Saturday, December 1, 2007

Inch by Inch...

30 November, Friday - Making progress...Inch by Inch. I received a text message from my wife early this morning - "What is G's telephone number?" I didn't know the reason she was asking for it, but I sent her his telephone number. We were going to spend the day together and I figured she would eventually tell me why she wanted it.

A couple of hours later as we were driving in the car she said, "I got a text message today that said 'P*****'s 4pm' and that's it". P*****'s is a bar and grill in town. I asked her who it was that had sent the text. "I don't know" she said, "It just displayed a phone number, not a name. I think it was S, but maybe it was G and I wanted to call him and ask him if he sent it. I was going to ask him if he was trying to get me to meet him alone". S is a girlfriend of hers and she did not have either S's or G's number stored in her phone. I asked her if she had called G to ask him if he had. "No, not yet" and mentioned something about being a little reluctant to, or nervous about following through on it. I didn't reply immediately, but thought about the possibilities and felt happy that she had come up with this on her own, without any prompting and was telling me about her thoughts and her plan. I think we both knew that the text message probably was not from G, but I I reached over, held her hand and told her how much I liked that she wanted to flirt with and tease G in this way - that it turned me on to know she was thinking of ways to seduce him.

A few hours later as we were inside Peet's having coffee, I told her to call G and ask him what she had originally intended to ask him. I suggested to her a few things to say to him - the usual ideas along the lines of '...were you trying to get me alone without my husband?' and ' husband knows about all the men I spend time alone with'. She got a little nervous about it as she took out her phone and told me she felt pressure from me about it. She was also worried that maybe G's wife would somehow end up hearing her message to him. I reassured her that I didn't think this would be the case and told her to go outside, away from me to make the call. When she walked back in, she told me she had gotten his voicemail but had left the message for him.

G ended up calling her back a little while later, unfortunately however, she missed his call and he did not leave a message for her.

I feel this was a pretty big step for her, to follow through on her thought to flirt with G in this fairly forward way. I've encouraged her often to do so and feel proud of her.

My wife had gone out with some girlfriends for the night, so I hadn't seen her since mid afternoon shortly after she had called G. We both awoke very early the next morning, my wife's pussy very wet and my cock very hard. She started playing with my cock, stroking and fondling me as I started working my fingers into her smooth pussy. She had just gotten her pussy waxed the day before, Thursday, and it felt so good under my hand. I love it when her pussy is freshly waxed like this. As I slid my cock into her, I asked her if G ever called her back again. She told me he hadn't and was afraid she had made him mad or otherwise offended him. I reassured her that he wasn't, but that he was just being conservative and cautious, unsure if the signals she was sending him were simply innocent teasing and flirting or a genuine invitation or come-on and because everyone involved is married. I reminded my wife that this was the reason she had to be more bold in what she said to him, to let him know in more direct terms that she was physically attracted to him, interested in becoming sexual with him, and that I knew of and approved of her fucking him. I told her that once he was assured that her husband, his friend approved, he would jump at the opportunity to sleep with her.

We continued to fuck as I described, as I have many times, what she needed to do to seduce him, how G was going to fuck her, and how life would be with her having G as her lover. I came deep inside her shortly after she had cum from rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

A nice bit of progress for her!

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