Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"I want to be naughty for you"

27 December, Wednesday 2:00am - Datenight suggestions & IMs. I told her what I wanted to do tomorrow night on our datenight - how I wanted her to learn how to follow my directions, how I wanted her to take her to a hotel bar and show her off, to have her expose herself to an attractive man or woman by spreading her legs for them flashing her pussy, show off her legs or expose some of her breasts. I wanted to find someone, send over a drink or have my wife bring it to him/her and see where it leads. I was going to tell her to go dance with another man.

She wasn't responsive. Her pussy and clit still hurt and was feeling sensitive. Don't know really why - was she not liking my suggestions?, something wrong with her piercing?, razor burn from shaving her pussy the day before?, or a yeast infection? She began responding when I told her I'd send her to the bathroom during dinner to remove her panties and/or bra, or to go insert an egg/plug/dildo into her pussy. She said she could follow those orders. I think she is still apprehensive and nervous about taking my directions when it involves others. She wants to flash her pussy to [just] me across the room. I told her I wanted others to catch her in the act.

She asked me what I wanted to buy her to insert into her pussy. I had found a steel egg and steel balls at Madame S & Mr. S. I could also cut off the base of the small black dildo she had worn before while out with her friend M, so she could slip it entirely inside her pussy without the base irritating her lips. She mentioned a picture on our computer that she liked. It was a large steel ball that had 2 other smaller steel balls attached to it by chains - a woman would wear the larger ball inside her pussy as the other two balls would dangle from her pussy, hanging between her legs. She wanted this. I will try to find it.

She asked me again if I had shared her with any of my coworkers, either by telling them about her or showing her off to them. I had told one woman how I wanted her to be fucked by a thick black man. I had suspected a few months back that this white coworker loved being blacked, which she confirmed at that time. I asked her if she'd 'loan' one of her black lovers to my wife, but she told me she didn't like to share.

My wife continued to refine the details of how she wanted me to share her with a friend or coworkers. She didn't much care for me sharing about her with women. I surmised and confirmed that this was because with a woman, it would seen to be more about me flirting with this person, instead of it really being about the sharing of my wife. I would soon have her photos developed and I'd keep them in a separate envelope, but inside the small photo album I keep with me at work, waiting for just the right opportunity and person to share her. She didn't want to be shared with everyone and anyone or have me be known as the guy at work who shows naked photos of his wife to anyone who'll look at them.

I agreed fully, telling her I had no intention of making her the "town whore" or making her seem cheap in any way to anyone. Ideally, she'd like it if I just had a friend or maybe two, who I talked with about my wife intimately and who I showed her photos to. Someone that would know all about her sexually by what I told him, and who knew every detail of her body from seeing her graphic photos. She only wanted to know that I HAD shared her in this way with someone, but did not want to know WHO I had shared her with, so that if we were out having drinks, dinner, or out socially, she would not know which friend of mine 'knew' her 'secrets' - just that one (or more) of my friends DID 'know' her. She suggested that when I wanted her to know who she was shared with, I might lean over and whisper his name, perhaps even as he sat right next to her, or stood talking to flirting with her - that HE was the one whom I had shared her with.

As we played, we heard the IM alert going off on the computer across the room. After a while, she mentioned that maybe I should go over and reply to the IMs respond and tell them that she was being fucked by me right now, that she was too busy being eaten and too full of cock to respond herself. That sounded naughty and hot! My wife said she wanted to be naughty for me and encouraged me again to send the message before she came. She was VERY excited by her idea! Her pussy was wet and she panted and moaned as I licked her clit. She was pulling the skin above her pussy taut with both hands, making her pussy stretch upwards and causing her clit hood to be stretched smooth above and to the sides of her clit, as well as making her clit stick out more prominently for me to lick.

I instructed her to play with her pussy as I got out of bed to go to the computer to fulfill her desire for another man to know she was being fucked right then. She only wanted me to respond if the person was not being crude in his message. There were two IMs, both from black men, that I replied to, telling them how I was fucking my wife and that was why she wasn't available to play or chat online. One wanted to watch us fuck on webcam, which we don't own.

When I returned to bed, my wife wanted more of my tongue. I crawled up her body, rubbing my semi-erect cock against her slippery pussy lips and clit as we talked about the men. I told her that they were probably sitting at their computers as we fucked, looking at the photos of her naked body and spread pussy that I had posted online. She began fucking me back enthusiastically as I told her that they were most likely stroking their hard cocks as they looked at her pussy imagining her being fucked by me. She panted that she felt so naughty having me message them and that it made her hot that other men - strangers knew that at that very moment she was being ridden and fucked. I came deep inside her. She came shortly thereafter, her pussy overflowing with a combination of my cum, my saliva and her pussy juice.

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