Monday, December 18, 2006

Weeks Recap

12/07, Tuesday - Please Share Me. I want to be shared. Took nap on couch with her today that turned into a hot play session. She told me again how she wanted me to post her photos online, to share her with strangers. She wants others to email or IM me, telling me what they'd like to do with her sexually or commenting on her body - pussy, ass or breasts. She wants her body to be lusted after by strangers. She wants to see what they write about her and how they'd like to use her. Wants me to leave any IMs on the computer for her to read.

12/16, Saturday - Your wife's going to show me her piercing. That is what a friend of my wifes, D, whispered into my ear at a volunteer event. My wife had told D she was going to have her clit pierced earlier in the year, which she did in August. I asked D if she was going to have her clit pierced next. Despite her hearing the tempting rumor that some pierced women cum from just walking up the stairs, she said she was afraid to. My wife's clit is definitely more sensitive now, since being pierced. I was telling D that I can't manhandle it the way I used to and the way I like to. It was intriguing to hear D say that she likes her clit being manhandled and roughed up like that as well.

12/17, Sunday - Have you shared me with any coworkers yet?. Talked with wife about sharing her naked photos with friends and/or coworkers. She liked the idea of having her body & pussy shown to them. She asked me if I had shown any of her photos to any friends/coworkers yet. I had not yet and that there were only a couple of women and one coworker I would care to share her with. She immediately asked if he was black and I confirmed that he was and how I liked the idea of show off her white pussy to a black man. He is few years older than us, bald, dark skinned, with a hard athletic body. I asked her generically about showing her off to a friend an whether or not she'd like it if I green-lighted him to seduce her. She replied that she felt it was too sneaky and underhanded. Rather, she said she'd like it if I shared her photos with a friend, where she knew I was showing her off, but he did not know that she knew. She got off on the idea of being visually undressed and lusted after by a friend of mine, who would know what she looked like naked, who would know her pussy was shaved and bare, and what her ass and breasts looked like, yet who was unaware that SHE knew she was being shared with him. A very, very hot thought I have to agree with entirely.

We both agreed that it would be better if she was shared with someone I knew, a friend, coworker, or acquaintance versus finding him online through ads.

Talked of getting her a pussy vacuum pump, she loves the thought of this and has watched the videos I have on the computer of pussy/clit pump in action. She wanted me to take before and after photos of the pump. Asked me about the blog, told her she'd be able to read it this week. It's tough keeping up with it, not enough time. We decided on a new screen name for her, for me to be able to post her naked photos online. I will create the name and begin posting and sharing her this week. Also, she's ramping up to get her first brazilian wax and she's been asking me how much hair I want left and what pattern. I have a very specific idea in my mind and have told her I would find a photo as an example. She also told me she wanted me to take a photo of her pussy immediately after I had cum inside her, she wanted there to be a lot of my cum dripping from her pussy when I took the photo.

12/18 Monday - Contact Made. Received an email from a local couple with a shared and owned wife who were interested in playing....or at least talking to us. Mentioned it to my wife and offered to show her how to access the email. Absolutely no response. No acknowledgement. Nothing.

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