Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reviewing Movies

4 December, Thursday - A Nice Wake Up. I was awoken this morning by my wife when she crawled back into bed next to me and immediately began fondling and stroking my cock. She snuggled up to me as she did, grinding her pussy against my leg.

She was still aroused from watching videos the other day alone, then again with me when I got home. "I want you to use the pump on me again." She was talking about our vacuum pump for her pussy. I blogged about it back when we bought it over a year ago. For the uninitiated, it's a clear, contoured, cup-like piece that fits over a woman's pussy, to which suction is applied, removing all the air and thus causing engorgement of, and extreme swelling of her pussy. (see photo) I guess you could somewhat compare the result with what happens when a woman uses a breast pump - same concept. There are electric pumps which suck the air out quicker and more efficiently, but we bought the hand pump which was substantially less expensive.

"There was a video of a woman getting her clit pumped, too," she said as I started to play with her pussy, "it's a little cup that fits over her clit. He was using a dildo inside her as he pumped her clit." I was familiar with the video, since I was the one who downloaded it a couple years ago.

"Do you want me to get one of those for your clit?", I asked her.

"Yes", came her reply. I think I may have bought one when we first bought the pump. "Some of the pictures looked a little extreme, like maybe it hurt." I don't think it does, but if so, I'd think it would be a pleasure/pain-thing, much like clips, clamps or clothes-pins are. She's never complained about the pump hurting in the past, although the photos can make it appear that way.

Our hands were busy - my fingers buried inside her pussy and her hand wrapped around and agressively stroking my cock. She proceeded to tell me more of what she wanted from what she watched a day ago..

"I liked the fisting movies too."

"I know. You've wanted to be fisted for a long time now.", I have tried many times with her, but unfortunately, no matter how patient I am and how much lube I use, my hands are just too large to fit fully inside her. "I need to get you a woman with hands small enough to fit inside your pussy, to stretch you."

"Yes! Maybe she will get me ready so you can fist me after. After she stretches me for you."
she said.

"I liked the video with the girls using the dildo on each other." This is the one she told me was HOT - two gorgeous girls using a double-headed dildo on another sexy blonde. I told her I needed to find someone to play with and use her pussy like that.

"Yes, but I want her to know she is there to play with me, to do things to me and know that I won't be playing with her." My wife is passive bi at this point, but I think she can be turned. I like to think that once she gets into it and gets more exposure with women that this could change and that she'd be willing to reciprocate or play a little with her too. So far, it's just been one woman who has played with her. The ideal situation would be either a bi submissive, service-oriented woman to serve both of us and who enjoys being dominated OR an experienced, teacher-type, perhaps on the more dominant side herself to guide my wife sexually alongside me. Both types would work.

"You like girl-girl play don't you?", I asked her.

"I just think it's nasty....Yes."

We talked about gangbangs, too. How she liked watching those videos and how she'd like being surrounded by 3-4 men, the center of attention, as they used her, played with her and fucked her.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Videos and Tribadism

2 December, Tuesday
- An Unusual Location. My wife texted me while I was at work today. She was working with a computer we just got and had hooked up an external drive so that she could listen to some music that was on it. She had run into a folder full of XXX videos and clips, some of which included her. I didn't hear from her for awhile - I figured she was engrossed in watching the videos. It turns me on knowing that my wife is at home being naughty watching porn on the computer. About a half an hour later, I texted her to see if there were any in particular that she liked.

"Fisting...Gangbang", she replied.

When I arrived home an hour and a half later, she was freshly showered and back at the computer. I was still aroused about her having been alone at home watching sexy movies. I went to the folder of the most recently viewed videos and saw that most of what she had watched involved anal, fisting, gangbangs/orgies or girl-on-girl play - all scenes she likes and/or wants to happen to her. I clicked on a few of her choices and watched them with her [again]. We started fooling around as we watched - she was sitting in a chair as I either knelt or stood next to her - we kissed as I fondled and played with her swollen breasts.

"Did you enjoy watching the movies?", I asked my wife.

"Yes", she replied.

I asked her if she had masturbated while she watched them. "Did you touch and play with your pussy?" She answered that she had made herself cum earlier.

As I stood next to her, she undid my pants, reached in, fondled and then pulled out my hardening cock. With one hand
she stroked my cock and with her other hand, she reached around behind me and grabbed hold of my balls and pulled and fondled them. I LOVE IT when she plays with me from behind like this, whether it is my cock or my balls she handles.

My wife took off her pants and spread her legs, placing her feet on the counter. She looked hot in this position! I started playing with her pussy, rubbing her stiffening clit, dipping my finger inside her and spreading her slippery juices over her lips and clit. Her eyes glazed over as I started fingering her deeply, her ass pushed up to the edge of the chair. She turned her head and took my hard cock into her mouth sucking me as I dug deeper into her pussy with my hand and fingers.

"There is a HOT video of three women in a all girl orgy.", she panted. She is not normally very verbal as we play, so I always love it when she suggests things, tells me what she wants or what turns her on. She is most verbal when she is very turned today.

I found the video she liked so much. It was of three very hot looking blondes, two of them were working on the third, sucking, licking, and playing with her. Eventually, they started using a long, clear, double-headed dildo on each other, burying both ends in their bare pussies and fucking against each other. They rubbed their pussies against each other, which really turns my wife on. I didn't used to know this, but there is a term for this - Tribadism My wife wants to experience this with another woman.

"You want to feel that don't you? Another woman's pussy rubbing against yours?", I asked her.

"Yes" was her reply.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have girlfriends to play with like this? To rub your pussy against? Maybe one of your girlfriends."

I wanted to fuck and grabbed my wife's legs turning her towards me in the chair and stripped off my pants, which had been down around my ankles. It was not going to be easy - this was a dining room chair, kinda low and with a relatively small seat-section. I contorted, half squatting and positioned my cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy and pushed forward. I slid into her easily. There wasn't much room on the seat but somehow we managed to fit tightly together, my cock buried inside her. It actually was a VERY hot scene - both of us on the small chair, coupled, her back pushed up against the kitchen cabinets, her legs spread wide and up in the air as I thrust into her.

"I like knowing that you were right here playing with your pussy while you watched the movies", I told her. "Now you know where the movies are when you want to watch them again. You're supposed to tell me when you masturbate or want to touch yourself, though."

"Yes, now I know where." she said. "Sorry"

I think it was such a turn on for both of us because of the unusual location and position we were fucking in. My wife agreed it was hot fucking like this.

I didn't last too long - it was too arousing for me. She finished shortly after I filled her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


26 November, Wednesday - Sharing Again. I saw M today, my wife's sexy friend who I've wanted to sleep with or have join my wife and I in bed. There hasn't been much to write about regarding M in a long time. M is the one who gave my wife her first Brazilian waxing, and so, has had her hands on my wife's pussy, which I had the pleasure of being present for. Both my wife and I have shared with M, parts of our sex life, including the desire to start playing with others and including them in our bed. I, more so than my wife, would update M ocassionally whenever we'd see her or I'd fire off an email or text to her if she had been the object of my wife's & my previous night's fantasies.

I enjoyed sharing the intimate details of our sex life with her and also liked hearing bits and pieces of M's sexual history and her sexual likes and dislikes. I still have the hots for her, even after being rebuffed by her sometime over a year ago.

Sometime last year, though, our sharing with M stopped. Even now, I really don't know what happened back then, but the gist of it all and the end result was that M apparently wanted the sexual sharing and suggestive comments to stop. So it did.

It's more than a year later now and I've not shared with her or otherwise attempted to get her to sleep with me or us.

So, it was a nice surprise today, for her to ask me how things were going on the 'lifestyle' front. (Now I wouldn't classify my wife's journey or our, so far very limited experiences as 'the lifestyle', especially given that it's already been almost two years - and counting - since my wife and I have seriously been talking about including others, taking lovers and her becoming a shared-wife.)

She asked whether we've gotten together with any other couples, etc... (There have been plenty of opportunities through the SwingLifestyle site that we belong to, but it's been my wife who has been unwilling to pull the trigger and follow through with actually meeting. She'd prefer playing with friends versus 'strangers'.

I gave her an update on the situation, telling her how things have kinda morphed from actual swinging with other couples or singles, to my wife now attempting to have a lover(s). (My reasoning/feeling is that once she actually takes a lover and gets comfortable fucking other men, she'll be more open to expanding our adventures to couples, threesomes or possibly even orgies/gangbangs). I told M about my wife having had phone sex and cumming with G on the phone a couple weeks back and how I have encouraged her to entertain lovers in our bed while I am busy at work. It wasn't alot to report, but for MY wife, it has been good progress.

M is in the process of not being married anymore. Things were tough for some time, so it is a good thing that she is on her own. As I was leaving, I told her I'd keep her updated with our 'progress'.

She laughed and said, "OK, I'll live through the two of you!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sex is Always Hotter...

16 November, Sunday - Hot Couch Sex and Thoughts of her friend B. I guess it's to be expected, but sex with my wife is always hotter after she's been flirting with a potential lover. She is so much more responsive and uninhibited when the possibility of actually being fucked by him gets closer to reality. Nothing is turns me on more than seeing her so sexually agitated and agressive.

We had a couple hours alone this afternoon, without the kids and took advantage of the time, with a hot fuck on the couch.I love fucking on the couch. I had my wife in the same position that I have envisioned her lovers having her in, many times - I position that I enjoy taking her in as well - my wife naked, on the couch, leaning back into her lover's chest, head back, his tongue deep in her mouth kissing her, her legs spread wide exposing her pussy to him, and his fingers deep inside her. She would have her hand wrapped around his cock stroking it up and down as he had his way with her.

I had her in this exact position today. It's one of my favorite places and positions for being able to play with her - it gives me excellent access to her pussy, her breasts and her mouth. We started talking about the possibilities for her this next week with G - perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

I had reached around her to play with her pussy, the palm of my hand slapping firmly against her clit as I worked a finger deep inside her.

I described how G was going to use, maul, and take her right her on the couch, in this very position. Her eyes began to glaze over with lust as I detailed her naught future with him. She had grabbed hold of my cock and had been working her hand up and down it's length. She would moan deeply into my mouth as she visualized the scenes I was whispering to her.

Without warning, she got up and attempted to straddle me. I was leaned back against the arm of the sofa as she hurried to plant her pussy onto my hard cock. There was this sense of urgency about her as she climbed on top of me. She needed to fuck and let out a moan as she lowered herself down onto me. "Is this how you are going to fuck G?", I asked her. "Yes!" She was frantic from the start, fucking and grinding enthusiastically. We kissed as she bounced and ground down on my hard cock. "Imagine how it's going to feel having his big cock deep up inside you." She was sighing and panting heavily. "His hands roaming all over your sexy body, holding your ass as you fuck him." She moaned loudly. "Him sucking your breasts as his cock swells inside you."

I love it when my wife is on top; it gives me access to her body with two free hands and lots of kissing. This was turning into a speed-fuck...a quickie. I could feel it in my balls and see it in her glazed-over eyes - neither of us was going to last long. I really love it when my wife gets this way - uninhibited - the fucking is so good, so primal. The more vocal and uninhibited she is, the more aroused I get. She was panting hard as she rode me. I couldn't hold out much longer, she felt too good, too tight. I came, moaning,
"I'm emptying my cum into you!", as I gripped her ass tightly.

My wife wasn't quite ready and continued her gyrations on my semi-hard cock until she came, panting heavily. It was a nice fuck, fairly quick but very passionate.

Later that night while in bed, we were reading a book on sex, men, & love together and talking about [the] various topics:

I asked her what she wanted more of. "Oral sex" came her reply. I knew what the answer would be. I have always been a fiend for oral sex, ever since I can remember having sex with anyone besides myself. I have always loved climbing between my wife's spread legs and spending lots of time sucking and licking her juicy pussy. And so did she. However, since she got her clit pierced about two years ago, it has seemed to me that she has enjoyed it less and, so, I have performed it on her less. Perhaps, I've thought, that her clit was just more sensitive since getting pierced and maybe the stimulation was just too much now. She agreed that she was somewhat more sensitive since the ring was put in. She also suggested that since she started getting regularly waxed, that perhaps the lack of any hair on/around her pussy - the lack of 'insulation' (hair) as I ate her - made the contact too direct and too strong.. I promised to eat her more often...and more gently.

I told her how much I love eating her pussy. How I used to love eating her right before I would leave for work at night and how I liked having her scent on me when I left - on my mustache/goatee and fingers. She would get so wet , spreading herself wide for me on the couch. "Oh, yes. I liked that." she replied.
"I like having you spread me."

We talked a little about when our friend M waxed her - how nice it was to have M's hands all over her pussy as she worked to make her bare as I watched nearby and M's email afterward to me about how it must have driven me crazy "watching my fingers touching her pretty pussy". My wife reminded me I will need to find someone else to wax as well as take care of her pussy.

I, in turn, told her that I wanted her to suck my cock more often and that I wanted more oral, both ways too. I suggested more 69ing, which she agreed would be nice.

I told her I also wanted to start fucking her ass regularly. She reminded me that I needed to work her ass regularly, "If you don't work it, it tightens up." She was right, I used to regularly work three fingers into her tight hole as well as fill it with plugs.

We began to play with each other and our conversation turned once again to her and G. I had noticed earlier when I got into it that my wife had straightened up all around our bed, the various books and little piles of stuff were gone - it was tidy and neat. I brought it up to her, asking whether, as well as implying at the same time that, she had cleaned up in preparation for him, for use while he fucked my wife. She admitted as much to me and I told her how naughty I thought it was that she was making these 'preparations' for him.

She had gotten waxed for him yesterday and now had cleaned up our bed to create a 'nest' for them to fuck in. I continued to detail for her how she would 'prepare' for him, "You're going to dress for him, wear perfume for him, and spend extra time on your makeup to make yourself sexy for him." It was all naughty. Naughty for a married wife to prepare for her lover like this, especially with her husband's permission and knowledge. I like that my wife is conservative ...conservative, yet also having a desire to be a 'naughty little wife'. I love the thought of her being both conservative AND naughty.

"Having a lover while your husband is gone, being at home waiting for him to arrive, opening the door for him knowing you are going to fuck him, fuck him right here in our bed - on the same spot that I'm fucking you right now. Eating your married pussy. It's all so naughty. Naughty that you're taking the Pill so he can fuck you bareback, so he can just slide his cock inside you, unprotected and cum inside you. So he can fill your pussy."

"Yes!!" she said excitedly.

"G's going to fill your married pussy. So naughty. It's going to be the first time in a long time that you've had another man's cum, besides mine, inside your pussy while we've been married, isn't it?? Your lover's cum. So naughty."

"Yes", she gasped. "It's going to be the first time I've had two men's cum inside me."

"Two?" I quizzed her.

"Yes, on the same day. G's and yours, my husband's." she answered.

"Yesss, baby!" It was hot hearing those words coming out of my wife's mouth. "You're going to leave his cum inside you aren't you?

"Yes, so you can check me when you get home." She continued. "I'm going to spread my legs so you can inspect my pussy."

"It's going to look freshly fucked...stretched and full of your lover's cum, isn't it?"

"Yes, then you're going to fuck me. I'll have two men's cum inside me on the same day." She was excited and her words sounded so lusty. I love it when my wife let's loose verbally like this. It means that she is very aroused and feeling uninhibited.

I took the conversation to a familiar place as I continued fucking my wife. "Then you can call B and tell her all about it. How your lover fucked you and then how your husband came home and fucked you immediately afterwards. You can tell B how you have both our cum inside you."

"Yes!" She was excited by the thought of sharing this with B.

I asked, "Did you ever tell B about your phone sex with G?" She had. "When?" I followed up.

"That same day, after I talked to you. Right after it happened. I told her, 'I just had phone sex with G.' She said B had wanted to hear all the details, but my wife was too embarassed to share the particulars with her.

"She was turned on by it, wasn't she?" I asked about B. "Why didn't you tell me? You know you are supposed to tell me whenever you share"

"Yes, I think so.", she answered. "Sorry for not telling you."

We were both getting more excited by the conversation as we fucked. "B likes hearing about you and G, doesn't she? It turns her on doesn't it? Do you think it made her pussy wet to hear about it? Does B know that I know all about you and G?" She answered affirmatively to to each of the questions.

"Hopefully this week, you will be able to tell her how G fucked you, how you let him cum inside you and how he sucked your pussy. B's gonna like that, isn't she? She's gonna get wet hearing all about you and G. Maybe B will masturbate afterwards...after listening to you tell her all about it." My wife agreed with me.

"B is sexy, honey, I want her.", I told my wife.
"I want to fuck her. Do you think she wants a lover too?"

"Yes, I think so.", my wife said.

"You think she wants to be a naughty wife, too? Like you? You think she wants to fuck and play with a lover?", I continued.


"I want her married pussy.", I grunted as I picked up the pace of my thrusts. My wife started cumming as I continued to tell her how hot and sexy I found B and how I wanted her. I didn't last much longer and came as I described and visualized the image of both B and my wife being fucked right next to each other on the bed, side by side, legs spread, my wife getting fucked by her lover and B by me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cumming Together

14 November, Friday -
Phone Play. My wife had gone out for morning coffee with her friend B today. I was at work and hadn't heard from her in a while and texted her to find out what she was doing.
It was taking a few minutes longer than usual for her to respond - I soon found out why:

Wife (11/14 10:03): Flirting with G.
Me (11/14 10:04): Hmmmm...Good Girl...Did he contact u?
Me (11/14 10:07): Be forward with him. Invite him over to have u.

I didn't receive any texts from her for almost half an hour.

Wife (11/14 10:28): Next week, but we just came over phone. (It was hard believe what I was reading!)
Me (11/14 10:29): Phone sex? Sounds hot baby! What was he telling u?

Wife (11/14 10:29): How he will lick and suck me.
Me (11/14 10:30): U will have to tell me about it.
Me (11/14 10:31): U liked that didn't u?
Wife (11/14 10:31): He seemed to like as well.
Me (11/14 10:33): Were you telling him what u wanted to do to him?
Wife (11/14 10:34): Little bit. Asked if I get to suck him too.
Me (11/14 10:35): What else was he telling u? What was his answer about sucking him?
Wife (11/14 10:35): He said yes he wants that.
Me (11/14 10:37): How did you get started playing with each other?
Wife (11/14 10:39): I saw him this morning before coffee with B. I sent him a text. He called, then I returned his call. Told him I was laying on the bed. He liked that I called in that position.
Wife (11/14 10:40): Told him i had legs crossed. He said to uncross.
Me (11/14 10:42): Then he started telling u what to do? R u still turned on by it? What did u set up for next week?
Wife (11/14 10:42): He said I didn't invite him up last time. I told him I get nervous. Told him he should just come up.
Me (11/14 10:43): I told u that all u had to do was invite him up to have him.
Me (11/14 10:44): Did he tell u to start playing with yourself?
Wife (11/14 10:45): Well, I told him my hands were on my belly. He said too high. Told me I needed to unzip, touch button. He also told me to put my finger inside. I told him I was wet.
Me (11/14 10:46): Nice. And u followed his directions, told him when u were touching yourself? Did he tell u to undress?
Me (11/14 10:48): Did u ask if he was hard and stroking himself? Did he make u spread ur legs wide?
Wife (11/14 10:50): I asked where his hands were. He said he was trying to figure why he was so hard.
Wife (11/14 10:51): No did not. Told me that if he sees me, he will chase me down and take me.
Me (11/14 11:00): Did u like knowing u had made him hard and that he was stroking himself?
Wife (11/14 11:01): Yes, but then wondered if he might be putting me on.
Wife (11/14 11:02:): Told him my belly is pierced and asked if he likes that. He said he did.

Me (11/14 11:02): Have confidence that u r hot and sexy baby! Did u tell him ur clit is pierced?
Wife (11/14 11:04): No, figured he would like surprise.
Me (11/14 11:04): Yes he will.
Wife (11/14 11:05): Told him if he is down there he will c my other tattoo.

I gave my wife a call shortly afterwards, where she recounted her conversation and masturbation with G in greater detail to me:

I asked her if it was nice to cum with G on the phone. "Yes", she replied.
"Did you tell B about it?" I asked her. She was going for coffee with her and I wasn't sure if she had talked to G before or after her coffee with B. "Not yet", she said. I like it when my wife shares with B.

She had been on the bed already talking to G when I sent her the first text to see what she was doing. She told me, "You sent over the text and G heard your beep and said, 'Oh, is that your husband finding out what you are doing?' I told him, 'Yes, it is'. I told him that I told you I was flirting with him." He had replied back to her about it, but unfortunately the connection was bad and she couldn't hear what he had said about her telling me about her flirting with him. "He got a little quiet" - a little more reserved or tentative she told me later tonight.

They talked about not having seen each other in a while. (The last time was when she called him to help her jump start her car while I was at work back near the end of October) G told her, 'Well, you didn't invite me up last time'. She told him that she gets nervous. 'You get nervous??' he questioned. She commenced to tell him how she did not want to do anything that he wouldn't want to. He told her, 'There's no harm with playing' My wife agreed with G, 'Well, I think so, but I don't know if you think so'. "I told him next time for him to just come up to the house", she said to me.

"He asked me what I was doing. I said to him, 'I am laying on the bed.' He asked me where were my hands and I told him my legs are up and crossed. He told me to uncross them. I did and told him. I said my legs were rocking back & forth and I was rubbing my stomach. He told me that they were too high and said I should put my hands lower. I said something about my pants being in the way. He said 'You should take your pants off'." She said that she had moved the phone down and undid her pants, hoping he would hear her unzipping them. He didn't. (I asked her later tonight as we fucked, if she had gotten naked for him...she had, from the waist down), He asked her if she was more comfortable, then he, 'Told me to move my hand lower'. "I moved
them lower and I asked him where his hands were." He answered her, 'On my leg...and wondering why I am getting hard.'

"I told him to own up to it - that it was hard because of me...he said
'Yes'. It sounded like he was stroking himself, then he told me to touch myself." I asked my wife if she liked that he was stroking himself while talking to her on the phone. "I thought: 'Is he just putting me on? playing with me?'". I reminded her how sexy she truly is and that I am positive that he was not messing with her. She replied, "That is what's going through my mind...Is he really doing it, stroking himself, or what? I think i asked him if he was touching himself." She said tonight that she could hear him breathing heavily as he stroked his cock.

She continued, "Then he started to tell me what he'd like to do to me....That he wants to lick and suck my pussy". "And were you answering and talking back to him?", I asked my wife. "I was just kinda listening, then he told me how he wanted to fuck me. I asked him if he wants me to suck him. He said I should use one of my toys down there." I asked if she got out one of our dildos or vibrators for him. "No. He told me he would use them on me. He said if he sees me again, he'd chase me down and take me in the car." I asked her what made her finally cum, I wanted to know if there was something in particular that he said that pushed her over the edge. She didn't know. "I told him that I wanted him to cum and a little later he said he wants me to cum...we came pretty much together" "Was it nice to hear him cumming for you? "Yes". "Was he loud?" "No, not necessarily loud. He moaned when he came." I asked her if she was moaning and making noise for him. She said she did.

"He said he would call me next week, so nothing is set up. I told him my arms and neck were sore and that i needed a massage. He said he would come by on Monday to massage me."

"That was a nice first for you wasn't it?, You got to cum with G on the phone" I asked her. "Yes, it was nice! It was fun, was spontaneous, that was good. He said something like , 'We both want the same thing.' I told him I didn't want to do anything that would bother him [in his marriage]. That is what makes me nervous. He said again to me, 'A little playing is OK.' "

I told her that I was proud of her...for taking this step with G. She laughed, "Proud that I had phone sex with another man?" "Yes," I replied. "One step closer to taking him as your lover"

About an hour later, I reminded her about being ready for G next week:

Me (11/14 12:04): U should get ur pussy waxed.
Wife (11/14 12:36): OK, made appt for tomorrow
Me (11/14 12:38): Good girl. Have u been taking ur pills so G can cum inside u?
Wife (11/14 12:40): Yes, but he may just want to play.
Wife (11/14 12:41): He may not call either.
Me (11/14 12:45): Maybe not, but I want u ready for him.
Wife (11/14 12:47): Yes
Me (11/14 12:49): U know that if u and him get naked alone and u start touching each other, that u r going to want him to fuck u and he is going to want to also.
Wife (11/14 12:50): Yes, pretty sure of that.

A very positive event for all. This is clearly the furthest and the most sexual that things have gotten between my wife and G. It was exciting to receive her texts and to talk with her about her experience.

I want to be able to either watch my wife as she plays with G, even if it is just while she has phone sex with him or to listen to her as she plays with him, moaning, gasping, grunting, talking dirty to G and being uninhibited with another man. I really want to see how she responds to having another man's cock inside her pussy, another man's cock in her mouth, another man's mouth on her pussy, and her hand wrapped around another man's thick cock. I don't want her to be inhibited by my presence while she is with her lover, rather, I'd like to be that fly on the wall watching and listening to her in her natural state with a lover, saying what she wants to him, making as much noise as she wants, and acting as naughty and nasty with him as she dares without thinking about how she 'should be'.

As we fucked tonight, I told her how I wanted to know that she was being handled, used and fucked by G while I was at work. She said, "I will call you when he is on his way over......unless he just shows up."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fits and Starts

24 October, Friday. Musings - G did not come over to the house yesterday. My wife had texted him early in the morning but he did not reply or come by.

Wife 10/23 10:08: He has not replied. Told him I was not busy.

We argued a little via text about it. I (as I usually do) wanted her to be more bold, more forward and direct with G about what she wants and when she wants it. She wants him to take the lead, the initiative. She does not want to appear to be pushy. It's my opinion that she still has a lack of confidence that G wants her.

But this seems to be his M.O. - he drops out of sight for a few weeks or a month after the little flirtations with my wife or after telling her he will call her. I believe this frustrates my wife and makes her feel that he is a reluctant participant in her pursuit. Could be he's just being a guy. I always assure her that he would love to take her to bed, but have to admit that his slow pace is drawing my wife's hotwife journey out. Sometimes, I will read or review my blog and have lamented how my wife has seemingly been only 'a day' away or 'an invite up or text' away from having her first lover (with my permission/knowledge).

This blog entry, I guess, is where I get to say that as much as I want to see my wife take a lover and fuck other men, I'm OK with the pace of things...kinda.

What makes this whole journey exciting for me has everything to do with who my wife is - her personality type, her history, her values, etc... What I mean by this is that what turns me on most about all this is the fact that it is about a transformation, an evolution, a transformation, a journey for my wife - for us together as a couple, from a conservative proper wife to a naughty conservative proper wife. The [apparently] slow turning of a wife into a hotwife. While at times the pace of her progress frustrates me, it also provides the kind of slow-burn kind of arousal and anticipation of things to come for her and us.

I mean, what stretch is it for a woman who is predisposed to spontaneous and prolific sex, to sleep with another man. It isn't - It is easy for this type of woman. It isn't so easy for my wife. The excitement for me lies in that stretch for my wife, watching her grow, albeit slowly, incrementally, becoming more and more bold and daring with G, all while knowing that this is all more or less out of character for her to do or be so. (This isn't to say I wouldn't enjoy having a wife who is predisposed to spontaneous and prolific sex with other men within our marriage!...but it would be a different kind of excitement.) I much prefer the turning of a conservative wife. Certainly there are control and domination aspects to my desire to have a Hotwife and Shared-Wife that arouse me. But probably the best term to describe why her journey interests me so is: The metamorphosis.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the apparent 'peaks and valleys' of this blog and journey so far. I reckon that there will be more false starts before my wife and G consumate their relationship. Progress is being made by my wife, although at times it seems or feels imperceptible. Sometimes we argue or fight about the lack thereof. I tell her I am proud of her each time she does make progress, which she finds funny. I do love her and honestly feel that in the end, this will enhance and bring excitement to the sexual side of our marriage.

Hopefully this doesn't sound too melancholy or overly reflective. Just clarifying and reconciling my feelings...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slingbox - A Great Invention?

23 October, Thursday - Scrambling to Get Service - I'm at work, on my lunch trying to get my recently acquired Slingbox working in 'Remote Viewing' mode. I am not having luck, despite having called tech support for assistance. At home connected to the Slingbox is a video camera, your basic handheld Sony video camera. It is in the living room, switched on, and pointed at the couch in the living room. This is where my wife platonically entertained G on his last visit a couple months ago. This is where, with any luck, she will entertain him today, this time in a much less platonic way. I was hoping to be able to watch the proceedings on my laptop, from work...

Two days ago, on Tuesday the 21st, while I was at work, my wife had contacted G and asked him if could come over to help her with the car battery. The battery was dead and needed a trickle charge. I had told my wife where the charger was and had explained to her how to do it herself, since I was not around to do it. I guess, instead, she took it as an opportunity to call up G and invite him over to the house while she was alone.

She texted me after he had left:

Wife (10/21 11:51): hi G came over & hooked up the car for me. nothing else.
Me (10/21 11:53):
oh good. u didn't invite him up? Did u call him to come help u?
Wife (10/21 11:55): no didn't invite up. i stumbled. we talked in driveway
Me (10/21 11:55): u stumbled?? verbally?
Wife (10/21 11:56):
didn't ask. got nervous. i'm not good at inviting
Me (10/21 11:58):
babe! would have been a good opportunity to let him take u. just like i described...on the couch. Just ask him if he wants to cum up for a drink/soda.
Wife (10/21 12:00):
yeah, well i blew it
Me (10/21 12:01):
were u two flirting?
Wife (10/21 12:02):
no. haven't for a long time. we hugged, he kissed my neck, i told him i liked, then he said 'like this' & lightly bit my neck. i said yes & kissed his cheek.
Me (10/21 12:02):
just send him a short text. Tell him u wanted to invite him up but that u got nervous & tell him to drop by again soon.
Wife (10/21 12:07): said to him to come by more often. sent him a text saying 'i owe u something'. no reply
Wife (10/21 12:08):
invited him to facebook
Me (10/21 12:10):
ummmm....that sounds nice, him biting ur neck like that & u telling him u like it. I like that visual. Kiss him on the lips, open mouth.
Me (10/21 12:12):
I will be working this thursday Tell him u will be alone and tell him to stop by while i am gone.

That night as we lay in bed kissing, I smelled her perfume. I told her how nice she smelled as I inhaled her scent off her neck. "I wore some yesterday too. I try to remember to wear it everyday because I know you like it." she told me. I replied, "But you put it on for G today, didn't you?" "Yes", came her answer.

"Did you like it when he kissed your neck today? Did you like it when he nibbled on and bit your neck?" It was "Yes" on both counts. She had only kissed him on the cheek as they hugged outside today. she said."I like that you were with him standing right in front of our house today as he kissed and nibbled on you - it's naughty for a married woman". "Yes, it was" "Next time I want you to give him a nice open mouth kiss - give him your tounge" "OK....I want to be waxed." she answered. "For your lover? For G right?" "Yes, I want to be waxed for him." "I love that you want to be sexy for your lover - it is so sexy and naughty."

I asked what she wore for him. She wore shorts and a pull over zip-up sweatshirt. she added. I asked if he noticed that, "I didn't wear a bra underneath and it was the type of sweatshirt that you can tell if you don't wear a bra. I hope so!." I slid my cock into my wife, thrusting lazily in and out of her slick pussy as I continued to talk about her and G being together. I reminded her about what I had told her earlier, that I was working on Thursday. "Invite him over while I am away at work. I want to know that: he's got his tongue in your mouth; he's got his hands all over your pussy; you've got your hand wrapped around his big cock; he has his mouth on your pussy; you've got his hard cock inside your mouth sucking on him; you're spreading your legs for him; he is pounding his cock into your wet pussy; his cock is dripping cum into your pussy as he fucks you; and I want to know that you let him fill your pussy with his seed...while you are alone here with him."

She replied, " I think I will just call him on Thursday and ask him to come over." "Yes," I told her, "Tell him 'My husband is gone for the day' and invite him over.

"Were you turned on today? Do you wish you would have invited him in?" "Yes"
she replied. She hadn't invited him in, she said, because they really hadn't been flirting much since he last came over to the house. She was really pushing against me now. I had been thrusting deeply into her, and she was positioning her ass and angling her pussy so as to allow for maximum depth of penetration. I love the feeling of being buried so deep inside her...the tightness, the glove-like grip and the feel of my cockhead bumping against the back of her pussy. She was spreading her legs wide for me, locking her feet behind my thighs, pusher her knees down and apart on the bed, giving me complete access to the deepest parts of her pussy. I love it when she spreads and grinds against me like this!

"You want to feel G in you deep like this don't you?" "Yes!" she said. "You are going to be his naughty hotwife." She was sooo wet.

I pulled her nightie up over her breasts. I love to watch them bounce and jiggle as I thrust into her. "G's going to like seeing your breasts bounce too while he gives you a hard fucking."

I asked my wife, "Have you told any of your girlfriends about this?" She answered, "Yes, B" "When?", I continued. "A couple of months ago." This had to be right after she had had him over to the house and on the couch a couple months ago. I asked her what she had told B. "I told her that I should have done it with him." "So you told her that he had come over?", I asked my wife. "Yes" "That you were on the couch with him that day?" "Yes"

"Did you tell her who it is?" "Yes" B had guessed correctly. B knows G too, socially, and my wife told me that B had remembered that my wife told her she thought he was attractive some time back. She told me that B thought he was attractive too.

"Do you think B is turned on hearing about it...about you and G?" "Yes", she replied. I have always liked it when my wife shares her/our sex life with her close girlfriends and I always encouraged her to do so with them. I wasn't sure if she had told anyone recently about her efforts to make G her lover. I especially like when she shares with B, since I find B to be sexy and attractive and would enjoy being with her and/or having her join my wife and I in bed. B is conservative like my wife, and I'd love the opportunity to turn her into a hotwife alongside my wife. The idea of getting her to step out on her marriage is highly arousing to me. I love the thought of the two married women both seeking, keeping and sharing lovers - conservative yet naughty wives. Normal wives and mothers, but with a sexual 'dark side'.

My wife's hand had moved between her legs. She had been playing with her clit as I fucked her. She told me that she was cumming, as we continued talking about B. I didn't want her to cum - I wanted to keep fucking her and wasn't ready to cum yet myself. I picked up the pace anyway, pushing deep into her pussy before emptying my cum into her.


22 October, Wednesday

I walked into the house today after work to find the living room and house in complete order and very neat. "You cleaned it up and had it ready for G, didn't you? In case he came over. "Yes", she answered.

Later that night, her cell phone alarm that reminds her to take her Pill went off. She apparently had gotten off schedule and had run out again. Tomorrow was a possible day for her and G. "Are you protected?", I asked her. "Not sure, I think so.", she replied. Just a few minutes later she was heading out the door to run to the pharmacy to get more Pills. Unusual...and naughty to me that she wanted to run out in the middle of the evening to make sure she was prepared for her lover...just in case.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


30 August, Saturday - Getting Ready. My wife got her pussy freshly waxed and her nails done Friday. She also came back from the mall with two pairs of heels - a set of red ones and another pair that she called 'trashy sexy'. She will look very sexy in both. She also bought some new thong underwear and a pretty, low-cut bra.

It's clear to me that she has begun preparing herself for for G, her soon to be lover. She also made a point of telling me that she was going to start working out (consistently) again beginning Monday.
She wants to look good for him which turns me on.

I got the chance to feel her smooth pussy on my tongue tonight, as I covered her opening with my mouth, sucking on her slippery lips and pierced clit. It had been a couple months since her last waxing - an unusually long time between them. The same with getting her nails done. Normally she gets herself taken care of every 3-4 weeks. After G came over to the house the other day and spent some time with her, though, my wife promptly made appointments to get herself prettied up for him.

She climbed on top of me, kissing and grinding against my hard cock through her thong. I pulled her thong to the side and she slid her pussy down onto my cock. Sometimes I enjoy fucking her with her panties on, just moving them to the side like this - it seems to give things a sense of urgency...that there isn't even time to remove them. Same thing with her bra - sometimes I like to just pull her breasts out, leaving her bra on, manhandling her. She said she liked it like this too. Her ass felt good in my hands as she bounced it up and down.

"I like being on top." she said from above. "I like it too - I can look at you, run my hands all over you, hold and spread your ass, and suck on your breasts." I told her. "You like them?" she asked. "I like seeing them sway and bounce as you ride me. I want you to show more of them. More cleavage, show them down to your nipples." She said, "I like showing off for you and others."

"I like that you've done all the things to make yourself sexy - waxed your pussy, manicured your nails, bought new heels and underwear for him. You want to be sexy for him, don't you?", I asked her. "Yes", she replied. "Does he make you feel sexy and feminine?" Again, "Yes". "I know you did it all for him. So naughty."

"Very soon, honey, huh?", I asked her about fucking G. "Yes, I hope so." she said. "You going to ride him just like you're doing right now." "Yes." "His hands all over your ass like this?" as I caressed and held her firm ass tightly. "His big hands.", I added. "Yesssss." she hissed, getting closer to orgasm. "What if he wants to cum in your pussy? Are you going to let him cum inside of you?" She cried out "Yes" as she started convulsing and cumming.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

She Dressed For Him Today

28 August, Thursday - Flirting Again and Feeling Sexy. I received a pleasant text from my wife this morning:

Wife (8/28 8:01): morning how u?
Wife (8/28 8:15): Flirting w/ G today. Saw him this morning on way to school.

Me (8/28 8:30): hello...and how were u flirting with him?? Did u flirt with him last nite too?
Wife (8/28 8:36): We passed each other as I was turning onto (street). He sent text saying "Whatever..."
Wife (8/28 8:41): He said he was distracted by hot chick in white car.
Me (8/28 8:42): U ask him what he wants?
Wife (8/28 8:44): Nope. He called & we talked for bit. He asked where u were, what I was doing today. I said I would be home. He said he would call me when he gets back in town.
Me (8/28 8:47): Sounds nice.
Me (8/28 8:48): It's OK to be naughty with him.
Wife (8/28 8:49): Thanks. I have my blue halter on w/white shorts.
Me (8/28 8:52): Sounds very sexy....wud be nice if ur pussy was waxed too.
Me (8/28 8:53): U can make an appt to have done...along with ur nails too.

Me (8/28 8:56): Good day to do some sun tanning...even out ur white areas.
Wife (8/28 8:58): He suggested I slather up lay out. I said no lounge chair, have to lay on ground. He said I was killing him.
Me (8/28 9:00): I was just about to suggest that u lay out naked or topless and surprise him when he comes up the stairs.
Me (8/28 9:05): Did u invite him to come over?
Wife (8/28 9:06): No

(Two hours later)
Wife (8/28 11:01): He came over. We talked bout kids & school. He left. Slight kiss on lips.
Wife (8/28 11:03): Told him I was surprised he called usually doesn't call a 2nd time. He said he needs to take it slow.

Me (8/28 11:03): Very nice honey...did u like? Feel exciting?
Wife (8/28 11:04): Yes, Was nervous. Asked if his wife knew he was here. No.
Me (8/28 11:04): Did u talk about playing together or meeting again?
Me (8/28 11:05): Do u think he was nervous too? Was he looking u over? Did u go inside?

Wife (8/28 11:06): Yes. Nervous. Sat on couch.
Wife (8/28 11:05): I asked if he would come back - Yes. When - I don't know he said.

Me (8/28 11:06): Nice baby...sounds very exciting for u...must feel good.
Wife (8/28 11:07): Feel sexy.
Wife (8/28 11:07): I hope that came across to him.

Me (8/28 11:08): Were u turned on being alone with him on the couch? ...wondering if he was going to make a move?
Wife (8/28 11:09): Yes
Wife (8/28 11:08): I sent text to him afterwards saying I will always let him make first move. I invited him to (local bar).

Me (8/28 11:09): u r sexy....a sexy hotwife...on the verge...
Me (8/28 11:09): R u wet now?

Wife (8/28 11:10): Yes
Me (8/28 11:10): U can touch urself.
Wife (8/28 11:11): In a bit, watering now.
Me (8/28 11:12): So, did u talk about how things wud/cud work. Like what I know & my involvement in things, etc.. (the things we talked about?)
Me (8/28 11:12): I'll bet u still feel excited, shaky, flushed, nervous and SEXY.
Wife (8/28 11:13): No, we just talked as friends. Got a bit nervous.
Wife (8/28 11:13): Going very slow
Me (8/28 11:14): It's ok to be's ur 1st time with another man since F & 1st time w/ur husbands knowledge/consent...1st time as a hotwife.
Wife (8/28 11:15): 1st time he has called when he said he would.
Me (8/28 11:16): so he is almost ready too...Did he say why he hadn't called or why he followed thru this time?
Wife (8/28 11:17): Must take slow.
Wife (8/28 11:20): I also sent a text saying that he was frustrating me.

Me (8/28 11:20): Was that after he left?
Wife (8/28 11:21): Yes, thought he might get an idea.
Me (8/28 11:21): Were u hoping that he would make a move while u were on the couch?
Wife (8/28 11:22): Yes.
Me (8/28 11:22): Wud u have been OK with it?
Wife (8/28 11:23): Yes, but prefer to be waxed, which is probably why I didn't, but u know me, not a big move maker.
Me (8/28 11:24): I love knowing that u were ready to let another man fuck u and that u wanted him. Could u tell if he was getting hard?
Wife (8/28 11:24): No.
Me (8/28 11:25): We'll get u waxed & ready for ur lover. Nice nails too.
Wife (8/28 11:25): Must be done tomorrow.
Me (8/28 11:26): And u r already on the pill...and can let him fuck u bareback and cum inside u.
Wife (8/28 11:26): Yes.
Me (8/28 11:26): Why must be tomorrow?
Wife (8/28 11:27): In case he goes to (the local bar) tomorrow nite.
Me (8/28 11:27): What time is (the local bar event)?
Me (8/28 11:30): u r going to like it when he finally reaches into ur panties and feels ur pussy so smooth.
Wife (8/28 11:30): Yes I know so will he.
Wife (8/28 11:31): he isn't answering me.

Me (8/28 11:31): R u calling him? Texting? What r u saying to him?

I called my wife from work and we talked for a few minutes about G's visit.

"He kissed me twice when he left. On the was just a kiss, but a little more special to me...and I'm sure to him too." she recounted to me. She had asked him if he was going to come back. He teased her and told her he would..."In a month."

I reminded her that I felt her taking a lover would add excitement to our marriage, which she still finds a little weird. "I want to take things slow." My wife thinks G is nervous about things also, after all, we are friends and he is married. She did tell me that she is more confident knowing that I know and that I approve and support her in taking G as a lover.

She reminded me how she is not big on making the first move. I told her that is what I like and want - a conservative wife...a conservative yet naughty that is doing something 'out of character', 'out-of-the-box', and stretching her and exposing her hidden side.
I don't just want an out-of-control slut...(an in-control slut maybe, but not an out-of-control slut.)

My wife wants to be sure to maintain our friendship with G and not do anything to cause her/us to lose it. She told me that she was nervous and I said it is OK to be, that what she/we were embarking on was not your everyday thing - at least not for her/us (yet) - that both parties were married and G's wife does not know, that we really don't know exactly where this journey will ultimately lead with it's many unknowns and the buildup of many months that has brought her as close as she has ever been. I told her that I too, was probably nervous, but that for me it manifests itself more as excitement than outright nervousness.

We continued texting after our phone call:

Me (8/28 11:47): save ur text w/G so I can read when I get home....u r sexy baby!
Me (8/28 11:51): try to find someplace for (one of our children) tomorrow, so u can bring him home tomorrow nite if u want. Did u let him know u might possibly be alone tomorrow nite when u invited him?

Me (8/28 11:52): Make an appt to get ur pussy waxed and ur nails done.

Wife (8/28 11:52): I told him that everyone would be gone for night.
Wife (8/28 11:52): What r ur hours tomorrow.
Me (8/28 11:53): Nice baby....good job. I love the thought of u sneaking a lover up the stairs to fuck him in our bed.
Wife (8/28 11:56): (Friend) will help us [with a remodeling project]) so I can have a room to take him to.
Me (8/28 12:12): where u at?
Wife (8/28 12:13): Inside why?
Me (8/28 12:13): just wondering...havent heard fr u.
Me (8/28 12:15): Thought maybe u were busy playing w/urself and had gone silent on me.

Wife (8/28 12:17): Sat down now. Have hand in pants. Wanted G to contact me first.
Me (8/28 12:18): Mmmmm... That sounds very sexy. U should text him and tell him what u r doing to urself...tell him what he has made u want to do.
Me (8/28 12:18): Ask him to call u and help
Wife (8/28 12:19): Well he hasn't replied. I should leave him alone.
Me (8/28 12:20): U can just tell him about it later...tomorrow nite hopefully at (the local bar). Tell him what he missed.
Me (8/28 12:19): Get the movie camera and film ur self for me to see later.
Me (8/28 12:21): I want u to take off ur clothes, go get the thick dildo, spread urself and start fucking urself with it with camera going.
Me (8/28 12:26): U know how I want u spread...nice and wide, like ur showing off ur pussy and want to be fucked.
Wife (8/28 12:27): OK, working on it.
Me (8/28 12:29): wud be nice if u had big mirror in front of u, so u cud watch urself sliding the dildo in & out.
Me (8/28 12:30): I want to see how wide ur legs r spread

Me (8/28 12:34): R u playing now?
Wife (8/28 12:34): Yes
Me (8/28 12:34): I want to watch u when I get home.
Wife (8/28 12:35): Ok but can u stop texting me now?...Honey (I was apparently distracting her from the task at hand with all my text messaging while she masturbated! I was highly aroused, though, and couldn't stop!)
Me (8/28 12:36): Imagine that u r spreading those legs so wide for G.
Me (8/28 12:37): Imagine him standing in front of u completely naked with his hard cock sticking out...getting ready to mount u and fuck ur smooth pussy.
Me (8/28 12:38): I want to call u, u put on speaker phone and tell me what u r doing to urself

Me (8/28 12:39): Put on speaker so u can use both hands

Me (8/28 12:48): use both hands on ur pussy...1 working the dildo, 1 rubbing ur clit...
Me (8/28 12:49): If u feel naughty enuf, u can slide a plug into ur ass...I have new bottle of lube in my drawer.
Me (8/28 12:49): Have both ur holes filled...& imagine that G is stuffing ur pussy and I am filling ur ass.
Me (8/28 12:50): U almost got fucked by ur lover today honey.

Me (8/28 12:51): I like how u responded today.

Me (8/28 12:52): Pretty soon u'll be a naughty little hotwife, letting ur lover cum in ur pussy while ur husband is away...maybe tomorrow nite.

Me (8/28 12:53): Saving his cum inside ur pussy to show me when I get home, when I inspect ur pussy to see how well he fucked u.

Me (8/28 12:55): Then i'll give u a good fucking of my own...reclaiming my naughty wife, cumming inside ur pussy as well.
Me (8/28 12:56): U'll have 2 men's cum deep inside u...ur lover's & ur husband's cum.

Me (8/28 13:02): I want u to fuck him outside on the grass...let him find u naked & sunbathing...he strips down on the spot and fucks u hard on the ground on ur towel.
Me (8/28 13:04): U'll be all slippery with oil...he'll get all slippery too as he pounds u hard
Wife (8/28 13:05): All sounds good
Me (8/28 13:06): Looking forward to seeing video.
Me (8/28 13:53): u make ur wax & nail appts?

Wife (8/28 14:10): yes

When I arrived home an hour later, my wife showed me her texts with G:

G (7:01 am): Whatever
Wife (7:07 am): So I can't wave to u & u won't answer my calls?
G (7:13 am): Sorry . Got distracted by a hot chick in a white car.
Wife (7:16 am): Hope it was a van going to ------- cuz I am still trying to calm down from guy in a white truck.
G (7:21 am): It was . Know her?
Wife (7:22 am): I can introduce u if ur interested.
G (7:25 am): Awesome

(She had sent these last few to G after her had left our house after visiting with my wife on the couch, leaving her fully aroused)

Wife (10:42 am): BTW, I will always let u make first move.
Wife (10:47 am): Unless u take too much longer
Wife (11:41): u r frustrating me

I gave her a nice kiss and hug when I got home and told her how proud I was of her. She looked good in her outfit. She had dressed for HIM today. I wanted to hear her say so, "You dressed for G today, didn't you?" "Well, I know you like this top". she said. "But you really dressed for him didn't you?" I asked. "Yes", she admitted. "Because I saw him last night. I had a feeling that I'd hear from him today." she continued. She looked very sexy in her body hugging top that has a nice plunging neckline. "So, you dressed for your lover today?" "Yes", she repeated. "I just had a feeling something would happen today".

She had been surprised that he had called her back after his first call this morning - for one reason or another, he usually tells her he will call her back then never does...nor has he just shown up at the house. Perhaps because of my conversation with him back in June has made him more comfortable with everything.

We had a nice hot session tonight; my wife was still feeling sexy from the days events:

I told her how naughty it was [going to be] dressing for G, wearing perfume for him, taking special care putting on her makeup for him and having a nice smooth pussy and well done nails. Naughty getting sexy for another man besides her husband.

I described for her how she would be spreading her legs wide for him, "...just like you spread wide today on the couch masturbating today - one leg up on the back of the couch as G fucks you hard, your arms and legs wrapped around him tightly as he pumps his cock into you. You're going to like feeling his big body on top of you." "Yes" she said. "You like big strong men don't you?" "Yes"

"He's going to cover your mouth with his and kiss you deep while his cock slides into your pussy. You like being kissed while you get fucked, don't you?" "Yes" she said between my deep kisses.

"You wanted him to fuck you today, didn't you?" "Yes" "Tomorrow night"
, I told her, "Bring him home, just come straight home instead of going out [to the local bar]. You can be fucking him in this exact spot on our bed tomorrow. You can be as loud and uninhibited as you want with your lover. Very soon you're going to be a hotwife for the first time."

We talked about anticipation and firsts as we fucked:

- The first time that she undresses for him and presents herself naked to him.
- The first time that she sees him naked, standing over her with his hard cock sticking out.
- The first time that he slides his hand into her panties and feels her smooth pussy.
- The first time that she wraps her pretty manicured hand (with wedding ring) around his thick cock.
- The first time that she feels his hard, hot cock slide into her mouth.
- The first time that he covers her pussy with his mouth and sucks her.
- The first time that his fingers touch her hardened clit.
- The first time that she spreads her legs and offers herself and submits her pussy to him.
- The first time that she feels him cum inside her pussy.

We both got worked up. "I want to hear you say to him, 'G, I want you to cum inside me.', 'G, I want your cum inside my pussy.', 'I want you to fuck me without a condom'"

Unfortunately, G will have to wear a condom for a little while, as my wife forgot to fill her prescription and was off the Pill for a few weeks. I told her to go tomorrow and buy some condoms. She was reluctant and said that she has never bought them before. I told her to do it - that it's naughty, a married woman buying rubbers not for her & her husband, but for her and her lover.

Just before cumming, I told her G had probably masturbated today after coming over to our house to see her. "...stroking his thick cock, thinking about you. You want him to have a nice big cock don't you?" "Yes....I wanted him to call me", she panted. "You wanted him to help you cum didn't you?" "Yes" "You'd tell him what you were doing to yourself." "Yes", again. "Tell him what he missed out on." She replied, "I think I will tell him next time I talk to him."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Dog Days

19 August, Tuesday - Slow going. Not much to blog about lately. Especially since the argument we got into back in June about my phone call to G. The sex has been fairly scarce as well as any talk of her taking lovers, hotwifery and the like. I've been giving this some thought, as our [lack of a] sex life is pretty important to me. I'm fairly certain that the disagreement we had back in June will eventually blow over with respect to her interest in taking G as a lover. I don't doubt or discount how she felt about it, but just feel that it is something that time has to sort out, and that once G gets ahold of her again, she will be back onboard with the 'program'.

I am hoping that the lull in the action has to have more to do with the fact that we have children...who coincidentally are now out of school for the summer. Because we decided against multiple camps for them, they are around so much more this summer. However, that hasn't reduced the need for them to keep busy with their other regular summer activities, which in turn means that we have to keep up, too. So with the kids around so much, my wife and I have not been able to spend much quality time together. I believe this is the real reason for the lack of connection I've (and I am sure my wife as well) have been feeling for the past couple of months. I find myself looking forward to the school year starting, the return to a routine for the kids, and the subsequent time that will be freed up during the daytime that my wife and I can spend together.

14 July, Monday - G texted my wife. She returned his call, although they just had a routine, non-flirting, non-sexual conversation. No mention of my phone call to him last month nor an acknowledgement that I had told him that my wife has wanted to be with him.

(Without checking, I think G understood my wife telling him very early on that Mondays & Tuesdays were her days home alone, because it seems that those are the days that he actually calls/texts her).

18 June, Wednesday - Went to lunch with my wife today in attempt to clear the air about my having called G last week. Still hard feelings and tension in the air. Not much change in either of our viewpoints. Discussed D & S within our sexual as well as domestic relationship. I once again proposed domestic discipline as resolution to certain domestic problems like defiance and insubordination. I am definitely a strong personality and want her to follow suggestions, instructions, directions sexually although she has resisted at times when she has felt uncomfortable. I would like for her to trust in my direction, know that I love her, will always protect her and not have her do things that would harm her. I'd like a D & S relationship where she follows my direction because of and despite the fact that she feels scared or uncomfortable. Because she is eager to please me. It is definitely a control thing for me, and total sexual control is what my wife has trouble giving to me.

That evening, we had some good sex - the first in a week. She told me that she wants to get her nipples pierced for me and she wants me to pick out some nipple rings for her. She likes that it will be our secret that can be shared only with those we want to know.
I showed her the closeup shot of her wet pussy that I keep on my phone and told her I would take photos of her pierced nipples and put them on my phone as well so I can show her off as I please.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Like A Lead Balloon

13 June, Friday - Different perspectives. about how well my call to G went over with my wife. She was quite upset that I had called him without letting her know prior. I explained to her my feelings as I detailed in my last post. I told her that I had done so because of how important I have always felt about G being aware, going into this, that I knew about their impending relationship and that I felt that she was on the very edge of consumating their relationship but had not, as of yet, made this known to him.

Without going into all the gory details, she explained to me how she felt betrayed, how she felt that I was attempting to take over the relationship, and that I should have talked to her about it beforehand. She also said that she no longer had an interest in pursuing their relationship, that my intervention had killed her desire and that she now felt embarrassed about it all.

My wife felt that I had ruined things and that she felt like an 'ass' and that G probably felt the same way; like he was being played with. I countered with the fact that I was the one who was feeling like an 'ass' - the husband who was not aware of what his wife was doing, in the dark - and how awkward it felt in even the simplest of social situations with G.

Her contention was that she was still planning on having that conversation with him, but just had not had a chance to do so. Although he was unavailable, she had called him the day after their flirting and invited him out for a drink. She explained to me that it was at that time that she had planned on revealing to him the fact that I knew and encouraged her in her pursuits with him. She felt that I was the one getting too far ahead of things, and not her - that she had not made any concrete plans to fuck him. From my point of view, however, consumation appeared to be just around the corner and it was simply circumstance that had delayed their coupling.

Different points of view. All perspective. For sure, better communication between us would have helped. Anyway, she still feels it was wrong of me to call him and I still feel justified in calling him, because, despite my advisements to her to make him aware, she hadn't done so.

For now, things remain contentious.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making a Call

11 June, Wednesday - Taking Initiative. With things seemingly moving forward again with my wife taking a lover (G) and with her mentally getting closer and closer to physically consumating their relationship and becoming a shared wife / hotwife (It really has only been a couple of inconvenient 'circumstances' that have prevented G and my wife from actually getting together to fuck - both times, my wife was away from the house when they've been talking), I'm feeling the need to: stay in the loop, be relevant to the process, and/or have some control in what is starting to feel like a 'certainty' versus just a 'possibility'.

It is an odd feeling standing at the edge of something that has the potential to forever alter, either positively or negatively, the dynamics - certainly of my wife's and my relationship - but also, that of friends and groups of friends within the framework of a relatively small town. I believe, still, very much, that our marriage will benefit from introducing others into our bed and from sharing my wife with other men and women. I think that the spark of excitement that will result, will spread to and help grow other areas of our marriage...Or the whole experience could crash and burn.

I reckon it's the uncertainty of the ultimate result or consequence that makes it both exciting and somewhat scary.

Anyway, it's been this feeling that we are rapidly approaching a point-of-no-return, that has caused me to jump in. I liken it to jumping into a cool swimming pool without first probing the temperature of the water versus easing yourself slowly into the water.

I talked with G today on the phone about things.

I've always encouraged my wife to let her potential lovers know that her husband was perfectly aware of her extramarital activities (ie. 'I tell my husband everything...'; 'My husband knows everything I do...'; 'I'll have to ask my husband...'; 'My husband likes it when I (show myself off to other men)'; 'My husband approves any men who I'm with first'; etc...) I've always felt it clarifies everyone's role in the matter upfront. Letting potential lovers know this is all the more important when they happen to be friends or others that we already know socially. It prevents that awkwardness between us as friends. Unfortunately, she's not been able to (or possibly unwilling) to 'leak' while flirting, that I am aware and approve of her playing with and fucking other men. This has been the case with G. He has had no idea that I have always been aware of her flirtations with him, nor that I approve of and have encouraged her to further their relationship sexually.

I've considered from time to time, taking the lead and being proactive in having her be shared by speaking to my wife's 'candidates' directly about sharing her with them. It's not been the easiest thing though, since 'wife-sharing' is not generally a conversation opener - rather it's a very opportunistic subject, rarely given an opening.

Today, because of our ratcheted-up talk and seemingly increased willingness of my wife to actually fuck G, I contacted him. I sent him a text telling him that I wanted to talk with him in person about he and my wife. I wanted to meet with him and/or grab a drink as we discussed possibilities of furthering things between he and my wife.
He called me instead and left a message. I stepped out of the house to return his call. He was pretty defensive, as was to be expected when one receives a call from a friend who's the husband of a woman one's been flirting with. He dummied-up pretty good (you know what they say: deny, deny, deny), until I told him everything was alright, that I knew about all of the flirting between he and my wife. Without getting into great detail, I think he was on his heels through most of the conversation, not knowing exactly what to make of it all, and trying to sort it out on the fly with me on the phone. In the end, I told him our concerns about discretion and the perils of playing in our own 'backyard' and told him the three of us could have some fun if he was interested. While he assured me that he would be completely discreet about any sexual relationship, it seemed like too much for him to digest on this one call and we agreed to talk again, in person next time. We shall see how it goes.

I'm still a proponent of up-front disclosure by my wife with her potential lovers...perhaps because that method of being bold characterizes the 'hotwife' persona best.

I haven't yet mentioned to her that I've spoken to G. Tomorrow.