Saturday, January 6, 2007

"Do you want me to have a lover?"

6th January, Saturday - "It feels like so long since you've played with my pussy". 9:00am I hadn't had her since late Thursday night. Not that long really, but with all the fucking and playing we've been doing lately, it did seem like the distant past to me as well.

She did something different to my cock this morning as we played with each other under the sheets. It felt so good, but I didn't know exactly what she was doing to me. She had never done this before. I imagined that she had learned some new technique from a lover of hers. That it was some trick he had taught my wife that she had brought home to our bed. Of course, she did not have a lover in reality, but asked "Do you want me to have a lover?". We had talked and fantasied a number of times before. I did want it. The thought of her bringing another man into our bed while I was away turns me on immensely. She'd done it before - when she had her affair - her coworker/lover fucking her in our bed while I was working late.

She wanted to have a lover that I sent to her. A lover that I had arranged to fuck and use my wife. He would be known to both of us and I would control both her and her lover. I would just tell her to expect someone and she would be home waiting in anticipation for the doorbell to ring. She wanted to be naked when she answered the door for her lover. I wanted her in heels only. I described another scenario wherein I would leave the front door unlocked and her in bed. I would telephone a lover, tell him I wanted my wife fucked, give him our address and tell him the front door would be unlocked. I would then call my wife and inform her of my arrangement - she would wait in bed, ready to fuck and suck when he arrived. He would enter our home to find my wife naked, wet and spread for him in our bed. She could telephone me as she was with her lover, describing how he was using her, what he was doing to her pussy real time or she could describe how she was fucked after I arrived home.

I wanted her naked in heels and on her knees sucking her lovers cock.soon after he walked in. I visualized his overflowing load of cum dribbling from my wife's mouth. I wanted her lover to fill her pussy with his cum as well. "My lover will cum two times in me then?" she asked rhetorically. "Do you want me to leave his cum in my pussy until you get home?" , "Do you want to fuck my pussy with his cum inside me?" Very hot thoughts both of them. I do like the idea of her leaving her lover's cum inside her and her showing me how much he filled her with. Very naughty. I love the image of my wife being fucked bareback and letting another man cum deep inside her ripe, unprotected pussy.

She wanted to know how many lovers I wanted her to have. I told her I wanted many for her - I wanted her to have a variety of lovers. A stable of hung studs that I could send home to fuck her whenever I wanted to.

As much as her allowing my wife to take a lover(s) without my knowledge or consent turns me on - very naughty and taboo, like her affair was - I am not sure how or if I could deal with it, since in my mind having a lover or an affair, implies a relationship of some sort, likely emotional, over an extended period of time on an ongoing basis. Of course, that is what give it the edginess, the out- of-control excitement - that familiarity with another man, the risk of a relationship developing, the sneaking around, the wife-as-cheater aspect all add to the taboo-ness of it. Arranging lovers for her, controlling the encounters, and dictating the terms is best for us now.

Later this year she'll stop working and starts staying at home during the day, maybe then I'll allow her and arrange for a lover to keep her pussy busy while I am gone.

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