Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thoughts of fucking a friend

11 July, Tuesday. Wanting to fuck a friend. It’d been a long time since we were alone without kids. We went out for a pitcher of margaritas at a local Mexican restaurant last night. Coming home to an empty house, my sexy wife stripped naked and lay face down on the bed, a little tipsy and apparently a little horny too. I undressed, joined her on the bed and proceeded to play with her pussy.

My wife had looked good tonight. Sexy. I told her how much I loved having a sexy wife, especially knowing that other men want and lust after her, but knowing that ultimately she belonged to me. She told me how she likes being and looking sexy for me…and for others. She said she, too, likes knowing that other men find her attractive and sexy, but that she is mine. She’s changed a lot in the past 8 months. She’s been much more attentive about how she looks, what she wears, how she puts on her makeup, etc… She’s been looking sexier and receives comments and attention about how good she looks, not just from me, but from other men and women as well.

As I played with her, I told her how much I liked knowing that she was mine… mine to give away as I saw fit…to loan her out to whomever I desired. I whispered to her that I wanted her to take a lover. She asked me “Is there someone you want me to fuck or be my lover?” I immediately mentioned the name – G . “Ohhhhhhhhh!” she moaned. "I like that. I think he has nice eyes. Do you think he thinks I'm sexy?" G is someone my wife had mentioned before when I asked her whom she found sexually attractive within our circle of friends and acquaintances. He’s a larger, football player sized guy, dark skinned, over 6’ and 260lbs.

It was the first time either of us had mentioned G while playing, since she first told me months ago that she found him sexually attractive. I assured her that I felt he did find her sexy and proceeded to describe to her all the things I wanted to see him do to her and her to do to him in bed. She was extremely aroused and soaked as I told her how he’d give her a good hard fucking as she held tightly onto his large athletic body, his dark skin contrasting against her light skin. His large frame would cover her as he rode my wife’s married pussy.

We talked explicitly about her taking a lover or lovers as I fucked her slowly and deeply. I told her that I wanted a ‘cheating wife’. I mentioned that I had been thinking of her ‘real’ cheating, her affair years ago – of her fucking her lover on our bed while I was at work. I am still aroused by the visuals of that affair as well as by the fact that she actually had been a ‘cheating wife’. I wanted to know that she was with another man, either in our bed, in a hotel room, or in her lover’s bed, getting fucked by him, while I was away from home at work. She told me maybe this fall [she’d take a lover]. I was so turned on hearing her say that and fucked her harder and deeper as we continued talking. The thought of her at home alone during the day, opening the front door to admit her lover, leading him into the bedroom and onto the bed that I vacated just hours before to be fucked and used by him…while the kids are at school and I am at work turns me on.

“Maybe on a cruise…with M” she said from underneath me. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant when I first heard what she said. She was referring to the possibility of finding someone to fuck her while on a cruise with her sexy friend M. There was a secondary meaning to the cruise reference – I recall my wife telling me about M’s infidelities during her marriage – one of the men M had fucked was during a cruise she took with just her girlfriends. I liked her idea. She said she trusted M. I think for her (and for me as well), the appeal is: a) being on vacation away from responsibilities (kids), b) being with just her girlfriend (pure girl time), c) being able to fuck someone away from our local area (safe), d) being in an exotic location far from home (able to cut loose, relax and be/act sexy/sexually). I know that I ALWAYS feel hornier than ever when traveling or when staying in a hotel room in another city. I encouraged her to plan a cruise or vacation with M.

We talked about how she and M could dress sexily, wear their bikinis, flirt and find attractive men to fuck them. She liked the idea of returning to the cabin with M and fucking in the same bed as M, each of them filled with their own man. I told her she could call me during her cruise/vacation… “Call me when you get into his room to tell me you’re about to be fucked”, Call me afterwards to tell me how good you were fucked”, “Leave the phone off the hook as you’re being fucked, so I can listen to you”

I asked her if she wanted M to find her a lover. She said “Yes…I trust her”. I told her how sexy I thought M is and how much I want to fuck her. She agreed on her sexiness. I suggested that she find a man at the [fitness] club we belong to when she goes for classes with M. I told my wife that I believe M is fucking other men right now, getting what she isn’t getting from her husband. She’s done it before, doesn’t seem to be rushing to get out of her marriage, which has issues, she’s very sexy, and appears to me to be the type of woman that goes out and gets what she wants and can be sensible about it. I told my wife I wanted her to go out with M to find lovers and to bring them back to M’s house to fuck – two married women fucking other men while their husbands are away.

My wife really liked the idea of M finding her a lover for her to fuck or going out with M to find men to fuck together. She trusts M's judgement. I told her she was to tell M: 'My husband wants me to have a lover'

“I want M to wax me again” she said. M had lent us her waxing kit after showing us how to do it, so I would be able to wax my wife from then on. However, it’s been very difficult for us to find the time alone for me to wax her. I enjoyed being present the first time M waxed her pussy. It was hot seeing M’s hands all over my wife’s pussy, even though it wasn’t explicitly sexual. I liked seeing her pulling and tugging, moving her clit ring. I liked M asking me how I wanted it – I opted for a small strip left above her clit. I told my wife I’d ask M if she would do it again. I want to be present watching again.

“I want G to know that my pussy is pierced…I want G to know that I just have a little ‘landing strip’ and that my pussy is waxed smooth…I want G to see pictures of me” she said sexily. I told her I would make sure that he knew and that I’d find a way to show him her x-rated pictures.

Our conversation bounced around a bit as we fucked…the hot talk moving back and forth between talk of G, to her girlfriend M, to having lovers in general. I suggested that she bring her other married friend B with her on her cruise/vacation – that she convince B to take a lover as well. I love the thought of these married women, my wife included, all moms, being naughty, cheating, doing something ‘taboo’ – fucking outside of their marriage. I love the idea of your everyday-woman-next-door or housewife-type giving in to her sexual temptations and cravings. A repeat theme for me in all this, one that arouses me, is the idea that I am introducing this idea of ‘cheating’, of taking lovers, to these other women. I enjoy the idea of control over other women, if not directly, then through my wife – by way of suggestion via my wife; by way of their conspiracy with my wife (sounds more dark and sinister than I really mean it to be – perhaps ‘collaboration’ or ‘joint-venture’ with my wife are better words); by way of seduction or temptation (again this sounds more dark & evil than I mean it to be – I mean both of these last two methods to be completely ‘friendly’; and lastly, by way of example by my wife (ie. through her sharing with her friends of [sexual] activities she has participated in like: being shared with other men by me, having a regular lover, threesomes-orgies-gangbangs, being DP’d, being bi with another woman, fucking black cock, and other hotwife-type activities) That through my wife’s actions they would see that it is ‘OK’ and would be more willing to ‘give in to the dark side’ and join her [and I] in various sexual pursuits. My wife says that she doesn’t think M would allow or could be controlled by me, although, she didn’t mention anything about her girlfriend B. I know that my wife shares a few of our intimate sexual details with B. I often wonder whether B ends up sharing this information with her husband. So far, I haven’t been able to detect any kind of ‘awareness’ on his part. My wife has told B that I find her sexually attractive in the past. I told her last night that I want her to tell B again that I want to fuck her, that I want her.

I asked my wife if she preferred finding lovers on her own or having them sent to her. She indicated that she’d rather have me find, setup and send her men to fuck. We talked about her going out on ‘datenights’ or girls nights out with friends to find men to fuck. How she’d dress up sexy, flirting, dancing, seducing and being seduced by other men while I was at home awaiting her return. I want her to fuck bareback. I told her that when she came home I would check her pussy to see whether it was full of cum or not. I’d reach my hand up her skirt or down into her pants and into her thong, insert my fingers into her pussy to check for that just-fucked, freshly filled slipperiness. She liked the thought of coming home full of cum and having me finding out by inspecting her with my fingers. I told her I’d put her on the Pill so she could fuck bareback, letting her lovers spray the insides of her pussy with their cum. I love the image of her returning home in the wee hours of the morning, clothes wrinkled, hair mussed, makeup and lipstick smeared, carrying her heels, pussy full of cum, her pussy swollen, raw and stretched from being fucked all night, ready to come to bed and tell me the details of her fucking.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck G. I asked her if she would suck G’s cock. She said she did. I made her tell me herself, out loud:

“I want to suck G’s cock”. “I want G to fuck me” I continued to fuck my wife and after a while she whispered to me “I’d let HIM cum inside my pussy” This excited us both and we started fucking harder. I told her how I’d like to see and feel her pussy full of G’s cum. How I’d slide my hard cock into her cum filled pussy. She asked me if I’d like that. I did. She just moaned her approval. She said “I want to have both your cums inside my pussy at the same time!” as she came.

It was one of the best fucks we've had in a long time.