Saturday, December 30, 2006

Her "Little Wife" Letter

30 December, Saturday - Her "Little Wife" letter to me. I left my wife in a state of arousal this afternoon. I denied her an orgasm for hours and hours playing with her pussy from the early morning hours until about 4pm and because I needed to leave for work, I had instructed her to write a letter to me about everything that had transpired in the past 24-hours and her feelings. I wanted her to start a journal of her sexual experiences from now on. I had instructed her that she was not to cum while I was away, that she was not to touch her pussy or masturbate unless I allowed it. I told her that if I was satisfied with her letter to me, that I might let her bring herself off.

An hour or two I received a text message from my wife asking me to check my email. "I hope you are pleased" Here is what she wrote to me:

Throbbing and pulsing, that's how he left me. He played with me for hours then told me to go take a shower. He told me I couldn't cum. He told me I was his to do what he wanted with. He spanked me, he put 2 fingers in my ass and fingered and manhandled my pussy over and over. He made me crazy wanting to cum, then refused my need. I loved every minute of it.

"I want to dominate you." "I own you, this pussy is mine." "You will do what I say, when I say." "I will own you sexually, your sexuality will come from me, your pleasure will come from me." "You will be a shared wife." "I will share you." "Remember that I love you, that you trust me, I will not humiliate you, and that I will take care of you."

All these things he said to me and yet he would not let me cum. He waited for my agreement. He wanted me to consent to be owned by him sexually. Although, I gave my consent, he still would not let me cum. I took the shower; I ate my breakfast and lay back down. As he started to fondle me again and repeat that he owned me, he still would not bring me to orgasm. He left for work and left me pulsing and swollen saying after he reads what I write, (if he likes) then he will let me cum.

I want to cum, so I am here writing and hoping he will be pleased.

I have secretly wanted to be dominated. I have been insecure about pleasing my husband and find I am extremely turned on by being told what to do. I like being the little wife. I like to please him. I love when he tells me to bend over or spread my legs for him. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have been more of a conservative lady when it comes to sex. I have never let myself get too wild for fear of someone finding out. I guess then, not approving. My husband says I need to be set free. I am afraid. My husband says he will be there and will take care of me...I need to trust him. I find it hard to give up control of my sexual life. My sexual life though has not been that fulfilling over the years. Maybe this is just what I need. Maybe I need him to control what I do sexually and not ask any questions. This will be a new chapter in my life, giving up control.

To please him from now on:

I must ask to play with my pussy

I must dress sexily everyday
I must apply my makeup carefully each day
I must talk to my friends about us
I must tell him when someone says I look sexy
I must look men and women in the eye and smile when I think they are checking me out
I must talk to someone when he tells me to
I must expose myself if he tells me to
I must suck his cock if he tells me to
I must get my ass (and I assume pussy) filled with any item he wants
I must purchase the longest, fattest cucumber I can find
I must wear or not wear what he says
I must show my clit ring to my friend
I must share that I have a chastity belt
I must let him use clips and other methods to pull and pinch me
I must let him paddle me and like it
I must go out with eggs or dildos in my pussy if he says
I must be ready to be fucked when he gets home
I must never refuse to do these things

Hot and wet is how I am feeling right now. I have not touched myself though. I will not until I am given permission. I wonder if moving around in this chair and kegel excercises count as touching my pussy? I am looking forward to the next instruction I am given.

I am pleased.

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