Wednesday, November 26, 2008


26 November, Wednesday - Sharing Again. I saw M today, my wife's sexy friend who I've wanted to sleep with or have join my wife and I in bed. There hasn't been much to write about regarding M in a long time. M is the one who gave my wife her first Brazilian waxing, and so, has had her hands on my wife's pussy, which I had the pleasure of being present for. Both my wife and I have shared with M, parts of our sex life, including the desire to start playing with others and including them in our bed. I, more so than my wife, would update M ocassionally whenever we'd see her or I'd fire off an email or text to her if she had been the object of my wife's & my previous night's fantasies.

I enjoyed sharing the intimate details of our sex life with her and also liked hearing bits and pieces of M's sexual history and her sexual likes and dislikes. I still have the hots for her, even after being rebuffed by her sometime over a year ago.

Sometime last year, though, our sharing with M stopped. Even now, I really don't know what happened back then, but the gist of it all and the end result was that M apparently wanted the sexual sharing and suggestive comments to stop. So it did.

It's more than a year later now and I've not shared with her or otherwise attempted to get her to sleep with me or us.

So, it was a nice surprise today, for her to ask me how things were going on the 'lifestyle' front. (Now I wouldn't classify my wife's journey or our, so far very limited experiences as 'the lifestyle', especially given that it's already been almost two years - and counting - since my wife and I have seriously been talking about including others, taking lovers and her becoming a shared-wife.)

She asked whether we've gotten together with any other couples, etc... (There have been plenty of opportunities through the SwingLifestyle site that we belong to, but it's been my wife who has been unwilling to pull the trigger and follow through with actually meeting. She'd prefer playing with friends versus 'strangers'.

I gave her an update on the situation, telling her how things have kinda morphed from actual swinging with other couples or singles, to my wife now attempting to have a lover(s). (My reasoning/feeling is that once she actually takes a lover and gets comfortable fucking other men, she'll be more open to expanding our adventures to couples, threesomes or possibly even orgies/gangbangs). I told M about my wife having had phone sex and cumming with G on the phone a couple weeks back and how I have encouraged her to entertain lovers in our bed while I am busy at work. It wasn't alot to report, but for MY wife, it has been good progress.

M is in the process of not being married anymore. Things were tough for some time, so it is a good thing that she is on her own. As I was leaving, I told her I'd keep her updated with our 'progress'.

She laughed and said, "OK, I'll live through the two of you!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sex is Always Hotter...

16 November, Sunday - Hot Couch Sex and Thoughts of her friend B. I guess it's to be expected, but sex with my wife is always hotter after she's been flirting with a potential lover. She is so much more responsive and uninhibited when the possibility of actually being fucked by him gets closer to reality. Nothing is turns me on more than seeing her so sexually agitated and agressive.

We had a couple hours alone this afternoon, without the kids and took advantage of the time, with a hot fuck on the couch.I love fucking on the couch. I had my wife in the same position that I have envisioned her lovers having her in, many times - I position that I enjoy taking her in as well - my wife naked, on the couch, leaning back into her lover's chest, head back, his tongue deep in her mouth kissing her, her legs spread wide exposing her pussy to him, and his fingers deep inside her. She would have her hand wrapped around his cock stroking it up and down as he had his way with her.

I had her in this exact position today. It's one of my favorite places and positions for being able to play with her - it gives me excellent access to her pussy, her breasts and her mouth. We started talking about the possibilities for her this next week with G - perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

I had reached around her to play with her pussy, the palm of my hand slapping firmly against her clit as I worked a finger deep inside her.

I described how G was going to use, maul, and take her right her on the couch, in this very position. Her eyes began to glaze over with lust as I detailed her naught future with him. She had grabbed hold of my cock and had been working her hand up and down it's length. She would moan deeply into my mouth as she visualized the scenes I was whispering to her.

Without warning, she got up and attempted to straddle me. I was leaned back against the arm of the sofa as she hurried to plant her pussy onto my hard cock. There was this sense of urgency about her as she climbed on top of me. She needed to fuck and let out a moan as she lowered herself down onto me. "Is this how you are going to fuck G?", I asked her. "Yes!" She was frantic from the start, fucking and grinding enthusiastically. We kissed as she bounced and ground down on my hard cock. "Imagine how it's going to feel having his big cock deep up inside you." She was sighing and panting heavily. "His hands roaming all over your sexy body, holding your ass as you fuck him." She moaned loudly. "Him sucking your breasts as his cock swells inside you."

I love it when my wife is on top; it gives me access to her body with two free hands and lots of kissing. This was turning into a speed-fuck...a quickie. I could feel it in my balls and see it in her glazed-over eyes - neither of us was going to last long. I really love it when my wife gets this way - uninhibited - the fucking is so good, so primal. The more vocal and uninhibited she is, the more aroused I get. She was panting hard as she rode me. I couldn't hold out much longer, she felt too good, too tight. I came, moaning,
"I'm emptying my cum into you!", as I gripped her ass tightly.

My wife wasn't quite ready and continued her gyrations on my semi-hard cock until she came, panting heavily. It was a nice fuck, fairly quick but very passionate.

Later that night while in bed, we were reading a book on sex, men, & love together and talking about [the] various topics:

I asked her what she wanted more of. "Oral sex" came her reply. I knew what the answer would be. I have always been a fiend for oral sex, ever since I can remember having sex with anyone besides myself. I have always loved climbing between my wife's spread legs and spending lots of time sucking and licking her juicy pussy. And so did she. However, since she got her clit pierced about two years ago, it has seemed to me that she has enjoyed it less and, so, I have performed it on her less. Perhaps, I've thought, that her clit was just more sensitive since getting pierced and maybe the stimulation was just too much now. She agreed that she was somewhat more sensitive since the ring was put in. She also suggested that since she started getting regularly waxed, that perhaps the lack of any hair on/around her pussy - the lack of 'insulation' (hair) as I ate her - made the contact too direct and too strong.. I promised to eat her more often...and more gently.

I told her how much I love eating her pussy. How I used to love eating her right before I would leave for work at night and how I liked having her scent on me when I left - on my mustache/goatee and fingers. She would get so wet , spreading herself wide for me on the couch. "Oh, yes. I liked that." she replied.
"I like having you spread me."

We talked a little about when our friend M waxed her - how nice it was to have M's hands all over her pussy as she worked to make her bare as I watched nearby and M's email afterward to me about how it must have driven me crazy "watching my fingers touching her pretty pussy". My wife reminded me I will need to find someone else to wax as well as take care of her pussy.

I, in turn, told her that I wanted her to suck my cock more often and that I wanted more oral, both ways too. I suggested more 69ing, which she agreed would be nice.

I told her I also wanted to start fucking her ass regularly. She reminded me that I needed to work her ass regularly, "If you don't work it, it tightens up." She was right, I used to regularly work three fingers into her tight hole as well as fill it with plugs.

We began to play with each other and our conversation turned once again to her and G. I had noticed earlier when I got into it that my wife had straightened up all around our bed, the various books and little piles of stuff were gone - it was tidy and neat. I brought it up to her, asking whether, as well as implying at the same time that, she had cleaned up in preparation for him, for use while he fucked my wife. She admitted as much to me and I told her how naughty I thought it was that she was making these 'preparations' for him.

She had gotten waxed for him yesterday and now had cleaned up our bed to create a 'nest' for them to fuck in. I continued to detail for her how she would 'prepare' for him, "You're going to dress for him, wear perfume for him, and spend extra time on your makeup to make yourself sexy for him." It was all naughty. Naughty for a married wife to prepare for her lover like this, especially with her husband's permission and knowledge. I like that my wife is conservative ...conservative, yet also having a desire to be a 'naughty little wife'. I love the thought of her being both conservative AND naughty.

"Having a lover while your husband is gone, being at home waiting for him to arrive, opening the door for him knowing you are going to fuck him, fuck him right here in our bed - on the same spot that I'm fucking you right now. Eating your married pussy. It's all so naughty. Naughty that you're taking the Pill so he can fuck you bareback, so he can just slide his cock inside you, unprotected and cum inside you. So he can fill your pussy."

"Yes!!" she said excitedly.

"G's going to fill your married pussy. So naughty. It's going to be the first time in a long time that you've had another man's cum, besides mine, inside your pussy while we've been married, isn't it?? Your lover's cum. So naughty."

"Yes", she gasped. "It's going to be the first time I've had two men's cum inside me."

"Two?" I quizzed her.

"Yes, on the same day. G's and yours, my husband's." she answered.

"Yesss, baby!" It was hot hearing those words coming out of my wife's mouth. "You're going to leave his cum inside you aren't you?

"Yes, so you can check me when you get home." She continued. "I'm going to spread my legs so you can inspect my pussy."

"It's going to look freshly fucked...stretched and full of your lover's cum, isn't it?"

"Yes, then you're going to fuck me. I'll have two men's cum inside me on the same day." She was excited and her words sounded so lusty. I love it when my wife let's loose verbally like this. It means that she is very aroused and feeling uninhibited.

I took the conversation to a familiar place as I continued fucking my wife. "Then you can call B and tell her all about it. How your lover fucked you and then how your husband came home and fucked you immediately afterwards. You can tell B how you have both our cum inside you."

"Yes!" She was excited by the thought of sharing this with B.

I asked, "Did you ever tell B about your phone sex with G?" She had. "When?" I followed up.

"That same day, after I talked to you. Right after it happened. I told her, 'I just had phone sex with G.' She said B had wanted to hear all the details, but my wife was too embarassed to share the particulars with her.

"She was turned on by it, wasn't she?" I asked about B. "Why didn't you tell me? You know you are supposed to tell me whenever you share"

"Yes, I think so.", she answered. "Sorry for not telling you."

We were both getting more excited by the conversation as we fucked. "B likes hearing about you and G, doesn't she? It turns her on doesn't it? Do you think it made her pussy wet to hear about it? Does B know that I know all about you and G?" She answered affirmatively to to each of the questions.

"Hopefully this week, you will be able to tell her how G fucked you, how you let him cum inside you and how he sucked your pussy. B's gonna like that, isn't she? She's gonna get wet hearing all about you and G. Maybe B will masturbate afterwards...after listening to you tell her all about it." My wife agreed with me.

"B is sexy, honey, I want her.", I told my wife.
"I want to fuck her. Do you think she wants a lover too?"

"Yes, I think so.", my wife said.

"You think she wants to be a naughty wife, too? Like you? You think she wants to fuck and play with a lover?", I continued.


"I want her married pussy.", I grunted as I picked up the pace of my thrusts. My wife started cumming as I continued to tell her how hot and sexy I found B and how I wanted her. I didn't last much longer and came as I described and visualized the image of both B and my wife being fucked right next to each other on the bed, side by side, legs spread, my wife getting fucked by her lover and B by me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cumming Together

14 November, Friday -
Phone Play. My wife had gone out for morning coffee with her friend B today. I was at work and hadn't heard from her in a while and texted her to find out what she was doing.
It was taking a few minutes longer than usual for her to respond - I soon found out why:

Wife (11/14 10:03): Flirting with G.
Me (11/14 10:04): Hmmmm...Good Girl...Did he contact u?
Me (11/14 10:07): Be forward with him. Invite him over to have u.

I didn't receive any texts from her for almost half an hour.

Wife (11/14 10:28): Next week, but we just came over phone. (It was hard believe what I was reading!)
Me (11/14 10:29): Phone sex? Sounds hot baby! What was he telling u?

Wife (11/14 10:29): How he will lick and suck me.
Me (11/14 10:30): U will have to tell me about it.
Me (11/14 10:31): U liked that didn't u?
Wife (11/14 10:31): He seemed to like as well.
Me (11/14 10:33): Were you telling him what u wanted to do to him?
Wife (11/14 10:34): Little bit. Asked if I get to suck him too.
Me (11/14 10:35): What else was he telling u? What was his answer about sucking him?
Wife (11/14 10:35): He said yes he wants that.
Me (11/14 10:37): How did you get started playing with each other?
Wife (11/14 10:39): I saw him this morning before coffee with B. I sent him a text. He called, then I returned his call. Told him I was laying on the bed. He liked that I called in that position.
Wife (11/14 10:40): Told him i had legs crossed. He said to uncross.
Me (11/14 10:42): Then he started telling u what to do? R u still turned on by it? What did u set up for next week?
Wife (11/14 10:42): He said I didn't invite him up last time. I told him I get nervous. Told him he should just come up.
Me (11/14 10:43): I told u that all u had to do was invite him up to have him.
Me (11/14 10:44): Did he tell u to start playing with yourself?
Wife (11/14 10:45): Well, I told him my hands were on my belly. He said too high. Told me I needed to unzip, touch button. He also told me to put my finger inside. I told him I was wet.
Me (11/14 10:46): Nice. And u followed his directions, told him when u were touching yourself? Did he tell u to undress?
Me (11/14 10:48): Did u ask if he was hard and stroking himself? Did he make u spread ur legs wide?
Wife (11/14 10:50): I asked where his hands were. He said he was trying to figure why he was so hard.
Wife (11/14 10:51): No did not. Told me that if he sees me, he will chase me down and take me.
Me (11/14 11:00): Did u like knowing u had made him hard and that he was stroking himself?
Wife (11/14 11:01): Yes, but then wondered if he might be putting me on.
Wife (11/14 11:02:): Told him my belly is pierced and asked if he likes that. He said he did.

Me (11/14 11:02): Have confidence that u r hot and sexy baby! Did u tell him ur clit is pierced?
Wife (11/14 11:04): No, figured he would like surprise.
Me (11/14 11:04): Yes he will.
Wife (11/14 11:05): Told him if he is down there he will c my other tattoo.

I gave my wife a call shortly afterwards, where she recounted her conversation and masturbation with G in greater detail to me:

I asked her if it was nice to cum with G on the phone. "Yes", she replied.
"Did you tell B about it?" I asked her. She was going for coffee with her and I wasn't sure if she had talked to G before or after her coffee with B. "Not yet", she said. I like it when my wife shares with B.

She had been on the bed already talking to G when I sent her the first text to see what she was doing. She told me, "You sent over the text and G heard your beep and said, 'Oh, is that your husband finding out what you are doing?' I told him, 'Yes, it is'. I told him that I told you I was flirting with him." He had replied back to her about it, but unfortunately the connection was bad and she couldn't hear what he had said about her telling me about her flirting with him. "He got a little quiet" - a little more reserved or tentative she told me later tonight.

They talked about not having seen each other in a while. (The last time was when she called him to help her jump start her car while I was at work back near the end of October) G told her, 'Well, you didn't invite me up last time'. She told him that she gets nervous. 'You get nervous??' he questioned. She commenced to tell him how she did not want to do anything that he wouldn't want to. He told her, 'There's no harm with playing' My wife agreed with G, 'Well, I think so, but I don't know if you think so'. "I told him next time for him to just come up to the house", she said to me.

"He asked me what I was doing. I said to him, 'I am laying on the bed.' He asked me where were my hands and I told him my legs are up and crossed. He told me to uncross them. I did and told him. I said my legs were rocking back & forth and I was rubbing my stomach. He told me that they were too high and said I should put my hands lower. I said something about my pants being in the way. He said 'You should take your pants off'." She said that she had moved the phone down and undid her pants, hoping he would hear her unzipping them. He didn't. (I asked her later tonight as we fucked, if she had gotten naked for him...she had, from the waist down), He asked her if she was more comfortable, then he, 'Told me to move my hand lower'. "I moved
them lower and I asked him where his hands were." He answered her, 'On my leg...and wondering why I am getting hard.'

"I told him to own up to it - that it was hard because of me...he said
'Yes'. It sounded like he was stroking himself, then he told me to touch myself." I asked my wife if she liked that he was stroking himself while talking to her on the phone. "I thought: 'Is he just putting me on? playing with me?'". I reminded her how sexy she truly is and that I am positive that he was not messing with her. She replied, "That is what's going through my mind...Is he really doing it, stroking himself, or what? I think i asked him if he was touching himself." She said tonight that she could hear him breathing heavily as he stroked his cock.

She continued, "Then he started to tell me what he'd like to do to me....That he wants to lick and suck my pussy". "And were you answering and talking back to him?", I asked my wife. "I was just kinda listening, then he told me how he wanted to fuck me. I asked him if he wants me to suck him. He said I should use one of my toys down there." I asked if she got out one of our dildos or vibrators for him. "No. He told me he would use them on me. He said if he sees me again, he'd chase me down and take me in the car." I asked her what made her finally cum, I wanted to know if there was something in particular that he said that pushed her over the edge. She didn't know. "I told him that I wanted him to cum and a little later he said he wants me to cum...we came pretty much together" "Was it nice to hear him cumming for you? "Yes". "Was he loud?" "No, not necessarily loud. He moaned when he came." I asked her if she was moaning and making noise for him. She said she did.

"He said he would call me next week, so nothing is set up. I told him my arms and neck were sore and that i needed a massage. He said he would come by on Monday to massage me."

"That was a nice first for you wasn't it?, You got to cum with G on the phone" I asked her. "Yes, it was nice! It was fun, was spontaneous, that was good. He said something like , 'We both want the same thing.' I told him I didn't want to do anything that would bother him [in his marriage]. That is what makes me nervous. He said again to me, 'A little playing is OK.' "

I told her that I was proud of her...for taking this step with G. She laughed, "Proud that I had phone sex with another man?" "Yes," I replied. "One step closer to taking him as your lover"

About an hour later, I reminded her about being ready for G next week:

Me (11/14 12:04): U should get ur pussy waxed.
Wife (11/14 12:36): OK, made appt for tomorrow
Me (11/14 12:38): Good girl. Have u been taking ur pills so G can cum inside u?
Wife (11/14 12:40): Yes, but he may just want to play.
Wife (11/14 12:41): He may not call either.
Me (11/14 12:45): Maybe not, but I want u ready for him.
Wife (11/14 12:47): Yes
Me (11/14 12:49): U know that if u and him get naked alone and u start touching each other, that u r going to want him to fuck u and he is going to want to also.
Wife (11/14 12:50): Yes, pretty sure of that.

A very positive event for all. This is clearly the furthest and the most sexual that things have gotten between my wife and G. It was exciting to receive her texts and to talk with her about her experience.

I want to be able to either watch my wife as she plays with G, even if it is just while she has phone sex with him or to listen to her as she plays with him, moaning, gasping, grunting, talking dirty to G and being uninhibited with another man. I really want to see how she responds to having another man's cock inside her pussy, another man's cock in her mouth, another man's mouth on her pussy, and her hand wrapped around another man's thick cock. I don't want her to be inhibited by my presence while she is with her lover, rather, I'd like to be that fly on the wall watching and listening to her in her natural state with a lover, saying what she wants to him, making as much noise as she wants, and acting as naughty and nasty with him as she dares without thinking about how she 'should be'.

As we fucked tonight, I told her how I wanted to know that she was being handled, used and fucked by G while I was at work. She said, "I will call you when he is on his way over......unless he just shows up."