Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Dog Days

19 August, Tuesday - Slow going. Not much to blog about lately. Especially since the argument we got into back in June about my phone call to G. The sex has been fairly scarce as well as any talk of her taking lovers, hotwifery and the like. I've been giving this some thought, as our [lack of a] sex life is pretty important to me. I'm fairly certain that the disagreement we had back in June will eventually blow over with respect to her interest in taking G as a lover. I don't doubt or discount how she felt about it, but just feel that it is something that time has to sort out, and that once G gets ahold of her again, she will be back onboard with the 'program'.

I am hoping that the lull in the action has to have more to do with the fact that we have children...who coincidentally are now out of school for the summer. Because we decided against multiple camps for them, they are around so much more this summer. However, that hasn't reduced the need for them to keep busy with their other regular summer activities, which in turn means that we have to keep up, too. So with the kids around so much, my wife and I have not been able to spend much quality time together. I believe this is the real reason for the lack of connection I've (and I am sure my wife as well) have been feeling for the past couple of months. I find myself looking forward to the school year starting, the return to a routine for the kids, and the subsequent time that will be freed up during the daytime that my wife and I can spend together.

14 July, Monday - G texted my wife. She returned his call, although they just had a routine, non-flirting, non-sexual conversation. No mention of my phone call to him last month nor an acknowledgement that I had told him that my wife has wanted to be with him.

(Without checking, I think G understood my wife telling him very early on that Mondays & Tuesdays were her days home alone, because it seems that those are the days that he actually calls/texts her).

18 June, Wednesday - Went to lunch with my wife today in attempt to clear the air about my having called G last week. Still hard feelings and tension in the air. Not much change in either of our viewpoints. Discussed D & S within our sexual as well as domestic relationship. I once again proposed domestic discipline as resolution to certain domestic problems like defiance and insubordination. I am definitely a strong personality and want her to follow suggestions, instructions, directions sexually although she has resisted at times when she has felt uncomfortable. I would like for her to trust in my direction, know that I love her, will always protect her and not have her do things that would harm her. I'd like a D & S relationship where she follows my direction because of and despite the fact that she feels scared or uncomfortable. Because she is eager to please me. It is definitely a control thing for me, and total sexual control is what my wife has trouble giving to me.

That evening, we had some good sex - the first in a week. She told me that she wants to get her nipples pierced for me and she wants me to pick out some nipple rings for her. She likes that it will be our secret that can be shared only with those we want to know.
I showed her the closeup shot of her wet pussy that I keep on my phone and told her I would take photos of her pierced nipples and put them on my phone as well so I can show her off as I please.

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