Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hair, Nails & Board Members

2 January, Tuesday - Hair & Nail Day. 0800am Played this morning with her ass, not inside but all around the crinkled ridges of her asshole and that area between her pussy and her asshole. I was fingering her at the same time. She had a hair appointment with her girlfriend M today. I instructed her to a) share 1 intimate thing with her; b) use one of the phrases "My husband likes me to______", or "My husband makes me_________" with M today; c) dress sexily; d) go work out; e) write a journal entry. I denied her orgasm. She kept desperately placing my hand on her pussy and forcing it down and moving it onto her clit. I had worked her up and she wanted her finish. I stopped and started repeatedly, she was on her back, moving her spread legs up and down as if she were riding a bronc and spurring its shoulders. When I continued to deny her my hand, she attempted to adjust the sheet so it would touch and rub against her clit, as she had done a few days earlier. She'd be allowed to cum after she completed her instructions for the day.

I got a text message as I was waiting my turn to get my haircut with M. My wife had spoken to M earlier about having her pussy area waxed. I had told my wife that I could do it for her and since M's husband does it for her, M said she would show us how to do it properly. Her message said for me to work out a date & time for her to show us. I talked to M, who asked if we wanted to go to her place or ours, but apparently there needs to be 10 days worth of growth to do it right and she shaved 4 days ago, so we're a week out. This sounds very erotic, my wife spread wide for me and her sexy friend who's never seen her pussy and me working between her thighs as M gives instructions. Erotic, I guess, until I have to rip. The 1st time would be the worst as far as pain went. M suggested that it be tried on me so I would empathize. I told her that I had nothing to wax, that my pubic area is shaved. I liked telling this to her. While talking about pain, I told M that my wife was pierced. She seemed a little surprised that my conservative wife would have done it, but also seemed to think it was cool.

My wife had also messaged me that they had talked about vibrators, porn, and Good Vibrations store. M mentioned this to me also, mentioning that she & my wife were talking about going to vibrator stores or porn palaces and how my wife was embarrassed about going into them. M said she was the touchy-feely kind of shopper when it came to vibrators and needed to handle them etc...It certainly sounded like she was volunteering to go with my wife to a store when she suggested that she might like going with another woman. Apparently, they had been talking about looking for or wearing a remote control vibrator. I told her that we had one, but she wanted one that was truly remote - wireless. M told me how nice it would be wearing & using one at work. I was just about to tell M about how my wife had a small dildo stuffed inside her pussy the last time they were out together having dinner & drinks, when the subject abruptly changed. My wife would tell me later tonight that she had wanted to tell her the same thing, but the subject changed on her too. She said I could be the one to tell her. M mentioned she & her husband had had a good sex night last night and that they had gone to rent a porn movie that ended up terrible. I told her we had some that she was welcome to borrow anytime. I think my wife offered to burn some XXX movies from the computer for her as well. I was erotic to have M sharing something intimate with us/me - nice to have it go both ways.

After returning from a board meeting for a non-profit that we are board members for, we started playing again and talking about the days events. I mentioned to her how men on the board were looking her up and down as she got up and walked to the door at one point in the evening. She denied it saying she didn't see anyone looking at her. She denies this every time I tell her this, but she isn't the one looking for other's reactions to her - I am. I get off on knowing that other men, women or couples are oogling my wife, lusting after her, or mentally undressing her. I also mentioned to her how I had enjoyed the intimate sharing with M and hearing about her movie/fuck night. I told her I wanted her to share how much her pussy has been played with lately and about the day that I played with her for hours and hours without letting her cum - the day she agreed to be owned and submissive. I asked her which of her girlfriends she thought would enjoy or be turned on most knowing that she was owned - M or B - and she told me B. Then she mentioned that B had called today wanting to know how our datenight in SF went last Thursday. B wanted to go out again with my wife which is OK with me. My wife confirmed that M did want to go out with her to look at vibrators, perhaps the wireless remote wearable type, maybe on their next girls night out. She said she preferred Good Vibrations to any porn store.

She woke me at 0600am the 3rd when she rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs, face down, ass up - her 'come-play-with-me' position. I licked her and fucked her from behind. I then got out the KY and told her I wanted to get more fingers into her pussy. I eventually worked my thumb into her ass as I slid 3 fingers in & out of her pussy. It was another 'anal training' day and I now worked a finger and thumb into her ass. She asked me if I had been awake, because I was so ready when she went face down. I told her that I had, that I kept waking up because I had been thinking of all the board members in the room last night who were oogling her body as she walked. I also told her how the men sitting outside the Starbucks stopped and turned to watch her as she crossed the street as I waited for her on the other side, earlier during the day. I enjoy watching her from a distance, watching her sexy walk, watching others reactions to her sexy body, and watching her sexy eyes and smile light up as she talks to people. She loves knowing and hearing from me that other men lust after her body. She moaned as I told her what I had witnessed. I told her the board member seated next to me, a man whom she finds attractive, was taking in her uncovered legs, ankles, heels. She had been wearing 3/4 length blue jeans, with very attractive heels, her anklets hung sexily on her tanned and well turned ankle as she sat with her legs crossed. I told her of another member sitting across from us whom I caught admiring her exposed legs. She said she also caught him staring at her. I fucked her ass with my thumb and forefinger as I rubbed her clit with my other hand underneath her. She humped back, moving her ass up and down forcing my fingers in and out.

The conversation again drifted to her girlfriends. I told her how much I enjoyed that our friend M talked so intimately to both of us. It feels like a sexy intimate triangle to me. As close, perhaps, to actually being physically intimate with her girlfriend as I'll get. She asked me if I thought M enjoyed the intimate sharing as well or if I thought it turned her on to hear about us. I think she does like knowing us in this way. I could feel her sphincter relaxing. Her asshole was an open hole now with two fingers inside it, it wasn't just clinging tightly to my fingers as usual. We were making progress.

I told her that I thought B would be turned on if she told he she was being anally trained. She thought I said M and thought M was more dominant. M probably does have more sexual experience than B. My wife said she could see M being the one wearing the strap on and B being the one being fucked by her. I agreed. It would be hot to watch M fucking B strapped as I filled my wife's ass on the same bed. We both moaned at that visual. She said M would want the type of dildo/strapon that would insert into her pussy simultaneously, doubleheaded so she would get fucked herself as she was fucking B. I asked if M had one of those type dildos. They had only talked about vibrators, not dildos...YET, my wife said.

With a little more KY, I inserted a 3rd finger into her ass. Unprecedented. She'd never had 3 fingers stretching her ass. I don't even think she'd ever had 2 inside her ass until her anal training just two days ago. She groaned and said "You've had your fingers in my ass for four straight days now". She was up to 3 fingers. She would take my cock soon.

She wanted fingers in her pussy as well. I obliged her - 3 in her ass, 2 in her pussy and the heel of my palm pressed against her clit. I whispered "If only they (the board members who'd been looking her over last night) could see you now, face down with fingers filling your ass and pussy". The bucking and humping started. "If only they knew how nasty my sexy wife was being just hours after they had seen her" I whispered their names as I told her how they would watch my naked wife's anal training. She came hard as I dug my fingers deep into both her holes.


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