): Why r u unsure about that?
Me (12/2 5:10): I love talking with u like this....intimate, personal, sexual, vulnerable.
Her (12/2 5:11): Kinda like the idea that they have their time with me u have ur time
Her (12/2 5:13): We all know what is happening
Me (12/2 5:13): I understand. u will feel more uninhibited if u r alone with them...more relaxed, more able to let urself go if I am not there watching...i just get so turned on to the thought of (even secretly) seeing u completely unleashed and enoying urself with another man. U r so sexy when u let urself go in bed
Me (12/2 5:14): I understand that perspective too...threesomes would not have to be all the time...but I would enjoy it ocassionally.
Her (12/2 5:15): O i dont feel that way
Me (12/2 5:15): U don't feel what way?
Me (12/2 5:15): R u saying u would/could feel uninhibited with me there?
Her (12/2 5:16): Sexy if someone were watching
Me (12/2 5:17): so then why do you prefer me not there? Is it that u think THEY will not like it?
Me (12/2 5:18): Having 'someone' watching? Or ME watching?
Her (12/2 5:18): I think inhibited
Her (12/2 5:19): I don't think those guys will like it
Me (12/2 5:19): U think THEY will be uninhibited or YOU will be?
Me (12/2 5:19): OK, but u like it?
Me (12/2 5:21): So u'd prefer to be watched with someone who is not ur regular lover then?
Her (12/2 5:21): I will feel inhibited with u watching
Me (12/2 5:22): that's what I was saying, then u said 'o I don't feel like that' and said someone watching is sexy'...not clear to me.
Her (12/2 5:22): I dont want to b watched, but yes that would b the case
Me (12/2 5:24): So u don't want to be watched but u think being watched is sexy anyway?
Her (12/2 5:24): I said someone watching sexy? Typo sorry.
Me (12/2 5:24): Or u just don't want to be watched with G or B, but are ok with it if it is another man?
Me (12/2 5:25): Yes, u did.
Me (12/2 5:25): U know I've always wanted to watch u being fucked.
Her (12/2 5:26): I think yes probably exciting but not me
Me (12/2 5:27): I like the thought of u being MORE uninhibited while alone with a lover...that is why I like the thought of 'catching' u in the act of fucking when u didn't know I was watching....'secretly' watching u really getting off on another man's cock.
Her (12/2 5:28): I know what u want. i do not want to be watched with G or B
Me (12/2 5:29): that is why I get so turned on whenever I think of u fucking F...'cheating' on me and being uninhibited when I wasn't around.
Me (12/2 5:32): I also would like for u & me to be watched while we fuck...especially by another woman...maybe a conservative friend of yours who ends up masturbating while watching us.....maybe she catches us fucking and secretly stays and watches
Her(12/2 5:33): No friends
Me (12/2 5:35): OK. I'll let u sleep. would like to talk more like on this....would really enjoy ur writings as well...i want to include as part of our blog...makes it feel intimate with both of us writing...both sides in the blog....but mostly I just love ur intimate sharing of thoughts with me.
Her (12/2 5:36): Nite
Me (12/2 5:36): I love u baby...u r incredibly sexy and u turn me on...night.
Me (12/2 5:37): See u in 2 hrs
Her (12/2 5:37): Probably b awake
Me (12/2 5:38): Try to sleep....or masturbate urself to sleep....u have my 'permission' to cum
Her (12/2 5:39): Thank u, maybe
Me (12/2 5:40): Wish I was there to take care of u
Her (12/2 5:40): Yes
Me (12/2 5:41): Is there anytime today that we'll be alone to fuck?
Me (12/2 5:41): I want u badly right now
Her (12/2 5:42): Dont think so, sorry

I got home about two hours later, everyone was still asleep. I undressed and crawled into bed next to my wife. She spread her legs for me as I reached down to her pussy. It was so slippery and wet inside. I asked her if she had masturbated after we had finished texting a few hours earlier. She admitted that she had. She had cum and her pussy was still very well lubricated. I asked her what she was thinking about while she played with herself. "I thought about G, about being with him. I thought about him kissing me". I continued talking to her as we fucked, describing how he was going to fuck her. "I want him to want me." she told me. We talked about what he had said to her about her looking good and looking like she had lost weight. I told her what I thought she should have said to him like "I like that you noticed me", "I was hoping that you would notice" or "I enjoy looking good for you, G". Again, she told me that she had thought about replying to him like that, but unfortunately not until afterwards. I whispered to her that she was going to be able to tell her friends that she had a lover. I told her I wanted her to tell her friend B all about it, telling her how he fucks her, and that she lets him cum inside her. "You can text her" I said - 'I was just fucked by my lover. He just left. He just filled my pussy with his cum' My wife seemed to enjoy the thought of telling her friend B that her lover just left her with a pussy full of cum. She fucked back and moaned as I whispered to her all the things she would be able to tell B about her lover.

She was soaking wet, and my cock felt so good sliding in and out of her. Just as I started cumming we were interrupted by one of the kids at the door. I was past the point of no return and shot my heavy load of cum all over her pussy and thighs as I pulled out to straighten up. She had not cum, so when we resumed, I had her play with her clit as I filled her pussy with my fingers. Our wetness was everywhere, her juices mixed with my cum running down her thighs and lips. I easily slipped four fingers into her pussy as she rubbed her clit roughly. I spread her ass with my free hand and took one of my cum covered fingers and slid it into her ass. She spread her legs further, working against my fingers until she came with a shudder.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Inch by Inch...

30 November, Friday - Making progress...Inch by Inch. I received a text message from my wife early this morning - "What is G's telephone number?" I didn't know the reason she was asking for it, but I sent her his telephone number. We were going to spend the day together and I figured she would eventually tell me why she wanted it.

A couple of hours later as we were driving in the car she said, "I got a text message today that said 'P*****'s 4pm' and that's it". P*****'s is a bar and grill in town. I asked her who it was that had sent the text. "I don't know" she said, "It just displayed a phone number, not a name. I think it was S, but maybe it was G and I wanted to call him and ask him if he sent it. I was going to ask him if he was trying to get me to meet him alone". S is a girlfriend of hers and she did not have either S's or G's number stored in her phone. I asked her if she had called G to ask him if he had. "No, not yet" and mentioned something about being a little reluctant to, or nervous about following through on it. I didn't reply immediately, but thought about the possibilities and felt happy that she had come up with this on her own, without any prompting and was telling me about her thoughts and her plan. I think we both knew that the text message probably was not from G, but I I reached over, held her hand and told her how much I liked that she wanted to flirt with and tease G in this way - that it turned me on to know she was thinking of ways to seduce him.

A few hours later as we were inside Peet's having coffee, I told her to call G and ask him what she had originally intended to ask him. I suggested to her a few things to say to him - the usual ideas along the lines of '...were you trying to get me alone without my husband?' and ' husband knows about all the men I spend time alone with'. She got a little nervous about it as she took out her phone and told me she felt pressure from me about it. She was also worried that maybe G's wife would somehow end up hearing her message to him. I reassured her that I didn't think this would be the case and told her to go outside, away from me to make the call. When she walked back in, she told me she had gotten his voicemail but had left the message for him.

G ended up calling her back a little while later, unfortunately however, she missed his call and he did not leave a message for her.

I feel this was a pretty big step for her, to follow through on her thought to flirt with G in this fairly forward way. I've encouraged her often to do so and feel proud of her.

My wife had gone out with some girlfriends for the night, so I hadn't seen her since mid afternoon shortly after she had called G. We both awoke very early the next morning, my wife's pussy very wet and my cock very hard. She started playing with my cock, stroking and fondling me as I started working my fingers into her smooth pussy. She had just gotten her pussy waxed the day before, Thursday, and it felt so good under my hand. I love it when her pussy is freshly waxed like this. As I slid my cock into her, I asked her if G ever called her back again. She told me he hadn't and was afraid she had made him mad or otherwise offended him. I reassured her that he wasn't, but that he was just being conservative and cautious, unsure if the signals she was sending him were simply innocent teasing and flirting or a genuine invitation or come-on and because everyone involved is married. I reminded my wife that this was the reason she had to be more bold in what she said to him, to let him know in more direct terms that she was physically attracted to him, interested in becoming sexual with him, and that I knew of and approved of her fucking him. I told her that once he was assured that her husband, his friend approved, he would jump at the opportunity to sleep with her.

We continued to fuck as I described, as I have many times, what she needed to do to seduce him, how G was going to fuck her, and how life would be with her having G as her lover. I came deep inside her shortly after she had cum from rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

A nice bit of progress for her!