Thursday, December 7, 2006

Girls Night Out Cont'd - My Wife's Visualization of M

We talked pretty late into the night about what she and her girlfriend had discussed over dinner and our thoughts on what we were embarking on together by including others to join us sexually. We continued talking after going to bed, and soon after the touching and playing began. It wasn't the first time that we'd both been aroused by sexual thoughts of our friend M. Soon I was fucking my wife for the second time tonight as I talked to her about how hot it would be to have M in bed with us and all the things we'd do together with us. Things heated up, she was so wet. My wife had been a little sensitive about my wanting to fuck M, since my revelation of having hit on her, but she confirmed that she was at least still somewhat turned on by the idea of being with her when she told me her next thought. While she did not want to see me fucking her, she told me she visualized M being with us, but in a same-room, non-swap setting - me and my wife on one half of the bed and M and her lover fucking on the other half...or on another bed. My wife said she could see that happening with M and us. Very hot scene. We continued to unfold the scenario - The three of us would go out to a bar for drinks, M would pickup a hot looking stud and the four of us would head off to a hotel room to fuck, each couple watching the other as they fucked and sucked. We talked about being able to look right into her eyes as her bare tight pussy was being stuffed, about being able to reach over to touch and play with her breasts, about listening to her moan and talk dirty as she was getting fucked.

The fucking was hard and deep and our orgasms were intense.

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