Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Videos and Tribadism

2 December, Tuesday
- An Unusual Location. My wife texted me while I was at work today. She was working with a computer we just got and had hooked up an external drive so that she could listen to some music that was on it. She had run into a folder full of XXX videos and clips, some of which included her. I didn't hear from her for awhile - I figured she was engrossed in watching the videos. It turns me on knowing that my wife is at home being naughty watching porn on the computer. About a half an hour later, I texted her to see if there were any in particular that she liked.

"Fisting...Gangbang", she replied.

When I arrived home an hour and a half later, she was freshly showered and back at the computer. I was still aroused about her having been alone at home watching sexy movies. I went to the folder of the most recently viewed videos and saw that most of what she had watched involved anal, fisting, gangbangs/orgies or girl-on-girl play - all scenes she likes and/or wants to happen to her. I clicked on a few of her choices and watched them with her [again]. We started fooling around as we watched - she was sitting in a chair as I either knelt or stood next to her - we kissed as I fondled and played with her swollen breasts.

"Did you enjoy watching the movies?", I asked my wife.

"Yes", she replied.

I asked her if she had masturbated while she watched them. "Did you touch and play with your pussy?" She answered that she had made herself cum earlier.

As I stood next to her, she undid my pants, reached in, fondled and then pulled out my hardening cock. With one hand
she stroked my cock and with her other hand, she reached around behind me and grabbed hold of my balls and pulled and fondled them. I LOVE IT when she plays with me from behind like this, whether it is my cock or my balls she handles.

My wife took off her pants and spread her legs, placing her feet on the counter. She looked hot in this position! I started playing with her pussy, rubbing her stiffening clit, dipping my finger inside her and spreading her slippery juices over her lips and clit. Her eyes glazed over as I started fingering her deeply, her ass pushed up to the edge of the chair. She turned her head and took my hard cock into her mouth sucking me as I dug deeper into her pussy with my hand and fingers.

"There is a HOT video of three women in a all girl orgy.", she panted. She is not normally very verbal as we play, so I always love it when she suggests things, tells me what she wants or what turns her on. She is most verbal when she is very turned on...like today.

I found the video she liked so much. It was of three very hot looking blondes, two of them were working on the third, sucking, licking, and playing with her. Eventually, they started using a long, clear, double-headed dildo on each other, burying both ends in their bare pussies and fucking against each other. They rubbed their pussies against each other, which really turns my wife on. I didn't used to know this, but there is a term for this - Tribadism My wife wants to experience this with another woman.

"You want to feel that don't you? Another woman's pussy rubbing against yours?", I asked her.

"Yes" was her reply.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have girlfriends to play with like this? To rub your pussy against? Maybe one of your girlfriends."

I wanted to fuck and grabbed my wife's legs turning her towards me in the chair and stripped off my pants, which had been down around my ankles. It was not going to be easy - this was a dining room chair, kinda low and with a relatively small seat-section. I contorted, half squatting and positioned my cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy and pushed forward. I slid into her easily. There wasn't much room on the seat but somehow we managed to fit tightly together, my cock buried inside her. It actually was a VERY hot scene - both of us on the small chair, coupled, her back pushed up against the kitchen cabinets, her legs spread wide and up in the air as I thrust into her.

"I like knowing that you were right here playing with your pussy while you watched the movies", I told her. "Now you know where the movies are when you want to watch them again. You're supposed to tell me when you masturbate or want to touch yourself, though."

"Yes, now I know where." she said. "Sorry"

I think it was such a turn on for both of us because of the unusual location and position we were fucking in. My wife agreed it was hot fucking like this.

I didn't last too long - it was too arousing for me. She finished shortly after I filled her.