Sunday, August 19, 2007

"I want to know if he thinks I am sexy"

19 August, Sunday. Slim Pickins'. Our sex life has been pretty slim these days. She hasn’t been in much of a mood for sex this past month. I’ve been the initiator, as usual, but lately, I haven’t been able to keep her pussy wet. Normally, she warms up after I play with or eat her pussy and will get into the mood. Not this past month though. Concerned. Frustrated. Unsure of what is causing this change in her.

Early AM. Started playing with her pussy. Same results. She started playing with her pussy to try to get her juices flowing. I asked her what was bothering her that she hasn’t been in the mood. She told me she had a lot going on without elaborating – I left it at that for now. I will have to follow up to find out what that means.

I asked her what she was thinking about as she rubbed her clit. She said she was thinking about whether B finds her attractive and sexy. I said “You really want to know if he does, don’t you?” She said “Yes, I do” as she continued her rubbing her pussy. I assured her again that he does, that I was sure that he would jump at an opportunity to fuck her. I told her that is why he continues to make subtle flirtatious remarks to her, like the reply he made to her about taking her out sometime when ‘your husband is out of town’. I think he is being flirtatious without crossing the line – probing flirtations – to see how my wife responds. He’s just being conservative, considering he’s married, and that I, the husband, am around. He has just not been made aware of the fact that my wife finds him sexually attractive and that she would take him as a lover, nor does he know that I am aware of her desire for him, that I make sure that she shares with me each of their flirtatious conversations and encounters, and that I want her to be with him sexually – to be shared with him.

I’ve always encouraged her to return his flirtations, to push it up a notch with him, to flirt back to see where it will lead. I recounted to her an opportunity she had with him a couple of days back: At an event, we all happened to be sitting in grandstands or bleachers. He left his spot and when he returned, he took up a spot on the bench above and behind my wife. I told her that that she should have leaned back into him, resting her back between his spread legs, her head against his lap or crotch. She told me that she did so ‘a little’ and that she liked it. I encouraged her to be bold and she said she is trying and that she is taking small steps. To be sure, discretion is important, as we are all within a small circle of people involved in community activities.

I told her that she needed to communicate to him that I know of her desires, (his desires), and that I support and encourage her to pursue him. I gave her specific suggestions on how to let him know when the opportunity presented itself: “My husband likes it when I dress sexy for him and other men”; “My husband knows I am attracted to you”; “My husband enjoys watching me flirt with other men”; “I don’t keep ANYTHING from my husband”;"My husband always makes the arrangements"; "I don't play unless my husband is present". These aren’t opening lines, of course, but if she picks and seizes opportune times to interject these ‘comebacks’, I know it won’t be long before she’s feeling his cock slide into her pussy. I mentioned to my wife that I was going to work from my end on letting him know about her desires for him and about my being not just OK with, but encouraging her to ‘cheat’ with him.

Her pussy was wet now. I entered her as we continued to talk about B. I described to her in detail what I wanted to see her do with him. How I wanted to see her sucking his hard cock, how I wanted to see her on top riding his hard cock ‘cowgirl’, kissing him, having him empty his cum into her pussy, etc… She gets very aroused by this. So do I.

I told her how turned on I get by the thought of her “cheating” with another man. I clarified that it turned me on that she was married, fucking a lover, and had a husband who knew and approved. (Isn’t that the classic definition of a HOTWIFE?) She just hissed back “Yes!” – she loved the idea of this kind of “cheating” – of her giving her married pussy to another man with her husband knowing all about it. She said she liked the thought of having two men in this way. She told me that she enjoyed having B behind her on the bleachers and me right in front of her. That it felt good as a woman to have two men in this way. A feeling of security I suppose. Or maybe it just felt naughty to think of her being ‘had’ by two men (and subtly displaying it in public in this manner)

I told her how hot I got visualizing her bringing B home with her, walking up the stairs with him, knowing that she was going to spread her legs for him and let him take her…whenever he wanted. My mind shot back to her real lover from her real affair years ago, of her fucking him secretly in our own bed, letting him cum inside her pussy. I didn’t mention it today, but I still think often of her indiscretion and how much it turns me on that she really did cheat on me, arranging secret rendezvous with him at our home while I was at work.

"I want to call you on the telephone and tell you that I'm on my way to see B" She wanted to be able to tell me that he had called her to come over so they could fuck. I love hearing from her how she envisions her naughtiness, her hotwifing, our sex lives. Her orgasm soon followed. I love my wife and am proud of her steps forward.

She came back home a few hours later. We were alone and soon undressed and in bed again. I got out the very large black plug and worked it into her pussy. I tried sliding my cock in next to it, but it was just too tight a fit. She said she felt really stretched. I licked and sucked her clit as I worked the plug in and out of her pussy, working the ‘edge’ – working the thickest part of the plug, keeping it inserted just so it would stretch her cunt the most. She said she felt so full and so stretched. I told her that is how I wanted her pussy – stretched. I told her I was preparing her to take B inside her, or a thick black cock. I enjoy seeing the tight seal her pussy makes when stuffed with something that thick – ‘airtight’. I finally removed the dildo, slid my cock into her stretched hole and started fucking her. She bit her lower lip as she looked me in the eyes. "I love it when you bite your lip like that", I told her - "like a naughty little wife". Her body tensed as she started cumming.

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