Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fear & Excitement are the same emotion...viewed from two different angles

12/23, Saturday - Taking a small step forward. I got this text message from my wife as I drove into work:

"Got a message from a lawyer in San Francisco"

I couldn't figure out what she was saying. I tried to think of outstanding bills or debts we owed thinking some attorney was attempting to collect money from us! Finally, I got clarification - a black attorney in SF had IM'd her. She sent another message:

"Told B (another good friend of hers), we are going out to SF next week and will see what happens. She said she wants to hear everything. Said I'd moved to 'your side' and things have been really good. Told her we didn't know what would happen, but were talking & thinking."

I had two separate conversations going on with my wife. I asked her what the attorney looked like and asked whether she was comfortable replying to him or whether she wanted to wait till I was with her.

"Well, he says 6' something, 245lbs, bald with a goatee...did not reply...will wait for you"

I asked her if she thought her friend, who is married, would be interested in being with another man.

"Interested, she said fun to think about, but doesn't think she would ever do"

I told my wife to message the attorney. Tell him that her husband DOES like/want to share her, but that you don't play without him and he can contact her another time. I asked my wife if she had ever told her friend B that I find her attractive. I told her I wanted her friend to know that I find her sexy/attractive. I asked my wife if she thought B would ever play on the side.

"Well, that never came up. Just that her thinking about being with someone else is exciting, but she doesn't think she'd do it. I am not sure"

I told my wife to keep sharing with her about the things we do or things that we are starting to try, that maybe she would give into trying. I asked her if B had ever shared specifics about what she enjoys, who she'd want, what she's done in the past, etc...with my wife.

"No, we haven't had a chance to be specific, but she wants to go out next week though."

I asked her what SPECIFICS she had told B about us that we were doing or contemplating doing.

"Said that you would like to see me with another man or woman."

She told me that she sent the message to the attorney in SF and was going to email me a copy of her chat with him. Nice... I told her that I didn't mind her responding to people who IM her, but that I wanted her to leave the chats open on the computer so I could read them when I got home...or save the chats for later viewing. I told her I want to know what my sexy HOTWIFE has been doing while I'm away. I also told her that when she goes out with B next week, that I wanted her to share everything with her...the hot sex we've been having, the multiple orgasms, the sharing of her online, the sexy clothes, wearing the dildo out a few weeks back...everything.

This was her short chat with the attorney:

chocolateloverXXX: Hi, saw your profile at bayareawhitewives Yahoo group, and I thought that I would say hello. Nice picture, can taste that. I am six feet, 245 pounds with a shaved head and a goatee. I am a lawyer in San Francisco, and I am on the peninsula on occasion to visit friends. Maybe we can chat and see if we could meet up when I am in town. Have a happy Holiday and let me know what you think.
one_XXX: Hi, thanks for saying hello. My husband is interested in sharing me but I don't play without him. Maybe we can talk at another time. Happy Holiday to you as well.
chocolateloverXXX: Wbenevr you are free I would love to chat.
chocolateloverXXX: Sorry, i meant whenever of course.
one_XXX: of course that's how I read it. We will chat soon then.
chocolateloverXXX: Thanks

Now, that isn't a barnburner of a conversation, but it is a very big step for my wife and I love her for it.

About 10pm, Saturday, I get this message from my wife:

"Clit feels swollen"

I reminded her that in the past 36 hours, she's had 6 orgasms and had her clit mauled and manhandled alot.

"Oh yeah. Sounds nice, you remember all and now I am rubbing it again. Wish you were sucking me now"

She came once again (Orgasm#7)

That is 7 orgasms in 36 hours. Maybe not a ton for some women, but a lot for my woman. She's been incredible. No wonder her clit is so swollen.

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