Friday, October 12, 2007

"It isn't as friendly"

12 October, Friday. Anal at Last. An interesting week this week. Wednesday: Mid morning, started watching some videos on the laptop as we fooled around. She told me she wanted to watch a domination movie so I found one that had a female dominating another female. I had already gotten out the leather paddle/slapper, a small flogger and a small whip-like stick with small rubber tassles on the end. She had been on her back, spread as I played with her pussy. I had started using the slapper on her pussy, alternating between spanking her pussy and sliding the leather slapper over her swollen clit and pussy lips. She gasped with each smack against her pussy. This wasn't unusual, she has enjoyed having her pussy spanked since I began doing it a year or so ago. I was a little surprised, though, at how much she was enjoying feeling the slapper being dragged over her clit. She seem to really like it, gasping and panting as I slid the cool, smooth leather over her pussy lips and clit. Leather seems to turn her on. (I noticed this for the first time last August on trip to Las Vegas, where I took her to a couple of leather stores. Immediately after leaving with our wrist cuffs and the slapper, we pulled into the parking lot of the Hard Rock Cafe. I started playing with her pussy in the car, she was very wet. I spread her legs, had her remove her thong and fingered her forcefully, creating a slapping sound as my palm slapped up against her pussy. We were no more than 50 ft from the entrance of the building, and people were continuously walking out of the restaurant to the casino, and to and from their cars all around us. We were in the front seat and clearly visible. My wife was nervous about being caught, but I think this added to her excitement that night. I reached behind me into the back seat, reached into the bag of our new purchases and pulled out the new slapper. I told her to spread herself further apart and proceeded to use the slapper against her soaked pussy. I remember her gasps each time the slapper landed on her pussy - very erotic for me. She kept looking out the windows for anyone who may have been heading in our direction, but her hips and pussy betrayed her. She was squirming in the front seat, spreading her legs for me as I fingered her roughly and spanked her pussy. I knew she had become aroused by being inside the leather store, and feeling the firm leather against her pussy lips.)

I told her to turn over onto her stomach and present her ass to me. I used the small flogger on her ass, the slapper on her inner thighs and ass and the tassled whip on her clit and asshole as she watched the movie. She was turned on and looked extremely hot, ass high in the air, thighs spread to give me access to her pussy. Her moans were turning me on and I was rock hard as I played with her soaked pussy.

I began fucking her from behind, ass up as I spread her with my hands. She was fucking back and our bodies made slapping sounds as we fucked. Soon, I felt the beginnings of an orgasm and started pulling out of her in an attempt to hold off. My first spurt hit her pussy lips just as I cleared her pussy. I caught the rest of my load on my fingers and scooped up the cum that had begun flowing down my cock. The last of my cum pulsed out of my cock onto my fingers. Still very aroused, I rubbed my large load all over her asshole and her pussy making her all the more slippery. I slid first one, then two cum covered fingers deep into her ass. My fingers slid easily into her asshole. She loved it. I took other fingers and stuffed them into her pussy while continuing to finger and stretch her ass. The scene was just too much for me. I don't think that my cock ever really went soft after cumming. It hadn't been one of those full blown orgasms, but it did feel good and I did shoot a full load, which was now smeared in and outside her asshole and dripping from her cunt lips. I continued to work my fingers deeper into her ass as I simultaneously finger fucked her pussy. She was fucking back against my hand, moaning. The sight was too much...I straddled her ass, gave her asshole one final reaming and stretching, then took my still rock hard cock, placed it at her now loosened opening and pressed forward. It slid in easily, lubricated with my cum.

It felt so good inside her ass! It was tight - a different tightness than being inside her pussy. She just moaned as I started to slowly fuck her ass for the first time - not just getting the head of my cock in, but actually sliding my entire cock into her ass. (We had tried many times in the past 20 years, with no success - always too painful for her - probably from too much psychological apprehension on her part, to much eagerness and too little patience on my part, too little lubrication and a lack of any anal training to stretch her asshole working up to it) She told me to go slowly, which I first. I grunted to her to play with her pussy. She quickly reached her hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit. It was an intense time - my grunting, her panting, my cock in her ass, her finger working her clit. I was not going to be able to hold out long...I began to fuck her ass harder and faster, trying to work my cock as deeply as I could into her hole. I started cumming loudly, with her right behind me with her orgasm. I emptied a second load deep into her ass. It was certainly a sexual milestone for us

I asked her how it was for her. Unlike in the past, she did not cry out in pain, she gave me no indication that it hurt, and she seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did. She did say, though, that she missed having something inside her pussy.

Today, Friday, two days later we found ourselves in bed playing. She was face down as I played with her pussy. I got up to get the shorter thick dildo, the black anal dildo, and a tube of KY. I told her how I was going to stuff and stretch her pussy with it. She likes this dildo, it is very thick and maybe 7"-8" long. I told her to get her ass up in the air as I lubed the fat dildo. I slowly worked it into her cunt as she moaned and squirmed against it. She loves being filled with it. I fucked her with it as I teased her clit, forcing it deeper until the end was flush with her opening. I told her to take over and fuck herself with it as I lubed up the slimmer black anal dildo. I pressed it against her sphincter as she continued working the fatter dildo in and out of her pussy. She let out a low moan as her asshole finally gave way, allowing the dildo to slide into her. She was enjoying this, having both her holes filled - I fucked her ass and her pussy, sometimes letting her take over with the fat one. I whispered to her how this was just more anal training for her. Finally, when I felt her asshole was stretched enough, I pulled it out and lubed up my hard cock, straddled her and sunk it deep inside. She went nuts, fucking herself with the dildo as I fucked down into her tight ass. I love it when she is panting, gasping, moaning - in the moment - ragged breathing. I get so turned on to see her so turned on. Her orgasm was very intense. She had gotten what she wanted - to have her pussy stuffed while being fucked in the ass.

I asked her later how she had liked being fucked in the ass. She very candidly and probably accurately replied that she had liked it, but that "It isn't as friendly". I'd probably have to agree that it feels much more animalistic to me, much more "raw"...but I really enjoy that type of [rougher] sex anyway.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

"I wore it for him"

05 October, Friday. Smelling Nice. As I was fucking my wife last night, I got a strong whiff of her perfume from her neck. While she will regularly wear perfume, most often it is when we are going out together, or when she has someplace in particular or special to go herself, like out with girlfriends. We hadn't been out nor had she gone out with girlfriends that night. It was a little unusual. I told her she smelled nice and provocatively asked her who she had worn the perfume for. She did not answer. I ask her again, then asked "Did you wear it for G?" She answered "Yes". I had suspected as much, which is why I had asked her. I immediately got more turned on when she answered affirmatively. She was not just telling me what I wanted to hear - she really had worn the perfume for him. She told me that she knew she was going to see him while picking up one of our children and had wanted to smell nice for him. The fucking I was giving her got hotter and more lusty as we talked and fantasized more about her and G.