Friday, January 19, 2007


19 January, Friday - A Crack In the Ice. We had a discussion, a tiff over her defiant attitude today and her ignoring me on a sexual matter. We talked about the need for her sexual obedience, her giving up control and trusting me - about her submission. We disagreed about whether or not she was following my instructions - she feels that she has been doing so, while I don't.

We talked about taking the next real steps towards her TRULY becoming a shared wife, towards being owned, completely submitting herself to me with regards to who, when and where she fucks - about her being loaned and shared with other men, women or couples as I desire. I've assured her that I am not attempting to turn her into a whore, but this IS about her becoming a HOTWIFE. She is not ready for this...YET....despite her agreeing to submit to being owned by me at the end of December. It is a very big step, for sure, but she will need to trust in me and know that I will take care of her. It is important for us to be taking consistent, progressive steps towards her submission and being shared.

Erotic massage by a woman or couple seems to be the easiest and most comfortable first step. She enjoyed the massage I gave her on her last birthday - the pretty, petite woman gave her almost two hours of massage before bringing her to orgasm. She likes the idea of a four-handed massage given by an attractive couple; of having her body worked over by two sets of hands.

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