Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Lunchtime Speedfuck

18 January, Thursday. Speedfuck - I love it when my wife pulls the area above her pussy up tight for me when I'm licking her pussy, exposing and stretching her clit and swollen lips. It makes it look so inviting.

My wife came home today at lunchtime for a 'speedfuck'. As I fucked her, I mentioned that an email that came in from one of the male board members, one that she has told me she finds sexually attractive. She had asked him about whether he'd be interested in pairing with her on a project. He had replied affirmatively. She appeared very excited when I told her this, especially when I asked her if she wanted him, 'B', to fuck her. She moaned a "Yes" and started to fuck back enthusiastically. I wanted her to flirt with him, wanted her to seduce him and to allow herself to be seduced by him, to show herself off to him. She was to let him know, subtly or not so subtly that she was a shared wife - that her husband controlled who she fucked and when. I described how it would be when she finally pulled down his shorts for the first time exposing his thickening cock. "Fuck me!" she said as she looked me in the eyes...she came less than a minute later.

I wanted her to go back to work and whisper into a coworkers ear how she had just been fucked by her husband, how she had just had her pussy filled with cum, and how she had just had her pussy licked and sucked. I think she liked this naughty thought, but unfortunately there's no one at work she can do this with...yet.

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