Saturday, August 30, 2008


30 August, Saturday - Getting Ready. My wife got her pussy freshly waxed and her nails done Friday. She also came back from the mall with two pairs of heels - a set of red ones and another pair that she called 'trashy sexy'. She will look very sexy in both. She also bought some new thong underwear and a pretty, low-cut bra.

It's clear to me that she has begun preparing herself for for G, her soon to be lover. She also made a point of telling me that she was going to start working out (consistently) again beginning Monday.
She wants to look good for him which turns me on.

I got the chance to feel her smooth pussy on my tongue tonight, as I covered her opening with my mouth, sucking on her slippery lips and pierced clit. It had been a couple months since her last waxing - an unusually long time between them. The same with getting her nails done. Normally she gets herself taken care of every 3-4 weeks. After G came over to the house the other day and spent some time with her, though, my wife promptly made appointments to get herself prettied up for him.

She climbed on top of me, kissing and grinding against my hard cock through her thong. I pulled her thong to the side and she slid her pussy down onto my cock. Sometimes I enjoy fucking her with her panties on, just moving them to the side like this - it seems to give things a sense of urgency...that there isn't even time to remove them. Same thing with her bra - sometimes I like to just pull her breasts out, leaving her bra on, manhandling her. She said she liked it like this too. Her ass felt good in my hands as she bounced it up and down.

"I like being on top." she said from above. "I like it too - I can look at you, run my hands all over you, hold and spread your ass, and suck on your breasts." I told her. "You like them?" she asked. "I like seeing them sway and bounce as you ride me. I want you to show more of them. More cleavage, show them down to your nipples." She said, "I like showing off for you and others."

"I like that you've done all the things to make yourself sexy - waxed your pussy, manicured your nails, bought new heels and underwear for him. You want to be sexy for him, don't you?", I asked her. "Yes", she replied. "Does he make you feel sexy and feminine?" Again, "Yes". "I know you did it all for him. So naughty."

"Very soon, honey, huh?", I asked her about fucking G. "Yes, I hope so." she said. "You going to ride him just like you're doing right now." "Yes." "His hands all over your ass like this?" as I caressed and held her firm ass tightly. "His big hands.", I added. "Yesssss." she hissed, getting closer to orgasm. "What if he wants to cum in your pussy? Are you going to let him cum inside of you?" She cried out "Yes" as she started convulsing and cumming.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

She Dressed For Him Today

28 August, Thursday - Flirting Again and Feeling Sexy. I received a pleasant text from my wife this morning:

Wife (8/28 8:01): morning how u?
Wife (8/28 8:15): Flirting w/ G today. Saw him this morning on way to school.

Me (8/28 8:30): hello...and how were u flirting with him?? Did u flirt with him last nite too?
Wife (8/28 8:36): We passed each other as I was turning onto (street). He sent text saying "Whatever..."
Wife (8/28 8:41): He said he was distracted by hot chick in white car.
Me (8/28 8:42): U ask him what he wants?
Wife (8/28 8:44): Nope. He called & we talked for bit. He asked where u were, what I was doing today. I said I would be home. He said he would call me when he gets back in town.
Me (8/28 8:47): Sounds nice.
Me (8/28 8:48): It's OK to be naughty with him.
Wife (8/28 8:49): Thanks. I have my blue halter on w/white shorts.
Me (8/28 8:52): Sounds very sexy....wud be nice if ur pussy was waxed too.
Me (8/28 8:53): U can make an appt to have done...along with ur nails too.

Me (8/28 8:56): Good day to do some sun tanning...even out ur white areas.
Wife (8/28 8:58): He suggested I slather up lay out. I said no lounge chair, have to lay on ground. He said I was killing him.
Me (8/28 9:00): I was just about to suggest that u lay out naked or topless and surprise him when he comes up the stairs.
Me (8/28 9:05): Did u invite him to come over?
Wife (8/28 9:06): No

(Two hours later)
Wife (8/28 11:01): He came over. We talked bout kids & school. He left. Slight kiss on lips.
Wife (8/28 11:03): Told him I was surprised he called usually doesn't call a 2nd time. He said he needs to take it slow.

Me (8/28 11:03): Very nice honey...did u like? Feel exciting?
Wife (8/28 11:04): Yes, Was nervous. Asked if his wife knew he was here. No.
Me (8/28 11:04): Did u talk about playing together or meeting again?
Me (8/28 11:05): Do u think he was nervous too? Was he looking u over? Did u go inside?

Wife (8/28 11:06): Yes. Nervous. Sat on couch.
Wife (8/28 11:05): I asked if he would come back - Yes. When - I don't know he said.

Me (8/28 11:06): Nice baby...sounds very exciting for u...must feel good.
Wife (8/28 11:07): Feel sexy.
Wife (8/28 11:07): I hope that came across to him.

Me (8/28 11:08): Were u turned on being alone with him on the couch? ...wondering if he was going to make a move?
Wife (8/28 11:09): Yes
Wife (8/28 11:08): I sent text to him afterwards saying I will always let him make first move. I invited him to (local bar).

Me (8/28 11:09): u r sexy....a sexy hotwife...on the verge...
Me (8/28 11:09): R u wet now?

Wife (8/28 11:10): Yes
Me (8/28 11:10): U can touch urself.
Wife (8/28 11:11): In a bit, watering now.
Me (8/28 11:12): So, did u talk about how things wud/cud work. Like what I know & my involvement in things, etc.. (the things we talked about?)
Me (8/28 11:12): I'll bet u still feel excited, shaky, flushed, nervous and SEXY.
Wife (8/28 11:13): No, we just talked as friends. Got a bit nervous.
Wife (8/28 11:13): Going very slow
Me (8/28 11:14): It's ok to be's ur 1st time with another man since F & 1st time w/ur husbands knowledge/consent...1st time as a hotwife.
Wife (8/28 11:15): 1st time he has called when he said he would.
Me (8/28 11:16): so he is almost ready too...Did he say why he hadn't called or why he followed thru this time?
Wife (8/28 11:17): Must take slow.
Wife (8/28 11:20): I also sent a text saying that he was frustrating me.

Me (8/28 11:20): Was that after he left?
Wife (8/28 11:21): Yes, thought he might get an idea.
Me (8/28 11:21): Were u hoping that he would make a move while u were on the couch?
Wife (8/28 11:22): Yes.
Me (8/28 11:22): Wud u have been OK with it?
Wife (8/28 11:23): Yes, but prefer to be waxed, which is probably why I didn't, but u know me, not a big move maker.
Me (8/28 11:24): I love knowing that u were ready to let another man fuck u and that u wanted him. Could u tell if he was getting hard?
Wife (8/28 11:24): No.
Me (8/28 11:25): We'll get u waxed & ready for ur lover. Nice nails too.
Wife (8/28 11:25): Must be done tomorrow.
Me (8/28 11:26): And u r already on the pill...and can let him fuck u bareback and cum inside u.
Wife (8/28 11:26): Yes.
Me (8/28 11:26): Why must be tomorrow?
Wife (8/28 11:27): In case he goes to (the local bar) tomorrow nite.
Me (8/28 11:27): What time is (the local bar event)?
Me (8/28 11:30): u r going to like it when he finally reaches into ur panties and feels ur pussy so smooth.
Wife (8/28 11:30): Yes I know so will he.
Wife (8/28 11:31): he isn't answering me.

Me (8/28 11:31): R u calling him? Texting? What r u saying to him?

I called my wife from work and we talked for a few minutes about G's visit.

"He kissed me twice when he left. On the was just a kiss, but a little more special to me...and I'm sure to him too." she recounted to me. She had asked him if he was going to come back. He teased her and told her he would..."In a month."

I reminded her that I felt her taking a lover would add excitement to our marriage, which she still finds a little weird. "I want to take things slow." My wife thinks G is nervous about things also, after all, we are friends and he is married. She did tell me that she is more confident knowing that I know and that I approve and support her in taking G as a lover.

She reminded me how she is not big on making the first move. I told her that is what I like and want - a conservative wife...a conservative yet naughty that is doing something 'out of character', 'out-of-the-box', and stretching her and exposing her hidden side.
I don't just want an out-of-control slut...(an in-control slut maybe, but not an out-of-control slut.)

My wife wants to be sure to maintain our friendship with G and not do anything to cause her/us to lose it. She told me that she was nervous and I said it is OK to be, that what she/we were embarking on was not your everyday thing - at least not for her/us (yet) - that both parties were married and G's wife does not know, that we really don't know exactly where this journey will ultimately lead with it's many unknowns and the buildup of many months that has brought her as close as she has ever been. I told her that I too, was probably nervous, but that for me it manifests itself more as excitement than outright nervousness.

We continued texting after our phone call:

Me (8/28 11:47): save ur text w/G so I can read when I get home....u r sexy baby!
Me (8/28 11:51): try to find someplace for (one of our children) tomorrow, so u can bring him home tomorrow nite if u want. Did u let him know u might possibly be alone tomorrow nite when u invited him?

Me (8/28 11:52): Make an appt to get ur pussy waxed and ur nails done.

Wife (8/28 11:52): I told him that everyone would be gone for night.
Wife (8/28 11:52): What r ur hours tomorrow.
Me (8/28 11:53): Nice baby....good job. I love the thought of u sneaking a lover up the stairs to fuck him in our bed.
Wife (8/28 11:56): (Friend) will help us [with a remodeling project]) so I can have a room to take him to.
Me (8/28 12:12): where u at?
Wife (8/28 12:13): Inside why?
Me (8/28 12:13): just wondering...havent heard fr u.
Me (8/28 12:15): Thought maybe u were busy playing w/urself and had gone silent on me.

Wife (8/28 12:17): Sat down now. Have hand in pants. Wanted G to contact me first.
Me (8/28 12:18): Mmmmm... That sounds very sexy. U should text him and tell him what u r doing to urself...tell him what he has made u want to do.
Me (8/28 12:18): Ask him to call u and help
Wife (8/28 12:19): Well he hasn't replied. I should leave him alone.
Me (8/28 12:20): U can just tell him about it later...tomorrow nite hopefully at (the local bar). Tell him what he missed.
Me (8/28 12:19): Get the movie camera and film ur self for me to see later.
Me (8/28 12:21): I want u to take off ur clothes, go get the thick dildo, spread urself and start fucking urself with it with camera going.
Me (8/28 12:26): U know how I want u spread...nice and wide, like ur showing off ur pussy and want to be fucked.
Wife (8/28 12:27): OK, working on it.
Me (8/28 12:29): wud be nice if u had big mirror in front of u, so u cud watch urself sliding the dildo in & out.
Me (8/28 12:30): I want to see how wide ur legs r spread

Me (8/28 12:34): R u playing now?
Wife (8/28 12:34): Yes
Me (8/28 12:34): I want to watch u when I get home.
Wife (8/28 12:35): Ok but can u stop texting me now?...Honey (I was apparently distracting her from the task at hand with all my text messaging while she masturbated! I was highly aroused, though, and couldn't stop!)
Me (8/28 12:36): Imagine that u r spreading those legs so wide for G.
Me (8/28 12:37): Imagine him standing in front of u completely naked with his hard cock sticking out...getting ready to mount u and fuck ur smooth pussy.
Me (8/28 12:38): I want to call u, u put on speaker phone and tell me what u r doing to urself

Me (8/28 12:39): Put on speaker so u can use both hands

Me (8/28 12:48): use both hands on ur pussy...1 working the dildo, 1 rubbing ur clit...
Me (8/28 12:49): If u feel naughty enuf, u can slide a plug into ur ass...I have new bottle of lube in my drawer.
Me (8/28 12:49): Have both ur holes filled...& imagine that G is stuffing ur pussy and I am filling ur ass.
Me (8/28 12:50): U almost got fucked by ur lover today honey.

Me (8/28 12:51): I like how u responded today.

Me (8/28 12:52): Pretty soon u'll be a naughty little hotwife, letting ur lover cum in ur pussy while ur husband is away...maybe tomorrow nite.

Me (8/28 12:53): Saving his cum inside ur pussy to show me when I get home, when I inspect ur pussy to see how well he fucked u.

Me (8/28 12:55): Then i'll give u a good fucking of my own...reclaiming my naughty wife, cumming inside ur pussy as well.
Me (8/28 12:56): U'll have 2 men's cum deep inside u...ur lover's & ur husband's cum.

Me (8/28 13:02): I want u to fuck him outside on the grass...let him find u naked & sunbathing...he strips down on the spot and fucks u hard on the ground on ur towel.
Me (8/28 13:04): U'll be all slippery with oil...he'll get all slippery too as he pounds u hard
Wife (8/28 13:05): All sounds good
Me (8/28 13:06): Looking forward to seeing video.
Me (8/28 13:53): u make ur wax & nail appts?

Wife (8/28 14:10): yes

When I arrived home an hour later, my wife showed me her texts with G:

G (7:01 am): Whatever
Wife (7:07 am): So I can't wave to u & u won't answer my calls?
G (7:13 am): Sorry . Got distracted by a hot chick in a white car.
Wife (7:16 am): Hope it was a van going to ------- cuz I am still trying to calm down from guy in a white truck.
G (7:21 am): It was . Know her?
Wife (7:22 am): I can introduce u if ur interested.
G (7:25 am): Awesome

(She had sent these last few to G after her had left our house after visiting with my wife on the couch, leaving her fully aroused)

Wife (10:42 am): BTW, I will always let u make first move.
Wife (10:47 am): Unless u take too much longer
Wife (11:41): u r frustrating me

I gave her a nice kiss and hug when I got home and told her how proud I was of her. She looked good in her outfit. She had dressed for HIM today. I wanted to hear her say so, "You dressed for G today, didn't you?" "Well, I know you like this top". she said. "But you really dressed for him didn't you?" I asked. "Yes", she admitted. "Because I saw him last night. I had a feeling that I'd hear from him today." she continued. She looked very sexy in her body hugging top that has a nice plunging neckline. "So, you dressed for your lover today?" "Yes", she repeated. "I just had a feeling something would happen today".

She had been surprised that he had called her back after his first call this morning - for one reason or another, he usually tells her he will call her back then never does...nor has he just shown up at the house. Perhaps because of my conversation with him back in June has made him more comfortable with everything.

We had a nice hot session tonight; my wife was still feeling sexy from the days events:

I told her how naughty it was [going to be] dressing for G, wearing perfume for him, taking special care putting on her makeup for him and having a nice smooth pussy and well done nails. Naughty getting sexy for another man besides her husband.

I described for her how she would be spreading her legs wide for him, "...just like you spread wide today on the couch masturbating today - one leg up on the back of the couch as G fucks you hard, your arms and legs wrapped around him tightly as he pumps his cock into you. You're going to like feeling his big body on top of you." "Yes" she said. "You like big strong men don't you?" "Yes"

"He's going to cover your mouth with his and kiss you deep while his cock slides into your pussy. You like being kissed while you get fucked, don't you?" "Yes" she said between my deep kisses.

"You wanted him to fuck you today, didn't you?" "Yes" "Tomorrow night"
, I told her, "Bring him home, just come straight home instead of going out [to the local bar]. You can be fucking him in this exact spot on our bed tomorrow. You can be as loud and uninhibited as you want with your lover. Very soon you're going to be a hotwife for the first time."

We talked about anticipation and firsts as we fucked:

- The first time that she undresses for him and presents herself naked to him.
- The first time that she sees him naked, standing over her with his hard cock sticking out.
- The first time that he slides his hand into her panties and feels her smooth pussy.
- The first time that she wraps her pretty manicured hand (with wedding ring) around his thick cock.
- The first time that she feels his hard, hot cock slide into her mouth.
- The first time that he covers her pussy with his mouth and sucks her.
- The first time that his fingers touch her hardened clit.
- The first time that she spreads her legs and offers herself and submits her pussy to him.
- The first time that she feels him cum inside her pussy.

We both got worked up. "I want to hear you say to him, 'G, I want you to cum inside me.', 'G, I want your cum inside my pussy.', 'I want you to fuck me without a condom'"

Unfortunately, G will have to wear a condom for a little while, as my wife forgot to fill her prescription and was off the Pill for a few weeks. I told her to go tomorrow and buy some condoms. She was reluctant and said that she has never bought them before. I told her to do it - that it's naughty, a married woman buying rubbers not for her & her husband, but for her and her lover.

Just before cumming, I told her G had probably masturbated today after coming over to our house to see her. "...stroking his thick cock, thinking about you. You want him to have a nice big cock don't you?" "Yes....I wanted him to call me", she panted. "You wanted him to help you cum didn't you?" "Yes" "You'd tell him what you were doing to yourself." "Yes", again. "Tell him what he missed out on." She replied, "I think I will tell him next time I talk to him."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Dog Days

19 August, Tuesday - Slow going. Not much to blog about lately. Especially since the argument we got into back in June about my phone call to G. The sex has been fairly scarce as well as any talk of her taking lovers, hotwifery and the like. I've been giving this some thought, as our [lack of a] sex life is pretty important to me. I'm fairly certain that the disagreement we had back in June will eventually blow over with respect to her interest in taking G as a lover. I don't doubt or discount how she felt about it, but just feel that it is something that time has to sort out, and that once G gets ahold of her again, she will be back onboard with the 'program'.

I am hoping that the lull in the action has to have more to do with the fact that we have children...who coincidentally are now out of school for the summer. Because we decided against multiple camps for them, they are around so much more this summer. However, that hasn't reduced the need for them to keep busy with their other regular summer activities, which in turn means that we have to keep up, too. So with the kids around so much, my wife and I have not been able to spend much quality time together. I believe this is the real reason for the lack of connection I've (and I am sure my wife as well) have been feeling for the past couple of months. I find myself looking forward to the school year starting, the return to a routine for the kids, and the subsequent time that will be freed up during the daytime that my wife and I can spend together.

14 July, Monday - G texted my wife. She returned his call, although they just had a routine, non-flirting, non-sexual conversation. No mention of my phone call to him last month nor an acknowledgement that I had told him that my wife has wanted to be with him.

(Without checking, I think G understood my wife telling him very early on that Mondays & Tuesdays were her days home alone, because it seems that those are the days that he actually calls/texts her).

18 June, Wednesday - Went to lunch with my wife today in attempt to clear the air about my having called G last week. Still hard feelings and tension in the air. Not much change in either of our viewpoints. Discussed D & S within our sexual as well as domestic relationship. I once again proposed domestic discipline as resolution to certain domestic problems like defiance and insubordination. I am definitely a strong personality and want her to follow suggestions, instructions, directions sexually although she has resisted at times when she has felt uncomfortable. I would like for her to trust in my direction, know that I love her, will always protect her and not have her do things that would harm her. I'd like a D & S relationship where she follows my direction because of and despite the fact that she feels scared or uncomfortable. Because she is eager to please me. It is definitely a control thing for me, and total sexual control is what my wife has trouble giving to me.

That evening, we had some good sex - the first in a week. She told me that she wants to get her nipples pierced for me and she wants me to pick out some nipple rings for her. She likes that it will be our secret that can be shared only with those we want to know.
I showed her the closeup shot of her wet pussy that I keep on my phone and told her I would take photos of her pierced nipples and put them on my phone as well so I can show her off as I please.