Saturday, October 6, 2007

"I wore it for him"

05 October, Friday. Smelling Nice. As I was fucking my wife last night, I got a strong whiff of her perfume from her neck. While she will regularly wear perfume, most often it is when we are going out together, or when she has someplace in particular or special to go herself, like out with girlfriends. We hadn't been out nor had she gone out with girlfriends that night. It was a little unusual. I told her she smelled nice and provocatively asked her who she had worn the perfume for. She did not answer. I ask her again, then asked "Did you wear it for G?" She answered "Yes". I had suspected as much, which is why I had asked her. I immediately got more turned on when she answered affirmatively. She was not just telling me what I wanted to hear - she really had worn the perfume for him. She told me that she knew she was going to see him while picking up one of our children and had wanted to smell nice for him. The fucking I was giving her got hotter and more lusty as we talked and fantasized more about her and G.

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