Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Girls Night Out

She walked in and walked over to me. As we kissed, I reached down to the crotch of her jeans, cupping her pussy and pulled up in a lifting motion. She gave a little groan and spread her thighs slightly for me as she stood in front of me. I repeated this motion as we continued to kiss. What I had been doing to her was driving a small black dildo up into her pussy...a dildo that she had inserted into her pussy when she got up from dinner to use the restroom and had worn inside her for the balance of the evening as she had drinks & dinner with her friend M.

Tonight had been her night to go out with her girlfriend, M our married friend for drinks, dinner. We had talked before about her going out with friends while having either an vibrating egg, butterfly or dildo stuffed inside her pussy. The last time she backed out at the last minute feeling either embarrassed or uncomfortable about it. She was going to wear it out of the house, but complained about the base portion that stuck out of her pussy being an irritant. She did not want to do it....once again.
Tonight there would be no refusing. I put it into her purse and told her that, while she didn't have to wear it out, she would need to excuse herself from M at some point in the evening, go to the bathroom and insert the dildo for the night. She was then to send me a text message when she had done so. The message was simple; it came in at 7:50pm and simply said "In". Turns out that it really wasn't so comfortable having that circular bottom part, the part that prevents the entire dildo from disappearing into her pussy, rubbing against her lips. She did tell me it was sexy to get up, go to the bathroom and insert it, and she did like knowing it was inside her as she sat across from her friend talking, but physically it was uncomfortable. I took pictures of the dildo still inside her from her night out as she spread for me on the couch...then i proceeded to give her a good sucking followed by a good fucking. I will have to find more of an egg-type device to fit completely inside her...or maybe i will just cut off the bottom of the small black dildo. Still, I was nice to see her take direction and follow through.

Up until tonight M did not know that I had told my wife that I had propositioned her. I don't know everything that was said between them, but my wife did say that she told her friend that she 'knew'...about my having hit on her for some extramarital sex. It was not confrontational at all. They talked about what had happened, my wife explaining she was not mad or upset about it with her. As she tells it, the subsequent discussion encompassed a great deal of sexual, marital & extramarital issues, my wife sharing with her friend many things, including:
my wife's cheating, the women I had slept with during and outside our marriage, the fact that I wanted her shared with both women and men, & us playing with and including others in our sex life, I think a lot of this was a surprise for M. Apparently, M has had significant experience in playing with others prior to her marriage as well as extramarital experiences that are still unknown to her husband. She shared advice with my wife - standard stuff about making sure it was consentual and not something imposed on her, not playing with friends, etc... My take from what what my wife had told me was that M didn't really endorse including others in our bed. That it could damage or destroy our marriage. I obviously do not agree with her.

I believe that this was the most intimate my wife has been with M as far as sharing our sex life with her...ever. My wife mentioned about talking to her one other time when we were having some troubles about me enjoying porn a little (or alot) too much for her liking (addiction). I am not sure, beyond that, if she told her more about our sex life or me and my desires that day.

As we continued talking, I found myself turned on by the fact that my wife had share our sex 'secrets' or sexual thoughts and contemplations with a girlfriend of hers, especially one who I found so sexually attractive. I liked that M now knew intimate details about us and about me - about my wanting to share my wife among other cravings. I like knowing that she knew about us - in my opinion, knowledge of intimate secrets like this, changes the lens through which a person sees you. It kind of creates a connection, unspoken though it may be, between the person who knows and the person known about. That is how I feel about M now, that when we speak, there is always a little secondary background dialog going on in the back of her (or my) mind over shared and unspoken secrets. A little mind distraction. It feels edgy and I like it. (I'd compare it to my wife wanting me to share her photos with a male friend of ours, and her knowing that she had been shared with him, yet him not knowing that she knew he had seen every intimate part of her) Exciting feeling.

I encouraged my wife to continue to talk with M intimately, to tell her all about us sexually, as appropriate - I like us being 'known'.

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