Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lycanthropy, Lunchtime & Lockup

3rd January, Wednesday - A very odd feeling. 9pm. Sitting with her, lightly playing with her, but she clearly not in the mood. I started feeling very oddly sexual. Difficult to describe what I was feeling, but I was feeling overly dominant, wanting to get extremely nasty. I felt an urgent need to use my wife as a fuck toy, as my personal slut - not lovingly, but roughly and dominantly. I desired her complete submissiveness. I looked her intensely in the eye and told her I wanted to see her fucked and used good by another man. I couldn't explain to her why I was suddenly feeling this way and I think she became alarmed or at least concerned. I didn't get rough with her, but kissed her aggressively. She masturbated me as I straddled her and she even offered herself to me to fuck. I declined, not wanting to say or do something too rough, dominating or humiliating to her, despite my intense desire to USE her tonight. I left to go to work instead. It'd be safer and wiser. I felt like an animal. Like I was in a sexual frenzy. It felt as if I was turning into a werewolf and my desire to leave the house before something bad happened was like the werewolf characters we've seen in movies, who warned friends to lock them in a cage or basement, chain him up or just leave so he would not hurt them when he turned into a werewolf. Weird I know. Can't explain it. Have never felt this way to this degree. I did go workout a few hours earlier - too much testosterone maybe?

4th January, Thursday
- A Quickie. She came home for lunch. I had just awoken when she arrived. She knelt next to the bed, threw back the covers and proceeded to take my hardening cock into her mouth. My wife looked very sexy on her knees, still dressed, bent at the waist, ass stuck out, lips stretched over and servicing my cock. I wanted to suck her pussy. She removed her pants an straddled my face. I reached up and spread her ass cheeks as she pushed her pussy onto my tongue. I could feel her mouth bobbing up and down the full length of my cock. - it felt so good. It was lunchtime though, and she only had 30 minutes to play. She flipped around and straddled my cock. She was wearing a low cut black sweater and she reached in with 1 hand to arrange her breasts to display more cleavage, which she knows I love seeing. She looked incredibly hot , riding me with her breasts so exposed. I told her how I was going to send her back to work with a pussy full of cum; how her coworkers would have no idea that just minutes earlier she was filled with cock and now she was working side by side with them, her pussy dripping cum. She was highly aroused by this thought and fucked me harder as I told how naughty it felt to know SHE was home sucking cock & being fucked while her coworkers (all women) were sitting innocently in the lunchroom unaware of her activities.

I could not hold out long. Seeing the lusty look on her face and hearing her moan as I held and spread her ass cheeks, sent me over the edge. She hadn't cum and as she climbed off me, she looked down at my still semi erect cock flopped on my stomach completely covered with her juices and my fresh cum. She just let out a loud moan "Ohhhhhhhhh" as she stared at my cum covered cock. She threw herself onto her back next to me, spread herself, while her hand immediately went to work on her cum filled pussy. She came less than one minute later and bolted out the front door soon thereafter.

9:00pm - I'd been playing with her pussy as we talked about me putting her into a chastity belt. She had pulled her pussy taut, forcing her clit into the open. I rubbed it lightly. "Why do you want me to wear a chastity belt?" She had expressed how she liked the idea of wearing one just a few days earlier, so I wasn't sure why she was asking. Was she wanting me to truly detail the reasons pragmatically, or did she just want me to express it to her as a dom to a submissive, exerting my control over her as I did. I wanted her locked up to keep her from pleasuring herself with my permission as well as to keep anyone from fucking her or playing with her pussy. As I slid my cock into her pussy, I told her how I was going to lock her up before I'd leave for work. "Are you going to lock up my pussy everyday before you go to work?" she asked. I wanted her pussy locked up at work I wanted her pussy locked up when she went out with her girlfriends. I would openly display or carry the key and whenever asked what it unlocked, would tell them the key was for my wife's locked up pussy - for her chastity belt.

Suddenly, she said "Would you want me to wear it to a board meeting?" I could only moan deeply. This was the ultimate turn on for me and she knew she had hit the hot button with me. My cock hardened. Just a day ago we fucked passionately as I told her how several male board members had been looking her over and oogling her during a board meeting. Now she was suggesting her pussy be locked up as we attended a board meeting. I'd set the key to her belt on the table in front of us with only she and I knowing what it would unlock. I began cumming when she asked me if I wanted her to show the men her chastity belt, her locked up pussy. She came shortly thereafter, once again at her own hand.

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