Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On The Threshold

29 January, Tuesday - As close as ever. I had been at work for seven hours when I thought of my wife. I hadn't heard from her at all today, which was a little unusual. I texted her to see what she was up to - "Flirting with G". I was intrigued. Our short exchange went like this:

Me (1/29 10:06): hello. What r u doing?
Wife (1/29 10:07): Flirting w G
Me (1/29 10:07): Tell me about it
Wife (1/29 10:07): I must get waxed didn't want to meet him without
Me (1/29 10:07): Tell him u have ur waxing appt set up tomorrow
Me (1/29 10:08): U texting or talking?
Wife (1/29 10:09): Texting but he did call
Me (1/29 10:10): Did u talk with him?
Wife (1/29 10:10): Little bit...tentative thurs but realized u r home
Me (1/29 10:11): U being bold with him? Let him kno what u want
Me (1/29 10:12): Tentative thurs for what? Fucking?
Me (1/29 10:13): I'm on lunch If u want to call & tell me about it

Wife (1/29 10:13): He said he owed me from last night I said diamonds might calm me he said what about him. I said that is what I truly want

Me (1/29 10:25): Love u...u r a very sexy woman and u did great today...u'll have ur lover in 2 days
Wife (1/29 10:26) I hope so

She called me on the phone at that point and proceeded to tell me about her flirtations with G. She was excited and I think a little giddy about it all. She had been at the gym when she received the first text message from G and she flirted and bantered with him for about the next hour as she worked out. From what she was telling me on the phone that she had said, it sounded like the most forward and direct she has been with G or anyone else. She was worked up a bit. She said she had been and still was nervous about it and had been shaking as she texted back and forth to him. She told me later in the afternoon as we fucked that she had become aroused and that her pussy became wet during their exchange. I was most impressed and even surprised about her message to me that said "tentative thurs, but realized u r home". Was she telling me what I thought she was??? Had she actually made plans with G to come over and fuck her? She asked me if I wanted to read what she had written to G. I'd be home in an hour.

G (8:50 am): I owe u.
Wife (8:51 am): diamonds might calm me
G (8:52 am): How about me
Wife (8:53 am): That's what I truly want
G (8:54 am): Better than diamonds
Wife (8:55 am): I know
G (8:56 am): U only can wear diamonds
Wife (8:57 am): Would rather wear other
G (8:58 am): Nice
Wife (8:59 am): thanks
G (9:00 am): For ? Haven't done anything yet
Wife (9:02 am): For anything that u might do

G (9:02 am): On my way

Wife (9:04 am): Man...Am in xxxxxx City working out
G (9:04 am): Oh well
Wife (9:04 am): But this is a good time. My husband works till 1

G (9:05 am): Awesome

Wife(9:06 am): I think so too - gives me a lot of alone time

G (9:09 am): U got to get to the grown up store and pick up some friends

Wife (9:12 am): All good honey

G (9:22 am): I bet

Wife (9:29 am): Am thinking that is a compliment while I shower

G (9:30 am): Mentally

G (9:32 am): With u

Wife (9:37 am): I like that, and u more and more

Wife (9:56 am): am serious but nervous & I do not have to delete (G had called my wife's cell before this message and was asking her if she knew where the 'delete' key was on her phone - a reference to me finding out about her and him, texting and fucking. She was attempting to indirectly tell him that I knew about everything she did (and approved) by telling him that 'I do not have to delete'. I don't think that he understood what she was trying to tell him. They decided during this call that Thursday was going to work for them to hook up, although my wife forgot that I was going to be home that day)
Wife (10:10 am): must make waxing appt first. that's what am trying to do today
Wife (10:24 am): i am at the store what size/brand?

As it turns out, she had been a hair away from realizing her desire to fuck G and take him as a lover. The only thing stopping her was the fact that she was not at home at the time and that she was not freshly waxed. G only lives a couple streets away, 2-3 minutes by car. While she had been texting with him, he had started over towards our house, stopping only when my wife told him she wasn't home. She told me that wanted to be smooth for him. She has always wanted G to know that she was completely bare as well as pierced. As we fucked I pressed her for the answer I already knew - "You wanted to fuck G today, didn't you? If you were at home when he told you he was on the way, you would have let him come over and fuck you, wouldn't you have?" She answered "Yes" to both questions.

I could tell by the forward nature of her texts to him that she had now crossed over in her mind and was ready to fuck him. She said that she was emboldened by the fact that [finally] he was the one to 'initiate' the sexual banter. Despite my telling her to the contrary, she has always felt that G (as well as her other prospective lover B) would not respond or would reject her if she were more forward and direct with them in communicating her desire to be sexual with them. She felt she had been giving them enough line to run with but that they had not 'taken the bait' and been responsive to her. Today was different....and it was all she needed.

She scrambled to get an earlier appointment for her brazilian waxing, which she had scheduled for tomorrow. She really wanted to be sexy for G and wanted to be waxed for him. I was aroused by the thought of my wife wanting to be sexy for her lover. She eventually found a salon that could accommodate her and she came home sore and red, but smooth.

We talked about it intermittently throughout the rest of the day and evening. She was still somewhat nervous about it actually happening, saying "We"ll see". Interestingly enough, we both seemed pretty calm only two days removed from her finally being fucked by another man besides me, her first since her affair some 14 years ago.

I think it's a calm-before-the-storm type of thing. Possibly a little sobering realization that we are on the threshold of a doorway that by crossing it has the potential to alter our relationship. For me, it's an odd kind of excitement.

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