Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Is this what you wanted to do to me?"

Sunday, April 15th - More Anal Training. We were in bed playing. I had got out two of our newer toys from the nightstand to continue with her anal training. One was a slim, narrow, blue anal plug. The other was a translucent silicon dildo, approximately the thickness of my cock. She was very wet, as I had been playing with and licking her, and I had intended to get the two toys wet by sliding them into her pussy before sliding them into her ass. I slid the blue plug in first, eliciting a sexy moan from her as I slowly fucked her with it. Next, I slid in the clear dildo into her pussy, without first removing the blue plug. She now had her pussy stuffed with both toys. She loved it! It was extremely hot seeing her pussy filled this way, with her legs spread wide, her ass squirming on the bed, listening to her panting and gasping as I fucked her with both toys simultaneously.

She loves having her pussy stretched and I suddenly got the urge to to also stick my cock into her pussy while she had both toys in her as well. It took a little work to slide it into her pussy, stretching it, and getting my cock to settle in snugly against both the dildo and the plug. Once I was able to work my entire cock inside her pussy, I started to fuck her. Her reaction and the feeling against my cock made me wild with lust - she was loving how filled she was and I was loving the look of pleasure on her face. She fucked me back hard as I pumped my cock into her toy filled pussy until I finally emptied my load of cum into her pussy just after she had started to cum.

We were laying on the bed afterwards for sometime, when she asked me if I was thinking about something in particular that I can't remember now. I responded that what I was thinking about was what I wanted to do to her. Soon after that, I somewhat forcefully spread her legs and worked first one finger then two into her juice covered ass. Her sphincter was very relaxed this morning and easily accepted both fingers deep into her ass. She drew her breath in as I stretched her and asked "Is this what you wanted to do to me??" I told her how loose she felt and how I thought she was almost ready to take my cock into her ass. I was going to practice fucking her ass with the clear dildo first. Her ass took it in relatively easy and I soon had just the very end of it sticking out of her ass. She moaned how good it felt. I had the sudden urge to fuck her and climbed onto her, sliding my rock hard cock into her pussy. We both came unglued - I could feel the hard dildo against my cock through the thin wall between her pussy and her ass - she was loving the feeling of having both holes filled. It wasn't long before we both came again, with me filling her pussy with more cum and her bucking hard against me. Accepting my cock into her ass is next.

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