Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Pussy Pump

Tuesday, May 1st - Bought a New Pussy Pump Today. We went into the City today and bought a pussy pump. She's been enthralled by the thought of having her pussy pumped ever since she saw some videos of some women having their pussies swelled and engorged by a vacuum pump. A couple of weeks ago we were watching some more German videos of pussy pumping. She got very, very wet. She said she wanted her pussy pumped and thought it would be hot to have me pump her pussy and then go out with her pussy engorged and in a highly swollen condition. We didn't get a chance to try it out tonight. She seems to like the more nasty and unusual things - like the pump, like being fucked by unusual household objects - I like that she wants to be nasty like this. I want an otherwise normal, yet sexy wife who loves getting nasty for/with me.

She didn't want the nipple cylinders attachments for the pump, but we'll see. I think the nipple cylinders can also be used on her clit.