Friday, January 16, 2009

Toy 'Moving Day'

16 January, Friday. Airing Out The Toys

I came home with a new lock this morning which I had purchased to lock a new case I bought, in which we were going to store our toys. We'd always kept all our dildos, vibrators, plugs, clips, clamps, cuffs, paddles, crops, lubes, etc... in my nightstand next to our bed, but with the kids getting older we had decided to keep them in a more secure location. Today I was going to clear out the nightstand and lock them
in the new case. I decided that since I was cleaning out the nightstand, I would take the time and wash and clean all the toys. One by one I soaped them up, then stood them up to air-dry. It actually was quite a sight seeing them all lined up (see picture). I told my wife I was going to fill her with them when I was done.

I even found the remote-control egg vibrator that I had wanted to give to our friend M last year. It was still in the box, unused. M had told me a long time ago how it might be nice to be able to wear and use one while at work.

A while later I had my wife strip and lay on the bed. I undressed and began playing with her pussy, eventually working my way down her body until I was eating her pussy. She squirmed as I gripped and spread her ass, working my tongue from her asshole to her swollen clit. When she was nice and wet, I took the very large black plug (second from the left) and started working it into her pussy. It was a tight fit, and it stretched her pussy good. I worked it into my wife's pussy as I licked and sucked on her clit. Her pussy lips were stretched tightly around the circumference of the fat plug. Her pussy looked hot stretched so wide.

We fucked for a while before I decided that I wanted her ass filled. I climbed off her and grabbed the long blue anal finger dildo. I lubed my wife's ass and slowly worked it's contoured length up into her tight ass. With it finally embedded deep inside her, I worked my fingers into her pussy and went back to work on her clit with my tounge. She grunted and moaned as I worked both her holes. I started spanking her pussy and clit, which brought deep groans with each slap. I continued with the pussy spanking as she squirmed and spread herself for me. She was aroused and so was I - my cock was rock hard and needed to be inside her. I pushed her legs apart wider and positioned my cock at her pussy. I pressed forward and slid right in, her wetness offering no resistance at all. I was balls deep inside my wife - I hadn't started thrusting, just content to enjoy the tightness of her pussy as well as feel the ridgid toy that was buried in her ass, against my cock, through the thin membrane between her ass and pussy.

Suddenly, without any movement or thrusting at all, her eyes widened and my wife blurted out, "Oh God, I'm cumming!". She sounded surprised that she was cumming as she shook and tensed beneath me. I don't think I can remember her ever cumming like this - without any direct stimulation or active fucking. I was surprised when she just started cumming. Our bodies were still, albeit with her pussy filled with my cock and her ass filled with our long toy. I think it was having both her ass and her pussy filled at the same time that put her over the edge. She does like having her ass filled, especially while having her pussy fucked. She likes the thought of being DP'd and we both enjoy watching DP movies.

It was one of her more interesting orgasms.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Nice Long Orgasm

15 January, Thursday. Watching BBC (Big Black Cock) And A Nice Long Orgasm

Haven't written in some time. Not much of anything to report or write about what with the holidays, both of us getting sick with head colds,and the kids being out for school vacations. There just hasn't been the time or the inclination for much sexual play.

Had some good sex yesterday morning.
Fortunately, school is back in session which has given my wife and I our mornings alone together again. My wife climbed back into bed after making sure the kids got to school. We were going to watch a non-sexual movie on the laptop when she caught glimpse of a particular title of a movie,

"What is Mandingo?" she asked.

The title she had seen was for an X-rated movie called Mandingo vs Jack, a black on white interracial movie I had downloaded. I started the movie. When he finally revealed his cock, it the size of it was unbelievable. It was as thick around as a wrist and had to have been 11" at least! My wife and I watched as his pretty white partner sucked on his thick dark cock and attempted to take as much of him into her mouth as possible.

"He is HUGE!", my wife exclaimed.

She was not exaggerating. I've seen my share of black cock/white pussy movies, which, as I mentioned I get off on, but he had to have the longest, thickest one I have ever seen. He was truly hung like a horse. We watched as he stretched her pussy even though two-thirds of his cock wasn't even able to fit inside. Despite black on white movies not being my wife's favorite genre, her pussy got nice and wet from the movie as well as my fingers. I started fucking her from behind as she continued watching the movie laying half on her side with one leg drawn up to give me access to her pussy. I fucked down into her as I spread her ass, which she enjoys.
We switched movies a couple times, finally settling on a nasty anal domination movie that got us both really worked up. She ended up cumming before me and I pulled out of her, laid on my back and started stroking my cock to bring myself to orgasm. My cock was nice and slippery with her juices. I began fantasizing of fucking her friend B and I came shortly thereafter.

After cumming I turned to my wife who was still watching the movie. This was a little unusual, but not unwelcomed, because she is mostly a one-orgasm woman. She hadn't cum strongly the first time though and when I placed my hand on her thigh near her pussy, she spread her legs wide for me, giving me open access once again. I love it when she wants to keep going and cum again!! It is always a treat for me when she is aroused enough to want a second (or more) orgasm so soon after having had one. One reason I like it is that we obviously don't always cum at the same time when fucking and those times when she cums before me, I am either forced to 'rush' my orgasm, have no orgasm, or have her finish me another way. Also, I just find it highly arousing when my wife (or any woman for that matter) is aroused enough to want to cum more than once in row.

I fingered and played with her already wet pussy before moving between her legs to taste her juices and feel her hard clit between my lips. She would alternate between watching the movie and closing her eyes enjoying my mouth on her pussy. I began fucking her and talking dirty to her about the ass fucking that we were watching on the screen and how I was going to do the same to her. She told me how good my cock felt inside her. My wife has been cumming sooner than usual lately and her second orgasm followed the same M.O. She said, "I'm cumming!" and started to buck and hold onto me tightly as I continued thrusting into her harder. Her body shuddered and tensed. When I thought she was done I started to wind down my thrusts but she held her grip on me and her body continued to pulse. "I'm still cumming." she gasped, as she looked directly into my eyes, her words broken by the contractions her body was going through.

She was having an unusually long orgasm, also something that doesn't normally happen. Ordinarily, when she cums, it is very powerful and intense, but subsides rather quickly - today was one of the rarer times when her orgasm came in much more subtle 'waves' and for much a much longer period of time. I love the look on her face as she has these extended orgasms. I continued sliding in and out of her, more slowly now, to prolong her orgasm as long as possible. I told her how sexy she looked cumming like she did. Somewhere, as she was cumming for the second time, I came again too, this time inside her pulsing pussy.