Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"I want her to watch me..."

11 April, Tuesday - More Thoughts of M. I was playing with her pussy as we lay in bed. In three days she was going to get her pussy waxed for the first time. Our friend M had offered to show us, together, how to wax her pussy ourselves. M had told us that her husband waxes her pussy. We finally got together on a date for her to show me how to wax my wife. I'm presuming this will be a real-time lesson, with my wife spreading herself in front of M & me, with M showing me exactly how to do it, by example. I have no real idea what happens during a waxing, but his should mean that M will be touching my wife's pussy, manipulating her lips, folds, clit, etc... as she shows me what to do. Since M offered to show us a few months back, I've often mentioned to my wife how hot it is going to be to see M touching her pussy. She has countered that it should be a non-sexual event and that she does not want me alienating or offending M by turning it into something sexual.

I know, though, that my wife gets very turned on whenever I bring up M as we're playing or fucking - tonight was no exception. I shared with her some of the intimate experiences that M had shared with me last week about her having been with others in threesomes - MMF, FFM. Our conversation progressed as I told her how hot it was going to be to see her naked and spread in front of M. I mentioned how I thought that M would be turned on by the experience as well. My wife is not so sure about that. I think, however, that M has more than a just a casual interest in our sex life and my wife's hotwife journey. I think that it does arouse her more than just a little - she talks with both my wife and me about our sex life whenever we see her and she recently gave us a newspaper with an ad in it from a couple looking for another couple. I had shared with M last week how my wife had envisioned being shared - shared with friends or coworkers of mine, how I would send them one at a time up to the bedroom to fuck her, or send someone to visit my wife alone at home to fuck her while I was away at work. How my wife wanted me to share her intimate photos with friends.

As I rubbed my wife's clit, I described how I'd play with her pussy as M watched us. How she'd reach between her legs and start rubbing her clit as she watched me sucking my wife's newly waxed pussy. My wife was aroused by the thought. She asked if I really thought M would enjoy watching us. I teased her some and told her that M has nice small hands - hands that would fit nicely inside my wife's pussy, fisting her. I said that I thought M would enjoy watching my wife being shared with another woman or man. My wife liked this idea and replied that maybe M could be there to support her as she was being shared for the first time - holding her hand. I described how my wife would lay back into both M & my laps with her legs spread wide being licked and sucked by a pretty woman. I described how M would watch as she was mounted by a hung lover, how she'd finger her pussy while watching my wife getting deeply fucked and filled. My wife said I could ask M if she would be interested in being there with her. I will ask M.

My wife was getting very wet imagining M watching her being fucked and sucked. I wondered aloud about whether M had any attractive women friends who liked to suck pussy - or whether she had any well-hung male friends that she could call to fuck my wife. She said she wanted M to watch as she got pleasured. She got the most aroused when I asked her if she'd enjoy being shared not by me, but by her girlfriend - being loaned out to , being given to a big-cocked friend of Ms as M watched. As I described her being shared by M, she suddenly moaned "I'm cummmming!" We fucked again later that night.

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