Friday, December 22, 2006

Red Skies at Night, Sailors Delight...

12/19, Tuesday - Storm clouds brewing. For the 2nd night in a row, the sex was very non-participatory on her part, very mediocre at best. Then all of a sudden, on the second night, as I am fucking her...BOOM...she drops a bomb about her concerns about AIDS (since I have slept with other women during our marriage) and some other mumblings about a local couple who had contacted us by email, that I had mentioned to her earlier in the day. Abrupt end to sex.

12/20, Wednesday - Coming to a head. Once again I expressed my frustration at not making long-term progress sexually, she expressed her fears. She talked about having a comfort zone that creeps up on her, and while she is turned on by idea of fucking others, questions her courage to see them through. I talked about needing her to actively participate in our journey - looking at emails with me, helping with ads, actually being interested OTHER THAN when we are in bed playing with each other. Not just letting me do everything, and then have me feel badly when she doesn't respond or shuts down whenever I report any kind of progress. I mentioned that being with others is NOT such an unusual thing, that all she needed to do was look at 2 out of 3 of her closest friends for confirmation. People who have sex with others or have lovers are NOT freaks, but regular folks just like her and I - soccer moms, teachers, parents, etc... She said that as soon as something concrete develops, she freaks out and gets scared, like the other night. Talked and argued some about her sleeping with men she had known and how long she had known them before fucking them. In the end, she said that she just needed to adjust to things each step of the way, that the mention of the couple who contacted us, freaked her out. She said she needed time to go from step to step. She apologized for the show stopper AIDS comment in the middle of fucking. I reiterated to her the need to trust me, to know that I want this for both of us, to enhance our marriage, not destroy it. That I want her to believe that being in love with her AND wanting to share her are not mutually exclusive events. Left for work that evening during a relatively heated argument.

I went to the hospital to get tested today.

12/21, Thursday - Doing a 180. It's raining orgasms. We talked things through today. Things got better....then things got really better... In the early evening we went onto my Yahoo groups and showed them to her for the first time, showed her what they were about and looked at photos together. She wanted me to post her photos to the hotwife-type, soccer mom-type groups. She does not seem to care for the groups referring to slutwives or slut-anything despite me having told her before by me that to me that is NOT a derogatory term, but a compliment to a woman's sexuality and sexiness. A slut to me is a truly outwardly sexual and confident woman who proudly embraces her sexuality with great enthusiasm and lust.

We found a group about disciplining women who're caught masturbating. I find this a very hot topic. Asked her her opinion about it. She told me that it isn't really the discipline for being caught masturbating, but it's just plain discipline that she likes. She told me she enjoyed the lite spanking I had given her in the kitchen earlier in the day. She had been in jeans and bent over at the sink; I came up behind her and swatted her plump ass with my hand a few times, holding my hand to her ass after each swat, rubbing and kneading her ass and inner thighs after each swat. I was a little surprised by this, as I really wasn't trying to be either extraordinarily sexual or overtly dominant at the time. (I think back to a week earlier though, when she and I watched a movie called The Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, which involved spanking, discipline and control. The night we watched it, there was an very intense spanking scene, that I think really aroused us both, because I ended up between her legs sucking her pussy as she spread for me on the couch. I ended stroking my cock until I came strongly all over her breasts and stomach.)

While I know she loves having her pussy spanked, paddled and slapped, I did not think that she enjoyed having her ass spanked. Go figure. I've been with her for 21 years and as far as I can remember, whenever I've attempted to spank her ass, she has stopped me or said it hurts. Needless to say, I'll be re-exploring this, since I am dominant and enjoy discipline and control. She said she likes being spanked on the ass as long as it doesn't hurt too much.

That night as we were going to bed, she suggested we watch [xxx] movies. As we watched, I talked dirty to her about owning her, owning her body and pussy. How I wanted her to wear a choker or collar, so people would know that she was owned. We talked about our upcoming datenight next week and I told her I wanted her to wear a choker, no panties or bra, so I could feel up her pussy and breasts as we're out. Talked about a photo we had seen earlier of a couple on the dance floor of a club, wherein the man was standing/dancing behind the woman and had his hand deep into the girls pants playing with her pussy...she enjoyed this. Told her I'd try to find a plug or egg that she could wear out that night. As I was telling her how I wanted to feel up her pantyless pussy at the restaurant, she told me that she wanted to suck my cock at the restaurant. I told her she could lean over in the booth and suck me right at the table. She wanted me to take her to the back of the restaurant, where she could suck me. As she was describing to me how she wanted me to just take her by the hand and lead her to a secluded area of the restaurant, she came hard (Orgasm#1)

Incredibly, she wasn't done. For the 3rd time in a couple of weeks, she wanted to cum again immediately. As I returned to the bed from cleaning up, she continued to watch the video, Rocco Sifreddi, who was doing some serious anal damage with that large cock of his. My wife got incredibly hot and wet as she watched and as I reached between her legs playing with her slippery clit. I described visualizing her in the anal gangbang taking place on screen. She came hard again as she watched a nasty blonde cleaning the cum from a hot brunette's freshly creamed asshole (Orgasm #2). It was hot to watch her cumming so hard and for a second time within 10 minutes.

It wasn't over...I awoke a few hours later to find her laying face down, legs slightly spread and ass up - my favorite position to reach down and play with her pussy from behind. We fucked until I came inside her pussy, then I fingered her to her 3rd orgasm of the night (Orgasm #3)

Early the next morning, she woke me by throwing her lg over me as she lay on her back, spreading her thighs and giving me full access to her pussy. This is one of her ways of letting me know that she wants to play. I touched her just a little, unsure if it was really an invitation or not. I thought she might be sore from all the sex the night before and stopped rubbing her clit. Her hand immediately replaced mine as she began masturbating. I was surprised as she told me she woke up craving another orgasm and hadn't yet had one this morning. I hadn't seen her this horny - this would be her 4th orgasm in 9 hours. As she masturbated next to me, she asked whether or not I had shared any of her erotic nude photos with anyone at work yet. She wanted to know if I carried them with me in case the opportunity arose for me to show her off. I do keep a small photo album with me, of non-risque , yet sexy photos of her that we took on our last trip to Las Vegas. My wife suggested that I carry her nude photos with me and when the opportunity & person were right, after I showed them her 'public' photos, I could ask them if they wanted to see my wife's nude, erotic photos as well. She came with my finger deep up her ass, as she whispered who she wished she could take something larger than my digit inside her tight ass. (Orgasm #4)

Her 5th orgasm inside 24hours, came shortly after I received this text message from her while I was at work on Friday night:

"I am reading the blue Penthouse [letters] book and playing"

My wife was in bed reading stories of wives being shared or hotwives fucking other men, while she played with her pussy.

"...Poker night, one by one, each friend takes turns fucking wife"

I asked her if she was imagining herself as the wife being fucked

"Naturally, I liked her getting fucked by different men & possibility of husband [being the one] sending them in...Like fucking someone you know"

I told her how much I loved the thought of that as well...the thought of sending men upstairs into our bedroom to fuck her...taking turns using her pussy.

"Cummming" (Orgasm #5)

When I arrived home around 5:30am Saturday morning, I fucked and sucked her to her 6th orgasm (Orgasm#6)

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