Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day

12/24, Sunday - Feeling Naughty. Arrived home around 5:30am Christmas Eve morning. I ate her pussy, then had to fuck her. While we fucked, I asked her if she felt naughty responding to the black attorney who had IM'd her. She said she DID feel naughty as well as scared. I also told her how hot it got me knowing that her friend B knew about us sexually and that B wanted to hear all about our datenight this week. We fucked until interrupted by the kids, then reverted to playing with her wet pussy as I described the scenario where she'd fuck the black attorney she had IM'd with last night: How I would bring her to a hotel where he would be waiting; she'd be dressed in a dress, heels, no panties or bra, with dark eye makeup and lipstick. How he would tower over her as he felt her up; how his large hands would feel as he mauled her plump ass and pussy when he reached under her skirt to find her sans panties and freshly waxed; how she'd unzip his pants, insert her comparatively small hand into the opening, fish around inside and pull out his python of a cock - heavy and thick - her white fingers barely able to wrap around his thick black cock; how she'd look kneeling between his legs as she tried to fit his large cock into her tight mouth; how her lipstick covered lips would be smeared and stretched over his dark tool as she sucked him; how he'd lay her on the hotel bed, finish undressing himself, then walk over to her with his thick stump of a cock erect and leading the way as he climbed between her spread stockinged thighs, smothering her with his 245 pound athletic frame as he sunk

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