Wednesday, November 26, 2008


26 November, Wednesday - Sharing Again. I saw M today, my wife's sexy friend who I've wanted to sleep with or have join my wife and I in bed. There hasn't been much to write about regarding M in a long time. M is the one who gave my wife her first Brazilian waxing, and so, has had her hands on my wife's pussy, which I had the pleasure of being present for. Both my wife and I have shared with M, parts of our sex life, including the desire to start playing with others and including them in our bed. I, more so than my wife, would update M ocassionally whenever we'd see her or I'd fire off an email or text to her if she had been the object of my wife's & my previous night's fantasies.

I enjoyed sharing the intimate details of our sex life with her and also liked hearing bits and pieces of M's sexual history and her sexual likes and dislikes. I still have the hots for her, even after being rebuffed by her sometime over a year ago.

Sometime last year, though, our sharing with M stopped. Even now, I really don't know what happened back then, but the gist of it all and the end result was that M apparently wanted the sexual sharing and suggestive comments to stop. So it did.

It's more than a year later now and I've not shared with her or otherwise attempted to get her to sleep with me or us.

So, it was a nice surprise today, for her to ask me how things were going on the 'lifestyle' front. (Now I wouldn't classify my wife's journey or our, so far very limited experiences as 'the lifestyle', especially given that it's already been almost two years - and counting - since my wife and I have seriously been talking about including others, taking lovers and her becoming a shared-wife.)

She asked whether we've gotten together with any other couples, etc... (There have been plenty of opportunities through the SwingLifestyle site that we belong to, but it's been my wife who has been unwilling to pull the trigger and follow through with actually meeting. She'd prefer playing with friends versus 'strangers'.

I gave her an update on the situation, telling her how things have kinda morphed from actual swinging with other couples or singles, to my wife now attempting to have a lover(s). (My reasoning/feeling is that once she actually takes a lover and gets comfortable fucking other men, she'll be more open to expanding our adventures to couples, threesomes or possibly even orgies/gangbangs). I told M about my wife having had phone sex and cumming with G on the phone a couple weeks back and how I have encouraged her to entertain lovers in our bed while I am busy at work. It wasn't alot to report, but for MY wife, it has been good progress.

M is in the process of not being married anymore. Things were tough for some time, so it is a good thing that she is on her own. As I was leaving, I told her I'd keep her updated with our 'progress'.

She laughed and said, "OK, I'll live through the two of you!"