Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slingbox - A Great Invention?

23 October, Thursday - Scrambling to Get Service - I'm at work, on my lunch trying to get my recently acquired Slingbox working in 'Remote Viewing' mode. I am not having luck, despite having called tech support for assistance. At home connected to the Slingbox is a video camera, your basic handheld Sony video camera. It is in the living room, switched on, and pointed at the couch in the living room. This is where my wife platonically entertained G on his last visit a couple months ago. This is where, with any luck, she will entertain him today, this time in a much less platonic way. I was hoping to be able to watch the proceedings on my laptop, from work...

Two days ago, on Tuesday the 21st, while I was at work, my wife had contacted G and asked him if could come over to help her with the car battery. The battery was dead and needed a trickle charge. I had told my wife where the charger was and had explained to her how to do it herself, since I was not around to do it. I guess, instead, she took it as an opportunity to call up G and invite him over to the house while she was alone.

She texted me after he had left:

Wife (10/21 11:51): hi G came over & hooked up the car for me. nothing else.
Me (10/21 11:53):
oh good. u didn't invite him up? Did u call him to come help u?
Wife (10/21 11:55): no didn't invite up. i stumbled. we talked in driveway
Me (10/21 11:55): u stumbled?? verbally?
Wife (10/21 11:56):
didn't ask. got nervous. i'm not good at inviting
Me (10/21 11:58):
babe! would have been a good opportunity to let him take u. just like i described...on the couch. Just ask him if he wants to cum up for a drink/soda.
Wife (10/21 12:00):
yeah, well i blew it
Me (10/21 12:01):
were u two flirting?
Wife (10/21 12:02):
no. haven't for a long time. we hugged, he kissed my neck, i told him i liked, then he said 'like this' & lightly bit my neck. i said yes & kissed his cheek.
Me (10/21 12:02):
just send him a short text. Tell him u wanted to invite him up but that u got nervous & tell him to drop by again soon.
Wife (10/21 12:07): said to him to come by more often. sent him a text saying 'i owe u something'. no reply
Wife (10/21 12:08):
invited him to facebook
Me (10/21 12:10):
ummmm....that sounds nice, him biting ur neck like that & u telling him u like it. I like that visual. Kiss him on the lips, open mouth.
Me (10/21 12:12):
I will be working this thursday Tell him u will be alone and tell him to stop by while i am gone.

That night as we lay in bed kissing, I smelled her perfume. I told her how nice she smelled as I inhaled her scent off her neck. "I wore some yesterday too. I try to remember to wear it everyday because I know you like it." she told me. I replied, "But you put it on for G today, didn't you?" "Yes", came her answer.

"Did you like it when he kissed your neck today? Did you like it when he nibbled on and bit your neck?" It was "Yes" on both counts. She had only kissed him on the cheek as they hugged outside today. she said."I like that you were with him standing right in front of our house today as he kissed and nibbled on you - it's naughty for a married woman". "Yes, it was" "Next time I want you to give him a nice open mouth kiss - give him your tounge" "OK....I want to be waxed." she answered. "For your lover? For G right?" "Yes, I want to be waxed for him." "I love that you want to be sexy for your lover - it is so sexy and naughty."

I asked what she wore for him. She wore shorts and a pull over zip-up sweatshirt. she added. I asked if he noticed that, "I didn't wear a bra underneath and it was the type of sweatshirt that you can tell if you don't wear a bra. I hope so!." I slid my cock into my wife, thrusting lazily in and out of her slick pussy as I continued to talk about her and G being together. I reminded her about what I had told her earlier, that I was working on Thursday. "Invite him over while I am away at work. I want to know that: he's got his tongue in your mouth; he's got his hands all over your pussy; you've got your hand wrapped around his big cock; he has his mouth on your pussy; you've got his hard cock inside your mouth sucking on him; you're spreading your legs for him; he is pounding his cock into your wet pussy; his cock is dripping cum into your pussy as he fucks you; and I want to know that you let him fill your pussy with his seed...while you are alone here with him."

She replied, " I think I will just call him on Thursday and ask him to come over." "Yes," I told her, "Tell him 'My husband is gone for the day' and invite him over.

"Were you turned on today? Do you wish you would have invited him in?" "Yes"
she replied. She hadn't invited him in, she said, because they really hadn't been flirting much since he last came over to the house. She was really pushing against me now. I had been thrusting deeply into her, and she was positioning her ass and angling her pussy so as to allow for maximum depth of penetration. I love the feeling of being buried so deep inside her...the tightness, the glove-like grip and the feel of my cockhead bumping against the back of her pussy. She was spreading her legs wide for me, locking her feet behind my thighs, pusher her knees down and apart on the bed, giving me complete access to the deepest parts of her pussy. I love it when she spreads and grinds against me like this!

"You want to feel G in you deep like this don't you?" "Yes!" she said. "You are going to be his naughty hotwife." She was sooo wet.

I pulled her nightie up over her breasts. I love to watch them bounce and jiggle as I thrust into her. "G's going to like seeing your breasts bounce too while he gives you a hard fucking."

I asked my wife, "Have you told any of your girlfriends about this?" She answered, "Yes, B" "When?", I continued. "A couple of months ago." This had to be right after she had had him over to the house and on the couch a couple months ago. I asked her what she had told B. "I told her that I should have done it with him." "So you told her that he had come over?", I asked my wife. "Yes" "That you were on the couch with him that day?" "Yes"

"Did you tell her who it is?" "Yes" B had guessed correctly. B knows G too, socially, and my wife told me that B had remembered that my wife told her she thought he was attractive some time back. She told me that B thought he was attractive too.

"Do you think B is turned on hearing about it...about you and G?" "Yes", she replied. I have always liked it when my wife shares her/our sex life with her close girlfriends and I always encouraged her to do so with them. I wasn't sure if she had told anyone recently about her efforts to make G her lover. I especially like when she shares with B, since I find B to be sexy and attractive and would enjoy being with her and/or having her join my wife and I in bed. B is conservative like my wife, and I'd love the opportunity to turn her into a hotwife alongside my wife. The idea of getting her to step out on her marriage is highly arousing to me. I love the thought of the two married women both seeking, keeping and sharing lovers - conservative yet naughty wives. Normal wives and mothers, but with a sexual 'dark side'.

My wife's hand had moved between her legs. She had been playing with her clit as I fucked her. She told me that she was cumming, as we continued talking about B. I didn't want her to cum - I wanted to keep fucking her and wasn't ready to cum yet myself. I picked up the pace anyway, pushing deep into her pussy before emptying my cum into her.


22 October, Wednesday

I walked into the house today after work to find the living room and house in complete order and very neat. "You cleaned it up and had it ready for G, didn't you? In case he came over. "Yes", she answered.

Later that night, her cell phone alarm that reminds her to take her Pill went off. She apparently had gotten off schedule and had run out again. Tomorrow was a possible day for her and G. "Are you protected?", I asked her. "Not sure, I think so.", she replied. Just a few minutes later she was heading out the door to run to the pharmacy to get more Pills. Unusual...and naughty to me that she wanted to run out in the middle of the evening to make sure she was prepared for her lover...just in case.