Friday, June 13, 2008

Like A Lead Balloon

13 June, Friday - Different perspectives. about how well my call to G went over with my wife. She was quite upset that I had called him without letting her know prior. I explained to her my feelings as I detailed in my last post. I told her that I had done so because of how important I have always felt about G being aware, going into this, that I knew about their impending relationship and that I felt that she was on the very edge of consumating their relationship but had not, as of yet, made this known to him.

Without going into all the gory details, she explained to me how she felt betrayed, how she felt that I was attempting to take over the relationship, and that I should have talked to her about it beforehand. She also said that she no longer had an interest in pursuing their relationship, that my intervention had killed her desire and that she now felt embarrassed about it all.

My wife felt that I had ruined things and that she felt like an 'ass' and that G probably felt the same way; like he was being played with. I countered with the fact that I was the one who was feeling like an 'ass' - the husband who was not aware of what his wife was doing, in the dark - and how awkward it felt in even the simplest of social situations with G.

Her contention was that she was still planning on having that conversation with him, but just had not had a chance to do so. Although he was unavailable, she had called him the day after their flirting and invited him out for a drink. She explained to me that it was at that time that she had planned on revealing to him the fact that I knew and encouraged her in her pursuits with him. She felt that I was the one getting too far ahead of things, and not her - that she had not made any concrete plans to fuck him. From my point of view, however, consumation appeared to be just around the corner and it was simply circumstance that had delayed their coupling.

Different points of view. All perspective. For sure, better communication between us would have helped. Anyway, she still feels it was wrong of me to call him and I still feel justified in calling him, because, despite my advisements to her to make him aware, she hadn't done so.

For now, things remain contentious.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making a Call

11 June, Wednesday - Taking Initiative. With things seemingly moving forward again with my wife taking a lover (G) and with her mentally getting closer and closer to physically consumating their relationship and becoming a shared wife / hotwife (It really has only been a couple of inconvenient 'circumstances' that have prevented G and my wife from actually getting together to fuck - both times, my wife was away from the house when they've been talking), I'm feeling the need to: stay in the loop, be relevant to the process, and/or have some control in what is starting to feel like a 'certainty' versus just a 'possibility'.

It is an odd feeling standing at the edge of something that has the potential to forever alter, either positively or negatively, the dynamics - certainly of my wife's and my relationship - but also, that of friends and groups of friends within the framework of a relatively small town. I believe, still, very much, that our marriage will benefit from introducing others into our bed and from sharing my wife with other men and women. I think that the spark of excitement that will result, will spread to and help grow other areas of our marriage...Or the whole experience could crash and burn.

I reckon it's the uncertainty of the ultimate result or consequence that makes it both exciting and somewhat scary.

Anyway, it's been this feeling that we are rapidly approaching a point-of-no-return, that has caused me to jump in. I liken it to jumping into a cool swimming pool without first probing the temperature of the water versus easing yourself slowly into the water.

I talked with G today on the phone about things.

I've always encouraged my wife to let her potential lovers know that her husband was perfectly aware of her extramarital activities (ie. 'I tell my husband everything...'; 'My husband knows everything I do...'; 'I'll have to ask my husband...'; 'My husband likes it when I (show myself off to other men)'; 'My husband approves any men who I'm with first'; etc...) I've always felt it clarifies everyone's role in the matter upfront. Letting potential lovers know this is all the more important when they happen to be friends or others that we already know socially. It prevents that awkwardness between us as friends. Unfortunately, she's not been able to (or possibly unwilling) to 'leak' while flirting, that I am aware and approve of her playing with and fucking other men. This has been the case with G. He has had no idea that I have always been aware of her flirtations with him, nor that I approve of and have encouraged her to further their relationship sexually.

I've considered from time to time, taking the lead and being proactive in having her be shared by speaking to my wife's 'candidates' directly about sharing her with them. It's not been the easiest thing though, since 'wife-sharing' is not generally a conversation opener - rather it's a very opportunistic subject, rarely given an opening.

Today, because of our ratcheted-up talk and seemingly increased willingness of my wife to actually fuck G, I contacted him. I sent him a text telling him that I wanted to talk with him in person about he and my wife. I wanted to meet with him and/or grab a drink as we discussed possibilities of furthering things between he and my wife.
He called me instead and left a message. I stepped out of the house to return his call. He was pretty defensive, as was to be expected when one receives a call from a friend who's the husband of a woman one's been flirting with. He dummied-up pretty good (you know what they say: deny, deny, deny), until I told him everything was alright, that I knew about all of the flirting between he and my wife. Without getting into great detail, I think he was on his heels through most of the conversation, not knowing exactly what to make of it all, and trying to sort it out on the fly with me on the phone. In the end, I told him our concerns about discretion and the perils of playing in our own 'backyard' and told him the three of us could have some fun if he was interested. While he assured me that he would be completely discreet about any sexual relationship, it seemed like too much for him to digest on this one call and we agreed to talk again, in person next time. We shall see how it goes.

I'm still a proponent of up-front disclosure by my wife with her potential lovers...perhaps because that method of being bold characterizes the 'hotwife' persona best.

I haven't yet mentioned to her that I've spoken to G. Tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Hot From Yesterday's Flirtations

10 June, Tuesday - Reliving another hot session. "I want to be sexy for you" my wife said to me as I slid in and out of her wet pussy. "I love how you keep your pussy bare for me, your nails manicured, wear your anklet, wear tight body hugging clothing and your flirting. You are very close. You want to have a lover, don't you? You are going to be a hotwife, aren't you?" "Yes", she replied. "I like that you're a conservative wife doing something naughty and nasty by taking a lover". She said, "I don't think that he thinks I am conservative."

She was still very aroused by her texting flirtations with G yesterday. Her very slick pussy and forward talk was evidence of that.

I proceeded to describe to her how it would be with G - how sexy it would feel when she reached into his pants for the very first time, fondling his big cock, wrapping her hand around it's girth and jacking him off before pulling off his underwear. "You want him to have a big cock, don't you?" "Yes", she said. "Something that can fill your pussy. You'll be rushing to strip each other's clothes off , the very first time you are naked together, his thick cock sticking out..." My wife interrupted, "I'm gonna suck his cock!" I always know how aroused my wife is by how verbal she is in response to my dirty talk. "You're gonna suck his big balls into your mouth, clean his balls with your tongue. You want to please your lover." I told her. "I want him to come back. I want him to want to fuck my pussy. I don't just want him to fuck me just one time." she pleaded. I reassured her that he would want more, "He's going to want more of your pussy once he gets a taste of it. He will come back for more. I'll send him back to you...I'll leave the front door unlocked for him so he can walk right in, undress and come over to the bed where you'll be waiting for him and playing with your pussy." She asked, "Will I be using toys?"

My wife inquired, "Will you be off Thursday?" Curious, I asked, "Why?" "I want to invite him over." "So you can fuck him?" I continued. She replied, "Yes. He can use toys on me - would that be OK if he uses dildos on me?" "You can show him all your toys, have them laid out for him to see."

"G's going to fuck your pussy hard, just like you like it. The best part is that it will be his bare cock sliding into you - no condom. You haven't had another man's cock in your mouth since sucking F
(her lover from her affair), have you? Haven't tasted another man's cum since F, huh? You can be as loud as you want to be when you are with him - as uninhibited as you want to be with your lover. You've wanted him to fuck you for two years, baby."

"You're be getting what you want."
I told her.

"YOU'LL be getting what you want."
she shot back.

"We'll ALL be getting what we want...all three of us"
was my reply.

We'll see if she invites him over on Thursday.

Monday, June 9, 2008


09 June, Monday - A Nice Turn.

I had been texting on & off with my wife from work since early in the morning. I received this string after noon today:

Wife (6/9 12:20): have had nice conversation w/G today
Me (6/9 12:21): Oh yeah? Tell me about it
Me (6/9 12:22): Did u tell him we talked about him last nite in bed?

Wife (6/9 12:24): Was going to but he hasn't responded since 9:30 must have gotten busy.
Me (6/9 12:25): Be bold baby...don't think too much, just react on instinct....what did u talk about?

She was on a field trip today for one of the kids and out on the road. I didn't find out anything more from her until later in the afternoon. When we both got home, she handed me her phone so I could read her flirting texts with G:

Wife (9:16 am): Now I will be thinking all day
G (9:20 am): Sure
Wife (9:20 am): Already am, even with kids in the car
G (9:21 am): Keep ur hands on the steering wheel
Wife (9:22 am): Just thinking. R urs on steering wheel?
G (9:27 am): I can drive with one hand and will gladly use both if I have a passenger
Wife (9:31 am): I believe I would like to take a ride w/ u
G (9:32 am): We can take turns driving
Wife (9:36 am): I am looking forward to it. U should think of me often

I didn't know what the precursor conversation was that lead up to this text string. "He called me early this morning to see if he could pickup the _____ from me". (We had picked up something that belonged to him and were holding it for him.) She said, "I told him it was in your car but that I'd get it out and call him so he could come over and pick it up. I told him I wasn't going to be home today anyway, since I was driving on the field trip." There was some other flirting on the phone before they hung up.

I asked if she had asked him, "Are you calling me because its Monday and you know I'm alone at home today?"

I told her I was proud of her and asked if she enjoyed it, felt sexy and whether it turned her on to be flirting this way with him. "Yes"

Later tonight as we lay in bed, I began kissing and sucking her nipples and pla
yed with her pussy before mentioning anything about G. She spread her legs for me as I rubbed and played with her clit. "You think he's gonna like it when he finally sticks his hand down your pants and finds your pierced pussy?", I asked my wife. "I was just going to ask u that!", my wife replied. "When he undresses you for the very first time and finds you pierced? He's gonna want to eat your pussy. You want him to eat your pussy, don't you?". "Yes!" she said. "You want to feel him inside you. You want to feel the weight of his large body on top of you as he fucks you, don't you?. You want to feel his cock inside your pussy, don't you? You want to feel him sliding in & out of your pussy, don't u?" She panted a "Yes!" to each question I had asked her. "I want to feel his hands on me". "Yes, You want to feel his big hands all over your sexy body, don't you?" "Yes. I want him to play with my pussy". "Yes, you want to feel his thick fingers inside your pussy, don't u?". "Yes!" "Digging deep into you".

She was on her back, legs spread wide as I lay next to her pinching and rubbing her firm clit. I masturbated her clit between my fingers which caused her to open her legs wider, I tugged & pulled on her clit ring making her breathe heavily & moan. Her kisses were passionate tonight - I know she was turned on still
from the morning's flirtations with G. " I'm proud of you. Proud of how you flirted with G today. You liked it didn't you?" "Yes", she answered. "It made you feel sexy didn't it? It turned you on didn't it?" "Yes". "It made you feel naughty didn't it telling him what you wanted to do with him? A naughty wife ... A naughty married wife." Every answer was "Yes". "You almost became a hotwife for the first time today didn't you?" She panted back at me, "I think he wants me. I think he wants to fuck me." "Of course he does, baby.", I reassured her, "He's always wanted to fuck you." She has always been insecure about this, despite her being very attractive and sexy. "That is why he called you up today - Monday - because he knows it is one of your 'alone' days when I am not home." She replied, "But he never says exactly that he wants me." I told her, "If you weren't on the field trip you would have fucked him today wouldn't you have??? "Yes...but I was nervous."

I fingered her deeply, my flattened palm slapping against her clit with each thrust into her. I tapped her clit. She enjoys both of these actions - likes it when I manhandle and use her pussy roughly. I could tell by the movement of her hips and her squirming, that she was extremely aroused now. "That's it", I told her, "now your pussy is getting nice & wet. Make more juice for me."
I climbed on top of her as my cock hardened. The head of my cock found her wet opening. I teased her as she spread her legs wider for me, letting just the head of my cock slip into her slippery pussy. She thrust her hips upwards trying to force my cock deeper into her. When that didn't get her what she wanted, my wife reached down with both hands, grabbed my ass and attempted to pull me into her pussy. She was whimpering in frustration and lust. She wanted to be fucked. "You're going to spread your legs wide like this for G aren't you?" "Yes", she hissed. "You want to feel his big body on top of yours, don't you?" Again, "Yes". (G is large framed, probably 6' 2" or 6' 3", thick build and mostly muscular)

I began thrusting a little deeper into her slippery pussy, still teasing her with my cock. Occasionally I would thrust forcefully into her, burying my entire shaft into her pussy. She would gasp and hiss each time I did this. Islid in & out easily, helped by her slippery juices. "You can leave your scent on him, leave the scent of your pussy on his cock." "Yes!" she said. "You can send him home with your pussy scent on him...and he'll leave you with a pussy full of his cum, won't he?" "Yes." "You're on the pill now so you can let him fuck you bareback and let him fill your pussy with his seed" "Yes."
I was fucking her deeply now and she reached down between us and pulled up on her pussy, positioning her clit so that I would make direct contact against it as we fucked. "Honey, you're gonna be a shared wife. You're almost a hotwife aren't you?" "Yes". "You're going to have G inside you for the first time and your husband knows all about it - So naughty! Soon you'll be home fucking G while I'm away at work."

"You know that when he comes over to pick up his _____, that you're gonna end up in bed with him, don't you?
" "Yes." "You know if he comes over to the house, your going to be spreading your legs for him just like you are with me right now, don't you?" "Yes." You know that once he sets foot into our house, he's going to have his way with you, don't you? Seduce you? Have you naked and fuck you, don't you?" She gave me one last "Yesss!" as she started convulsing and cumming.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

On the Pill Now

08 June, Sunday. Back in the Saddle? - We attended a social function last night. My wife wore my favorite dress - an above the knee, tight-fitting dress that accentuates her curves. She looked very sexy in her heels, anklet, and jewelry. Unfortunately, I had to be up very early in the morning and left early after asking some friends of ours if they could make sure she gets home.

She arrived home not too much later than me, and started running her hands all over my body after climbing into bed naked next to me. I told her how sexy I thought she had looked at the party. She told me how she loves being sexy for me and others.
"I got lots of compliments on how good I looked tonight" I asked, "Was there anyone there you wanted to be with?" "No" came her answer. "But sometimes I still want B." B was at the party as well last night - I had watched her out of the corner of my eye give him a tight hug and kiss when he first arrived and reminded her now to be bold with B, really holding the hug, caressing him while clinched, pressing her body into his when she hugged him, and/or giving him a lingering kiss on the lips, long enough for him to not mistake her intentions. I thought to myself that I should have asked B to be responsible for getting her home.

I told her that I liked leaving her at the party, dressed sexily as she was and being at home wondering who she was flirting with - imagining who might be hitting on her or trying to seduce her. She said she likes it when I leave her like that as well.

I told my wife that I've visualized her in many different scenarios while she's been out alone like this - I described a couple scenes as I played with her pussy: Slow dancing closely with someone at a club, feeling his hard cock pressed up against her belly, he starts feeling her up while on the dance floor, running his hands all over her ass, eventually working his hand up and under her skirt to feel and finger her pussy. He works my wife into a dark corner where he continues to play with her; Being driven home by someone, the car pulling into our driveway and as I look out the window, I see her get into the backseat with the driver and proceed to make out with him while parked in our driveway. I watch her as she straddles him, lowering herself down onto his cock, and rides him vigorously as the windows steam them out of my view. A short while later, she walks up the stairs and into the house, freshly fucked and full of cum. "You can can let them cum inside you now that you are on the pill", I said. "Yes!", she panted. "You'll walk into our bedroom, your pussy full of another man's cum." "Yes, and you can check my pussy" she added. We started fucking.

"B can cum inside my pussy" she suddenly said to me. "Yes, you 'd like that, wouldn't you? It's naughty to have another man besides your husband cum inside your unprotected pussy, isn't it?" "Yes"

"It will be just like when F
used to cum inside your pussy when he used to fuck you.
(Her co-worker from her affair years ago - she had confessed that she would let him cum inside her pussy whenever they fucked) You liked letting F fuck you bareback and fill your pussy while I was busy at work, didn't you?" "Yes"

"Now you can let your lovers cum inside you once again. I like it when you are naughty...a naughty little wife."
She said, "Let's be naughty in the next few days." "And how did you want to be naughty.", I asked my wife. "You can stuff things inside my pussy." "Like what?" "A cucumber" I told her to go to the store and buy the thickest cucumber and a fat squash so that I can stretch her with them. "I'll take pictures of your stuffed pussy. I haven't posted any of your pictures lately for others to see. I'll post them on the web for other men and women to see." "I like that", she said.

My wife told me, "I want you to show him (G) my pictures. I want him to be turned on and I want to know he is stroking his cock while looking at my pictures. I like knowing that he knows what I look like - what my pussy looks like!"

**She has gone back onto the Pill - just started about two weeks ago. I wasn't expecting it, but she came back from a doctor appointment and mentioned that she had. When I asked her why, she replied "For when I sleep with other men." (A nice answer, for sure!, but the real reason I am sure is so her periods can get regular again, since they've gotten irregular in the last year or so.)**