Sunday, June 8, 2008

On the Pill Now

08 June, Sunday. Back in the Saddle? - We attended a social function last night. My wife wore my favorite dress - an above the knee, tight-fitting dress that accentuates her curves. She looked very sexy in her heels, anklet, and jewelry. Unfortunately, I had to be up very early in the morning and left early after asking some friends of ours if they could make sure she gets home.

She arrived home not too much later than me, and started running her hands all over my body after climbing into bed naked next to me. I told her how sexy I thought she had looked at the party. She told me how she loves being sexy for me and others.
"I got lots of compliments on how good I looked tonight" I asked, "Was there anyone there you wanted to be with?" "No" came her answer. "But sometimes I still want B." B was at the party as well last night - I had watched her out of the corner of my eye give him a tight hug and kiss when he first arrived and reminded her now to be bold with B, really holding the hug, caressing him while clinched, pressing her body into his when she hugged him, and/or giving him a lingering kiss on the lips, long enough for him to not mistake her intentions. I thought to myself that I should have asked B to be responsible for getting her home.

I told her that I liked leaving her at the party, dressed sexily as she was and being at home wondering who she was flirting with - imagining who might be hitting on her or trying to seduce her. She said she likes it when I leave her like that as well.

I told my wife that I've visualized her in many different scenarios while she's been out alone like this - I described a couple scenes as I played with her pussy: Slow dancing closely with someone at a club, feeling his hard cock pressed up against her belly, he starts feeling her up while on the dance floor, running his hands all over her ass, eventually working his hand up and under her skirt to feel and finger her pussy. He works my wife into a dark corner where he continues to play with her; Being driven home by someone, the car pulling into our driveway and as I look out the window, I see her get into the backseat with the driver and proceed to make out with him while parked in our driveway. I watch her as she straddles him, lowering herself down onto his cock, and rides him vigorously as the windows steam them out of my view. A short while later, she walks up the stairs and into the house, freshly fucked and full of cum. "You can can let them cum inside you now that you are on the pill", I said. "Yes!", she panted. "You'll walk into our bedroom, your pussy full of another man's cum." "Yes, and you can check my pussy" she added. We started fucking.

"B can cum inside my pussy" she suddenly said to me. "Yes, you 'd like that, wouldn't you? It's naughty to have another man besides your husband cum inside your unprotected pussy, isn't it?" "Yes"

"It will be just like when F
used to cum inside your pussy when he used to fuck you.
(Her co-worker from her affair years ago - she had confessed that she would let him cum inside her pussy whenever they fucked) You liked letting F fuck you bareback and fill your pussy while I was busy at work, didn't you?" "Yes"

"Now you can let your lovers cum inside you once again. I like it when you are naughty...a naughty little wife."
She said, "Let's be naughty in the next few days." "And how did you want to be naughty.", I asked my wife. "You can stuff things inside my pussy." "Like what?" "A cucumber" I told her to go to the store and buy the thickest cucumber and a fat squash so that I can stretch her with them. "I'll take pictures of your stuffed pussy. I haven't posted any of your pictures lately for others to see. I'll post them on the web for other men and women to see." "I like that", she said.

My wife told me, "I want you to show him (G) my pictures. I want him to be turned on and I want to know he is stroking his cock while looking at my pictures. I like knowing that he knows what I look like - what my pussy looks like!"

**She has gone back onto the Pill - just started about two weeks ago. I wasn't expecting it, but she came back from a doctor appointment and mentioned that she had. When I asked her why, she replied "For when I sleep with other men." (A nice answer, for sure!, but the real reason I am sure is so her periods can get regular again, since they've gotten irregular in the last year or so.)**

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