Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"I'll Share My Wife with you..."

19 December, Wednesday - My First Offer to B. My wife and I were talking this afternoon when her phone rang. It was B on the line. I was seated right next to her. "Yes, I have my black dress and red lipstick ready...Let me ask my husband, he's right here next to me". I already knew what she was referring to as I whispered to her "Tell him I'll share you with him", but she missed it and gave him a more innocent affirmative answer. They were talking about going to an event I mentioned in a recent post. As my wife was finishing her conversation with him, I reached out for the phone - "My husband wants to talk to you". I got on the line and said to B, "I'll share my wife with you, you just have to return her to me in good condition and have her home by 4am". He laughed, somewhat nervously and said a few joking words to me. I'm sure he wasn't exactly sure what to make of everything...I'm sure he wasn't expecting me to be sitting right next to my wife as he told her to get out her little black dress and red lipstick, nor expecting me to get on the phone and offer my wife to him, even as light-heartedly as I did.
I asked my wife shortly afterwards how she felt about our little three-way exchange. She replied that she was apprehensive of what I might say to him - that I might go too far. "Did I?" I asked. "A little" was her reply. I thought back to what I had thought about saying to him at that moment but didn't - 'Did you want me to send her to you without bra and panties under that little black dress?'

We"ll see how B responds.

We also talked about a few other things. Like another ground rule (or maybe a guideline at this point). We discussed how it would be best for now, that her lovers be married versus single men, the thought being that it is important for everyone involved to have something 'at stake', for everyone to be on the same footing with respect to having the same level of discretion and having something to lose. I have concerns about this - this is delicate territory we're entering into, with numerous perils and potential threats to our marriage and relationship. I want to make sure that her lovers have something on the table as well. We want to avoid anyone who would be indiscreet - anyone who'd 'talk' or share details of the relationship with others. We also want someone who already has 'a life', someone whose sole interest would be my wife - we don't want someone to become a 'pest' or 'puppy dog' - that wouldn't work.

She expressed moral concerns about sleeping with other men - married men, but feels alright with it knowing that I approve and support her being sexual outside of our marriage.

She still has concerns that B and G are not interested in her and do not or would not have an interest in fucking her. I continue to assure her that they do, based on my observations of how they interact with her and how they flirt with each other. She has reasonable concerns about being rejected by them sexually should she really be as bold as I suggest to her - unfounded, in my opinion, but reasonable concerns. No one likes to be rejected. Again, I assured her that she just needs to step a little further out of her comfort zone with regards to flirting and putting herself out there with B and G and they can be hers...or she theirs.

My wife brought up a third man, also a friend of ours, whom she said she would be interested in and finds attractive. He is also a 'B', so we'll need to call him 'B2'. We've know B2 for a few years now, but she has gotten to know him better only in the last half year or so. She feels that he is attracted to her and they get along well. She says she has flirted with him a little and would not mind being sexual with him.

She is proud to tell me that she is flirting more than ever before, which I agree with and am also proud of.

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