Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Office Visit

05 February, Monday. An Nice Effort - Her day alone. My wife texted me this morning. She was going to go to B's workplace to use his office computer. He had asked her to do something online for him but I had taken our laptop with me. She wasn't sure if he was going to be there when she arrived, but I told her to dress sexy for him just in case. She said she would.

As it turns out, he wasn't in his office when she arrived. She was disappointed that he never came to see her. B has a nice secluded rear office at his business - a perfect place for he and my wife to play and fuck. She mentioned that he hasn't been too flirty with her this past week. I assured her that it was probably just the busy-ness of life - for her to stay the course and continue her efforts to seduce him.

I heard her on phone with him later on at home telling him how she was still cold from being in his cold office alone. She told me he said it was because he wasn't there with her.

Small steps...


nirvana said...

Hope you continue to share these little steps with us. I can really identify with the suspense that you must be feeling as she moves slowly but surely on her journey.

nirvana said...

Is this blog dead?