Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Office Visit

05 February, Monday. An Nice Effort - Her day alone. My wife texted me this morning. She was going to go to B's workplace to use his office computer. He had asked her to do something online for him but I had taken our laptop with me. She wasn't sure if he was going to be there when she arrived, but I told her to dress sexy for him just in case. She said she would.

As it turns out, he wasn't in his office when she arrived. She was disappointed that he never came to see her. B has a nice secluded rear office at his business - a perfect place for he and my wife to play and fuck. She mentioned that he hasn't been too flirty with her this past week. I assured her that it was probably just the busy-ness of life - for her to stay the course and continue her efforts to seduce him.

I heard her on phone with him later on at home telling him how she was still cold from being in his cold office alone. She told me he said it was because he wasn't there with her.

Small steps...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Reliving A Vey Hot Session

1 February, Friday - One Very Hot Play Session . I don't know why exactly, but the sex after an argument always seems to be the hottest. We had a small disagreement the night before. My wife and I were on the couch watching a little TV with her laying with her back against my chest - it's my favorite position for us because it gives me easy access to her breasts as well as her pussy when we're feeling randy. She had unbuttoned her jeans before snuggling in against me. After the show ended, I slid my hand down into her pants and over her freshly waxed pussy. She responded immediately by spreading her thighs and grinding her hips, forcing her pussy against my hand. Her eyes were filled with lust as we kissed. She was HOT and aroused!

I asked her, as I frequently do, "Whose pussy is this?" as I pressed my hand against her sex. "Yours" she whispered back. "Yes, it's mine. It's my pussy and your lovers' pussy soon. Mine to give to G, to give to B.
You're ready to have another man's cock inside you, aren't you? You are ready to have a lover aren't you? I can tell you are ready now to fuck another man." "Yes" she breathed.The lustful look in her eyes told me that she was speaking truthfully - her face conveyed a look of sexual craving. I honestly don't think I have ever seen her look or sound more authentic as she answered me. I truly believe that she has mentally arrived at the place where she is prepared to fuck another man, specifically B or G. I mentioned how much she wanted G inside her. She replied "Yes, but only if you want me to be with him. Only if you give me permission. I want you to be the one to approve who I am with. You decide who"

We started talking about her being with B. "Soon you're going to be right here in this exact position, with B holding you just like I am, you slipping your tongue into his mouth as he slides his hand into your panties and discovers your waxed pussy." I said. "Yes", she replied, "Once he feels my smooth pussy, he's going to want to see it." "You want him to see it don't you? You want him to look at your smooth pussy." "Yes" she said "Your gonna spread your legs for him then, so he can get a good at you, just like you're doing right now for me. He's going to love it. He's going to want to slide his long fingers into your pussy and put his mouth on it." She just moaned as she continued to press her pussy into my fingers, humping my hand.

"He called me today, he called me three times but he kept hanging up so I finally called him. He told me he wanted to talk to me but kept having to take other calls. I told him that I didn't like when he doesn't call me and that he needs to be calling me." I was proud of my wife. It wasn't any kind of major accomplishment, but it turned me on that she was telling another man to call on her. I told her so. "I'm trying" she said. "I'm learning from what you tell me" "Tell him that he can call you at night" I told her, "Even while I am at home" She reminded me that B is married and would be at home at night. "You can tell him that you are alone at night and that it's OK for him to call on you" I said she should remind him when he neglects to call her - '..you didn't call me all day today.'

"I want to buy some sexy lingerie" "For who?..."
I asked " ....for your lovers?" "Yes. I want to be sexy for them. This turned me on. "I love that you want to look sexy for other men and that you want to buy sexy clothes to wear for them" She said "I like being sexy for you too" "But you really want to be sexy for your lovers don't you?" "Yes, I do. I want some nice pretty bras. I want them to notice what I am wearing" I told her how much I liked that she'd be home alone, while I was at work, prepping her body for her lovers; making sure her pussy was waxed, dressing it for them, applying her makeup, and splashing her body with perfume.

"You're really looking forward to your Mondays and Tuesdays alone now aren't you? Those are going to be your 'date' days. You can work out early, come home and get dressed and ready for your lovers, putting on your lingerie, your jewelry, taking your time with your makeup, and getting sexy for them."
She answered "Yes. I want you to pick out my outfit. Tell me what you want me to wear for them. I'd like it if you picked out my clothes before you leave and just set them out for me to put on." I told her I'd lay out her bra, panties (if I even wanted her to wear them at all), stockings, skirt and heels. "Yes, that's what I want you to do and I have to wear whatever you choose for me" she replied.

"I'm looking forward to your 'date' days also." I told her. "I'm going to like knowing that another man's hands are all over my pretty wife. Knowing that her lovers are using her pussy while I am not home, taking her right here in this exact place on the couch and in our bed. I can see you alone with your lover, spreading your legs for him just like you're doing for me now, sexy legs, painted toenails, waxed pussy, grinding and pressing your pussy into him. I can see your hand,
with your pretty painted nails and your wedding ring, wrapped tightly around his thick cock, stroking it up and down"

"I want you to please your lover. I want you to make him feel good with your hands, your mouth and your pussy. You want to be a naughty little wife don't you?" "Yes" "The only people that will know will be you, me, your lovers and your close girlfriends who you will share with - B, M & D. Soon you'll have had lovers and affairs, just like M & D have had. You'll be a 'cheating' wife too. I had my fingers deep inside her and was applying pressure against her G-spot (or what I think is her G-spot) - each time I rubbed or pressed my finger against it, she would moan and grind harder against me. You can tell B all about your affairs. B will like hearing about it won't she?" "Yes, she will" my wife said. "You can tell her about you having two days a week alone for 'dating', how you seduced your lovers, where you go to fuck and what you do with them. B's going to want to know all about it, isn't she? Especially since she know your/our history - knows that you've been working towards being shared with other men and having a lover. "Bring B to the gym to workout with you. Maybe the two of you can go out and find lovers together, two sexy married wives fucking together."

I told her I was going to set up video cameras to tape her as she entertained men at home. "I want to see what you did while I was gone. I want you to have your lovers take pictures of you while they play with you and after they're through with you, so I can see how you look after being freshly fucked."

She was laying against me, her back against my chest. I grabbed both thighs, spreading her and exposing her pussy. "I want to hold you open like this while another man mounts you and slides his cock inside you" She said "I want you to do it for her." (We've been emailing with a young woman who enjoys sucking and licking pussy and likes being with older women.) "I will write her"

"I want to put you on the Pill so that you can be fucked bareback."
The idea of putting my wife on the Pill for another man (or men) really arouses me. She said it doesn't excite her as much as it does me, but said she would go on the Pill for me and so she can be barebacked - she dislikes condoms, as I do, and is excited by and wants her lovers to be able to cum inside her pussy. I told her how naughty it would be if she went to her doctor to get the Pill, and in the process the doctor said to my wife 'Doesn't your husband already have a vasectomy?', to which my wife would reply, 'Yes, but these aren't for my husband...they are for other men' Naughty! To which my wife added "I'll tell her that I want to be put on the Pill because my husband wants me to...for when I am not with him"

I asked her if F (her lover from her cheating affair years ago) used to cum inside her unprotected pussy. "Yes" "You liked having him cum inside you like that, didn't you?" Again, "Yes". My wife had gotten up off the couch by now, stripped herself naked, had climbed on top of my prone body, and impaled her bare pussy on my hard cock. She was grinding away on my cock, pushing down hard trying to rub her clit against my groin. I told her that when she had set up her 'dates', she could text me at work telling me who she was going to fuck, where she was going to fuck and when she was going to fuck, so that as I looked at the clock at that time I would know that my wife was on her back being fucked by a lover or otherwise being handled and used by him. She could text me to let me know when she was finished with him and tell me what he did to her. I told her she could occasionally surprise me, by not telling me if she had a planned rendezvous with a lover that day. "The only way I would know whether you'd had another man inside you was by 'inspecting' you when I arrive. I want you to keep your lover's cum inside you for me to check when I get home." My wife likes the idea of having her pussy checked and inspected by me. "Yes, I want you to inspect me, to see if I have his cum inside me."

I was running my hands all over my wife's smooth ass as she rode my cock. It felt good - she has been working out for the last couple weeks working on getting into shape - I am proud of her. She was pushing and grinding hard against me. I could feel the head of my cock bumping against the back of her pussy. It felt good to be that deep inside her. "Can you feel my smooth pussy?" She was rubbing backwards and forwards on top of me. I could feel her swollen and wet pussy sliding on me. "Yes. Your pussy is ripe. It is ready for another man's cock. It is so ripe." I replied. She started convulsing and cumming. I grabbed her ass with both hands and drove into her until I came.

This was one of our hotter sessions in a long time. I like it when she gets more verbal, telling me what she wants and what she's going to do. I like knowing her [sexual] mind...knowing her darker side, her cravings. Most of the time I am the one doing most of the talking. Very hot!