Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Hot From Yesterday's Flirtations

10 June, Tuesday - Reliving another hot session. "I want to be sexy for you" my wife said to me as I slid in and out of her wet pussy. "I love how you keep your pussy bare for me, your nails manicured, wear your anklet, wear tight body hugging clothing and your flirting. You are very close. You want to have a lover, don't you? You are going to be a hotwife, aren't you?" "Yes", she replied. "I like that you're a conservative wife doing something naughty and nasty by taking a lover". She said, "I don't think that he thinks I am conservative."

She was still very aroused by her texting flirtations with G yesterday. Her very slick pussy and forward talk was evidence of that.

I proceeded to describe to her how it would be with G - how sexy it would feel when she reached into his pants for the very first time, fondling his big cock, wrapping her hand around it's girth and jacking him off before pulling off his underwear. "You want him to have a big cock, don't you?" "Yes", she said. "Something that can fill your pussy. You'll be rushing to strip each other's clothes off , the very first time you are naked together, his thick cock sticking out..." My wife interrupted, "I'm gonna suck his cock!" I always know how aroused my wife is by how verbal she is in response to my dirty talk. "You're gonna suck his big balls into your mouth, clean his balls with your tongue. You want to please your lover." I told her. "I want him to come back. I want him to want to fuck my pussy. I don't just want him to fuck me just one time." she pleaded. I reassured her that he would want more, "He's going to want more of your pussy once he gets a taste of it. He will come back for more. I'll send him back to you...I'll leave the front door unlocked for him so he can walk right in, undress and come over to the bed where you'll be waiting for him and playing with your pussy." She asked, "Will I be using toys?"

My wife inquired, "Will you be off Thursday?" Curious, I asked, "Why?" "I want to invite him over." "So you can fuck him?" I continued. She replied, "Yes. He can use toys on me - would that be OK if he uses dildos on me?" "You can show him all your toys, have them laid out for him to see."

"G's going to fuck your pussy hard, just like you like it. The best part is that it will be his bare cock sliding into you - no condom. You haven't had another man's cock in your mouth since sucking F
(her lover from her affair), have you? Haven't tasted another man's cum since F, huh? You can be as loud as you want to be when you are with him - as uninhibited as you want to be with your lover. You've wanted him to fuck you for two years, baby."

"You're be getting what you want."
I told her.

"YOU'LL be getting what you want."
she shot back.

"We'll ALL be getting what we want...all three of us"
was my reply.

We'll see if she invites him over on Thursday.

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