Friday, December 29, 2006

Life & Death Decisions Over a Skirt

29 December, Friday - Datenight gone bad. Our night out got started off on the wrong foot before it even started. In a nutshell, I got upset over my wife's unwillingness to wear a shorter skirt than the one she had chosen. We're talking about approximately a 2-3 inch difference in opinion - Her: 2-3" above the knee; Me: 5-6" above the knee. Difference in mindset: A MILE WIDE.

I told her that she looked sexy (not slutty) in it and told her I wanted her to wear it. There wasn't much arguing about it - she said she didnt' feel comfortable in something that short and I walked out exasperated after saying a few words to try to convince her to wear it. I was tired of her unwillingness to be more daring. I no longer cared about the datenight. Frankly, I didn't care whether we went or not.

We had intended to visit a couple of leather-type, sexually oriented stores before checking into our hotel and going out for dinner. However, I no longer had any desire to go and we drove directly to our hotel in SF to check in. There had been very little said between us for the past 1.5 hours. She went into the bathroom to use the jacuzzi tub and I left the hotel to buy some beer and champagne.

As our dinner reservation time approached, she dressed and came out of the bathroom wearing neither skirt, but wearing a pair of jeans. That was it. I was done. A few short terse words later and I told my wife that once dinner was done, she could drop me off at the train station and she could stay in SF by herself. This suited her fine and we left the hotel in silence.

Despite the fact that I seldom practice it, I know that the vast majority of disagreements can be worked out or mitigated if people continue talking. Unfortunately, I happen to be a go-for-broke, take-no-prisoners kind of guy, which does not lend to win-win resolutions. As we drove to the restaurant my wife said she wanted me to stay in SF with her. I apologized for my bad behavior.

I felt badly as we sat for dinner and began to candidly open up to my wife about our relationship. How I felt I had neglected her for many, many years - how she had been the one to pay the price for my devotion and commitment to my business. It had only been since I closed the business two years ago that I truly realized how much I loved her. I was feeling an urgency to make up for lost time with her. I apologized for all those years that I chose my work over my marriage.

I also told her how I could not stop thinking about her having been with and cheating with her lover from work. I could not control the thoughts that frequently ran through my head about her and him. I was still hurting about her revelation. It had been about a month since her disclosure and I thought of it often. I told her how it both hurt and aroused me at the same time to think of her fucking him.

I had had a couple of beers in the hotel room and was drinking pretty freely at the restaurant, finishing off two or three martinis and then starting into the bottle of wine we had ordered. I am not the type of guy who drinks his problems away - at all - but it just felt good tonight. I think it was the first time I have ever drank to forget, to deaden the hurt and pain. She drove us back to the hotel.

Back in the hotel room, we put in an XXX movie we had brought with us along with some toys and started to play with each other. She told me that, earlier while she was in the jacuzzi tub, she had sat with her legs draped over the sides of the tub, her pussy positioned in front of the jets. She had wanted me to walk in on her as the water pulsed against her pussy. I told her to show me how she did it and she went to start the jacuzzi again. It was hot to watch her as she positioned her pussy in front of the jet once again. Made me very hard. I climbed in and fucked her inside the tub, fingered her ass, took photos of her in the jacuzzi and of her sucking my cock as I stood over the tub. We went back to the bed and fucked more. She came with a large dildo in her pussy and the black dildo in her ass. We both fell asleep, but woke a few hours later and fucked again.

In the morning when I returned from moving the car, she was in bed watching more videos and playing with her pussy. She was turned on by the videos of fisting and cucumbers. I used the large dildo inside her until she came while we watched a Rocco video. We kept watching while we both masturbated, then fucked again with her being so aroused by watching her breasts bouncing and swaying violently as I thrust into her. Her pussy was so red and raw from all the fucking, sucking and playing with this week.

She says I owe her a proper datenight, since I messed this one up.

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