Friday, April 13, 2007

Her First Brazilian

Friday, April 13th - The Brazilian. The waxing lesson happened today. An interesting experience overall. The pain involved kinda put the cloud over it being a real sexual situation, however, it was nice seeing our friend M with her hands all over my wife's pussy. I had emailed M about our conversation from a couple days ago, about how we'd both enjoy having her watch my wife as she gets shared and about M being the one to share my wife with one of her friends. I had told M how my wife had cum hard to the thought of being shared by M and I while M watched.

Waxing was more difficult than I expected. I did a small area, but it was mostly done by M. As I said, it was nice watching M's hands and fingers pulling, pushing, tugging on my wife's pussy, moving it as she needed to to wax it. I had M leave just a small patch of hair above her pussy - otherwise she was completely bared. I emailed a thank you note to M later that day. She replied back: "I bet you were going crazy watching my fingers touch her pretty pussy" Unfortunately, she also said she had no past friends or lovers that she could share my wife with.

I think that the first waxing is most difficult. The subsequent 'maintenance' waxings should be much easier and I should be able to handle since there'll be much less hair. I'm letting my hair grow and will have my wife give a try at waxing my cock and balls, which will save me alot of time shaving them.

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