Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Dec 30th through New Years - Recap

December 30, Saturday - 03:30am "I have to tell you something" - She said to me as we were playing. "B told me again what nice legs I have" (B had told her this on an earlier occasion which surprised my wife then as well). "She also told me I had nice breasts, perfect size" She had gone out with B on Tuesday and we had talked that same night. She had not mentioned this to me. She had also told B that I found her really attractive, that I thought she was HOT, as my wife put it. I had told my wife a week ago that I wanted her to tell B that I thought she was sexually attractive - that I wanted her to know how I felt about her. She did well. I don't know why she waited to tell me though. She told me what B had said as I had my thumb inside her pussy and a finger stuffed inside her ass, working both in and out. We continued talking about her sexy friend. She had recommended to B to toss all her frumpy clothes and start wearing clothes that accentuate her body and specifically her breasts. My wife had gotten these two ideas from a book I had given her a couple of months ago called......................I had given it to her so she could effect some of the suggestions in the book to enhance and bring out her sexuality/sensuality. I told her to give B the book to read in order for her to start feeling sexy again. I told my wife to help B, to follow up with her. I also told my wife that the next time B complimented her breasts, legs or any other part of her body, for my wife to respond positively in a way that draws out more from B, to get her to elaborate or share more intimately with my wife. I will instruct my wife to tell B that I have talked with her about fucking her.

December 31, Sunday
- New Years Eve Morning 03:30am. She had not been allowed to cum all day long on Saturday and she awoke when I arrived. She immediately spread her legs for me as I got into bed. I told her how pleased I was with her first Hotwife Journey entry as I touched her pussy. I had read it while at work more than once, getting aroused each time. She was so hot and desperate to cum that when I mounted her, she fucked me back crazed with lust. I'd not seen her so desperately wanting to fuck. She fucked back wildly, thrusting up against my cock, grinding against me, spreading her thighs and ass cheeks with both hands, pulling them back and allowing me to go DEEP into her soaked pussy. Ragged breathing, gasping, and hoarse panting came from her open mouth with every deep thrust. Coupled with the sounds of slapping flesh, her cries drove me to fuck her as hard and as deep as I could.

As we fucked, we talked about her girlfriend B. I wanted my wife to shepherd her sexually. I wanted her to go out with B, but for my wife to call her ahead of time to tell B that she planned on dressing sexily, and for her to tell B to do the same - revealing blouse, no bra, short skirt, etc... I wanted both sexy women to be out flaunting themselves in public. I wanted them to both flirt, to strut confidently into a bar together in their revealing clothing and heels, turning heads as the did. Since I started talking with my wife intimately about B, I have found myself wanting to influence her girlfriends sensuality as I do with my wife. The idea of exerting even a small amount of control or domination over B was arousing to me. The fact that it would be done by proxy, through my sexy wife, made the idea all the more exciting. I wanted my wife to help her with her wardrobe, shop with B, helping her find sexy new clothes to wear. I told my wife to tell B that 'I' wanted to see her wearing particular types or styles of clothes - low cut blouses or short skirts or for her to go braless. I wanted B to want to dress for ME, someone other than her husband, because she wanted to please me, and to submit to my desires regarding her clothing selections. My sexy wife would facilitate, telling her "My husband wants to see you wearing (or not wearing any) ________" or "My husband thinks you'd look good in ________" My wife expressed a fear of losing B as a friend. I told her to continue to sexually share herself/us with B and to slowly make the suggestive remarks to her and communicate my desires regarding her apparel options known to her - slowly.

I also told my wife I was going to share her with attractive men when I went out for drinks at bars and struck up conversations with them. I'd steer the conversation towards her, then as the conversation got more intimate, I'd mention that I had photographs of her if he wanted to view them. After sharing her, I'd give him my wife's email address so he could tell her all about how she was shared by her husband and so he would email her and tell her what he thought of her photos and body.

We awoke a few hours later to play again. After working her up, I started playing with her ass, informing her that I would be starting her on 'anal training'. I slid a finger up her ass as I explained that on a regular basis her ass was going to be used, worked, filled, and played with to prepare her to be able to handle my cock in her ass. She would be instructed on how to relax her extremely strong sphincter muscle to accommodate my finger(s), plugs, dildos and then ultimately my hard cock. She moaned at the idea of being anally trained. She was so worked up. I told her " You're allowed to play with yourself for 15 seconds" She immediately brought her hand to her pussy and rubbed it roughly moaning as she did. In 15 seconds I would deny her the pleasure of her own fingers. She came 9 seconds later.

January 1, Monday
- New Years Morning 03:30am. "I couldn't find a large cucumber tonight". I had instructed her a few weeks ago to find a very thick cucumber that I would use on her pussy. She had been shopping earlier in the evening for a small New Years gathering we were having. I started to touch her pussy. "It's amazing. I can't believe how much my pussy has been used lately". It was true, her pussy had never been fucked, licked, slapped, sucked, spanked as much as it had in the last month and certainly never as much as in the last 2 weeks.

We fucked and sucked and she was allowed to play with her clit. She masturbated urgently and vigorously, almost abusing her clit. She seemed to be in a hurry to cum, perhaps afraid that I would tell her to stop before she could cum. We continued to suck & fuck and she brought herself off with fingers from both my hands inside her pussy.

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